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Handling a Case of Multiple Pathologies with Classical Homeopathy

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Marijana Petakov presents a case of multiple pathologies in a 25 year old female whose asthma began after the NATO bombing of Belgrade. Sinusitis, urinary tract infections and panic attacks were other symptoms.

A 25 year old female approached a homeopath on 16/01/2015 for her many complaints. She stated that she is always ill and chronically tired. She suffered

Sinus inflammations

Urinary infections


Bronchial asthma

Panic attacks

Origin of the complaint:

Colds and sinusitis, during last 2 years

Urinary infections since age 11

Bronchial asthma since age 8

Panic attacks and anxiety, during last 5 years

Chronic constipation better since a few years


Bronchial asthma and allergy to pollen, occurred when NATO bombing of Belgrade, Serbia, started. The patient associates it with stress because of bombing, as well as because she was then staying in a war shelter, in the company of children who are careless, who are insulting, etc.

Bronchial asthma and allergy (honey, chamomile, pollen, mango, pineapple)– Agg: smoky room and stress; humidity and weather changes. Asthma attack is characterized by cough and laboured breathing.

Colds  and sinusitis –  twice a year; Agg: stress; Nasal discharge is green.

Urinary infections are very common, occurring many times a year; burning during and after urination, with or without mild fevers, treated by antibiotics; Amel: drinking large amount of water.

Panic attacks, anxiety, hand stiffening, tremors and fears occurred 5 years ago. The trigger was the fear that she would lose her goal, the fear of undertaking the responsibility of her studies.Since she was in the third year of study, she was anxious about enrolling into doctoral studies. She had the desire to do everything perfectly.But she also had anxiety about when she fulfilled all of this, what will she do later on. Where would she go further,what was expectedof her, and what did she deserve?

Summarized: This problem, was basically the fear of taking on new things.

Other complaints including the information listed above for each complaint:

Eczema around the nostrils more on the left side since age13

Stiffness and cramps of left forearm

Fear to fall asleep

Personal medical history:


1993 Infectious mononucleosis

1993 to 2003 Staphylococcal infection of the head

1998 to 2009 Bronchial asthma, allergies

2001 Urinary infections and Calculus of the bladder

2001 Pneumomediastinum

2002 Scoliosis

2010 Panic attacks

2010 Anxiety

2010 Fear of undertaking her studies

2010 Fear to fall asleep

2014 Sinus inflammation

2014 Colds /coryza

2014 Vertigo

Suppressive therapies and vaccinations:

She received all mandatory vaccines, in childhood

She had taken antibiotics, analgesics, antihistamines, corticosteroids.

Traumas (physical, emotional, mental):

She had emotional traumas during the bombing when she was in the first grade of  elementary school. She described it as: ‘The children were bad-mannered, rude, crude and evil.’ For her, it was a most miserable period of her life, 1999-2003.

Fever: She rarely developed fever, but if she did, it would be subfebrile fever. She stated that she had a high temperature only once, when she had passeda stone from the urinary bladder, which she also had in the past; her last fever was in December 2014, with temperature of 37.20C, when she had a strong sinus inflammation which was accompanied by dizziness.

Family history:

Mother–  hypertension, kidney stones

Father – surgery for basal cell carcinoma of lower lip

Physical generals:

The patient was very chilly (3), her hands were always cold, and the legs icy-cold so she wore socks in bed; it was very difficult to warm her legs, badly responding to the change of weather and dampness (3). Amelioration during summer, when it was very warm (3)

Perspiration: she hadprofuse perspiration of the palms

Desire:  vegetables (beans, peas, string bean, spinach, corn), cereals, entrails, dairy products, cheese, cold milk(3)

Aversions: fruits, sweets

Agg: milk (she become constipated)

Thirst:she isnot thirsty (3)


Menarche: 12 years age. Menstruations were regular; 28/7 days, but often they were painful; before menstruation she had brownish mucus discharge.

Mental and emotional symptoms:

The patientappeared refined and graceful. She was very sensitive, closed, rational and a perfectionist. Others described her as a very fine, kind and nice person. Very sensitive towardsinsults. She did not cry for 22 years, kept emotions inside. She said that she was extremely sad, angry and disappointed (confirmed through her dreams). She had a competitive spirit, everything which she did, she tried to do perfectly, but when she did it perfectly, she did not feel good.

She dreamt repeatedly about emotions which she had suppressed; strong experiences which were hurting her; that someone had hurt her, betrayed her, and that someone will betray her. She dreamt that her best friend betrayed her; in the dream she was extremely angry, sad, disappointed and excited; she shouted and screamed in the dreams, which she would never do in reality.

Fears: of undertaking her studies despite being very good at it; of the next step which paralyzes her; of disease, of dogs and that she will remain without a goal.

