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Acute Urinary Retention in a Young Woman

Homeopath Joachim F. Grätz shares a case of acute urinary retention in a young woman. Lameness in extremities and mental anguish were among the symptoms leading the simillimum.

Here I present a small acute case, which concerns acute urinary retention. A young mother, herself a homeopath and aspiring doctor, called me because she could no longer urinate. As a result, she was in a real panic attack and was now afraid that her kidney was seriously “broken” and that she “was doomed to die”.

She felt a certain amount of pressure pain, burning, and pulling in the urethra. The day before, her urination had been slow, “but there still had been some”. “I’ve actually been worried about my bladder for weeks; a constant burning and stinging in the urethra and vagina, especially after urination.”

The young woman also lived in real fear of MS. She had recently treated herself “because of a flu-like infection with a feeling of lameness in the arms and legs, with neck pain, stiffness, weakness, dizziness, drowsiness, night sweats, daytime freezing, sore throat, and a fever of 102.4 °F”.

She was afraid that her legs would be paralyzed and really started tackling it with great restlessness and sweating. “It felt as if my legs no longer were mine.” The woman had tried Gelsemium and Eupatorium perfoliatum, but the lameness remained. Only Agaricus eased the situation a little, but did not heal the entire condition.

And now she had acute urinary retention on top of that! The young woman was so wrapped up in her precarious situation that she now had additional difficulty breathing. She kept thinking about MS. Until a few weeks earlier, she hadn’t had any problems with her abdomen for a long time, but it all started again with her new boyfriend.

In addition, she was currently working “on neurology” and had to deal daily with MS patients and a case of Parkinson’s disease. She had had little appetite since the flu. “But I’ve been drinking a lot of bitter lemon the past few weeks.”

I prescribed Causticum LM6, 5 drops in a teaspoonful of water as needed.

“The absolute panic was gone pretty quickly”, came the relieved feedback three days later. There was no longer a feeling of paralysis in the arms and legs, and the bladder was normal again. It only hurt a little.

A few days later we followed with Nux vomica 30C, 5 globules in a glass of water, to be taken in sips, because we both felt that there could also have been additional “drug reactions”. When she discontinued the bitter lemon which contains quinine at my strong suggestion, the burning on the tongue she had been experiencing for a few weeks without any reddening indicating inflammation also decreased significantly.

The homeopathic remedy China is known to have trivalent tongue burning among its symptoms. (See also repertorization “Symptoms of the Homeopathic Remedy China”.)

In any case, the urinary retention and panic problems with MS were done once and for all.

In retrospect, this is actually a fairly harmless case, which had probably been provoked by the increased consumption of bitter lemon, of course against the background of a more pronounced miasmatic strain.

Now imagine, however, that bitter lemon were replaced by multiple vaccinations, antibiotics, chloroquine and other tropical medicine, cortisone, various ointments, beta blockers, ACE inhibitors, diuretics, antifungals, and other heavy medications.

If the vital force can react in this way after a few weeks’ taking simple bitter lemon, what might arise from all the poisoning inflicted by conventional medicine over the years? And when the sycotic miasm is dominant, it should come as no surprise that the kidneys are also badly damaged, so that too many urinary substances get into the blood and over time dialysis becomes necessary.


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Dr. Joachim-F. Grätz
Oberhausen i. Obb.

About the author

Joachim-F Grätz

Dr. Joachim-F. Grätz, Germany, has been working very successfully as a classical homeopath for over 30 years, taking into account the so-called miasms (chronic basic diseases, disease behind the diseases) and is known far