The period of bombardment was very stressful to her, because she spent a lot of time with children. She said, ”Children were randomly selected, which was insulting and degrading”, She said: ”That was the most unfortunate period of my life,  because me and my brother were under a glass bell”.

She was sensitive when someone yelled at her, and then she ‘’Turned off, like a glass was created in front of me’’. She felt the pressure, that people expected too much from her. She wanted to prove herself; she liked others to watch her on the stage and to be famous, although she denied it. She was also very persistent and stubborn.

Hobbies: running, initially she ran because of asthma, but now she loved to run because during the running, her thoughts became clear and she felt purified, relaxed and in accordance with her thoughts. She liked exhibitions, theatre and to read books.

Analysis: The patient has a chronic problem along with recurrent acutes but with mild or no fever. This puts her in the upper C group of Levels of Health. This means that there is a good possibility for her condition under homeopathy. She must get stronger acutes with higher fever before she can be rid of her mental emotional problems.

Differentiation of similar remedies: Sil., Lyc.,  Calc., Phos.

Sil. covers all her rubrics. The organism of this patient, has lack of heat and chronic weakness. On the emotional level, this patient is very refined and graceful; very sensitive but also closed, rational. She’s a perfectionist. Others describe her as very fine, kind and nice person. This is exact description of Silica.

Phos is very thirsty and a very communicative person; this lady has neither of these symptoms.

Lycis similar but her chronic fatigue and refinement point more towards silica.

Calc could be a similar remedy. It is also chilly, has icy cold feet, wears socks in bed, has cold perspiration of the palms, has fears of disease, has skeletal problems, has calculi problems, etc. But the fears here are of the nature of Silica and not of Calc. She has aversion to sweets and in aCalc case we would like to see desire for sweets

Prescription: Sil 200 C one dose

Follow up I :by phone (8 days after remedy) Date: 27.01.2015.

After first dose of Sil 200C, sinus inflammation and nose obstruction were gone; she was coughing a little. She started sleeping well; she does not sleep longer but she wakes up refreshed.

Analysis of the reaction: There has been an improvement in the sinusitis, which represents the problem that was chronologically last to appear. This indicates that the remedy is working in the right direction. Also she sleeps better, because she wakes up refreshed, which indicates that the remedy is right one, because her main complaint is chronic fatigue.

Conclusion:Excellent reaction, because only 8 days have passed since taking the remedy, but it is too early for any further evaluation of remedy reaction.

Prescription wait

Follow up II: by phone (12 days after remedy)Date: 01.02.2015

She complains of strong pain during urination, which is accompanied with fever of 380 C. She is desperate for help.

Analysis of the reaction: The rapid occurrence of an acute state after taking the remedy, in the group C is a very good reaction, especially as it is with  fever.

Conclusion: This type of reaction indicates that the remedy is the right one.We could wait but since the suffering of the patient is great, I decided to repeat the dose of the remedy, in order to relieve the acute complaint.

Prescription to the follow up: 1 dose of Sil 200C

Follow up III: (1 month after repeated dose of the remedy) Date: 03.03.2015

Since the last acute she did not have fever; she did not get sick anymore and eczema did not appear on her face. She says that she has the strength to function and she is not ill. Cough and asthma are beginning now because the weather is changing, but now she feels stronger; not tired anymore. She adds that the problem of coughing during last 1.5 years, had been declining as it improved by running, but she had not run for the last 4 months (from September 2014).But now, since yesterday she started to run again. Sinuses are painful from time to time (both: frontal and maxillary), more on the left side. Now instead of dizziness which was previously accompanied with sinusitis, only pain in the sinuses appears. Yesterday she was running and her left ear was painful from time to time. This never happened before. About her fear of undertaking her studies, she says she cannot assess it yet, but she feels good andshe is not nervous. She has no urinary infection, it’s a bit painful sometimes, but she thinks it has improved too. She concludes that the biggest difference before and after taking a homeopathic remedy is that she has more energy, because previously she was “exhausted” but now she has the energy to get out and she feels much better; even her friend says that she is very active.

Now she reportsthat when she over stresses herself, she gets aphthae or cracks at the junction of the lips (corners). This lasted one afternoon and disappeared. However, in the past, aphthaewould last from 10 to 20 days, accompanied with fever of around 37.30C. She complains that her ”lips are always in some problem, like they are burnt;On both upper lids, 2 grainy eruptions have appeared.

Now she has pain in the inner side of her left forearm. She had injury in the past and terrible inflammation of the muscles and tendons one year ago. She also states a new symptom, which is pain of the left ear during running, but it is insignificant.

Circulation has improved so much that she no longer has cold feet, unless she sits for a long time in one place. (OBS: hands are warm although it’s winter).Yesterday she went out in just a sweater, although it was a weather for the jacket.She stopped wearing leotards, which she would in the past wear until June when it warms up.

Also, for the first time she states that she eats lots of spicy and salty food. She started to eat a lot of fruits now. In the past banana, apple, kiwi and pineapple disturbed her stomach, but now she ate them.Thirst is the same and she must remind herself to drink.

Analysis of the reaction: Reaction to the remedy is good. There is improvement on the energy, mental, emotional and physical level.There has been a return of the old physical complaints, but they are significantly milder and shorter duration (aphthae). She can tolerate fruit, which is certainly a good sign.

Conclusion: There has been an improvement at all levels, and particularly improvement of the vital reaction of the organism. Her vital heat is better, her chilliness is less.Generally her energy is better, she is no longer exhausted, she started running (before remedy, she did not run for 4-5 months) and she began to hang out with people and eat fruits. Based on all this, I conclude that the remedy is correct and it is given in the right potency. I also think that there has been an improvement in the level of health and that the patient has moved to the lower B level.

Prescription: wait

Follow up IV (5 months after last prescribed dose of the remedy) Date: 28.07.2015.The patient herself took one dose of Sil 200C around Easter, because her throat started to hurt. She also had recurrent urinary infections again. On 06.06.2015 she had acute bladder inflammation with blood in the urine. She took antibiotics for 2 weeks, after which the acute state became better, but after 2 weeks it relapsed. Yesterday again her she experienced burning sensation. The physician who examined her, said that there was a swelling in the bladder. Earlier she would have UTI 1-2 times a year, but now it wascontinuous.

She also had gastritis,now bothering her since one month. She has intense pain, that is stronger than any so far. When she has pain, she dives her head into the pillow. She describes the pain as:’’Terrible, as if I have some animal inside, as if it were tearing my bowels”. Onions aggravated the state. She adds that she has poor digestion, the intestines were constantly full – so-called “Boiling pot syndrome”. She used linseed and she was better. Gastritis was treated with PPI (proton pump inhibitors), gluten-free diet and dairy-free products diet.She also suffered constipation again now. In the past she had a stool once in 5-6 days, but since 2-3 years, stool had become normal.She has a sensation that her abdomen is always full.

Sinuses are in excellent condition, but a month ago she had a staphylococcal infection of the skin.The circulation is good now, she is not chilly. Now she complains about the heat, “I don’t sleep under 6 quilts”. Asthma still troubled her – during change of the weather, but lesser. She says that pump has helped her a lot (corticosteroid). Now she coughs, but rarely she has bronchial spasm; previously it happened once a week, and now it happens once in 2-3 months. She no longer has the problem of ‘having no goal’ and emotionally she feels well because of the undertaking her studies she has achieved. She had an emotional relationship with a man whom she liked for 7 years, but lacked the courage to get ahead. Eczema around the nose is better. Staphylococcal infection on the head relapsed but she suppressed it with Stanicide (antibiotic).

Menses are regular, no more brown mucus before menses. She is still sensitive to someoneyelling at her, but now she becomes more quarrelsome and rebels when something does not suit her. Dreams – she dreamt again that her best friend had hurt her, betrayed her, but it was milder than before. For the first time this year, she did not have an allergy to the sun which she always had, which she reporting for the first time now.

She likes milk, but it aggravates – abdomen distension; after eating bread has fatigue and feels sluggish. There is still allergy to kiwi and honey. Fear of undertaking her studies – she does not have that problem anymore. Generally, she feels more than satisfied when she looks atall her complaints

Analysis of the reaction: General state is well, energy is well, M-E is well. The reaction to the remedy is good, the old physical symptoms getting better, but due to the occurrence of gastritis which lasts, I will repeat one dose of the remedy because I think that the occurrence of an acute, as well as suppression with antibiotics given orally and locally, as well as the use of corticosteroids somewhat consumed the dose of the remedy.

Conclusion: This type of reaction indicates that the remedy is correct and that it would be best to wait, but since physical discomfort greatly affects the patient who has begun to treat that with antibiotics and corticosteroids, and in this way suppresses pathology and at the same time antidotes homeopathic remedy, it is necessary to repeat the dose.

Prescription to the follow up: Sil 200C

The patient is still on treatment and it will be a while before all her complaints will be better. Considering she is in upper C and lower B she will shift further upwards when her infections will become stronger. She may need other remedies for this changed situation. As she gets better, the infections will also become milder and far apart.

About the author

Marijana Petakov

Dr. Marijana Petakov, PhD, is the scientific advisor on intrinsic medicine and homeopathy at the Specialistic Internistic Ordination (consulting room) “Vita Longa”. She is a diplomat of IACH and involved in research and dissemination of scientific methods in medicine.

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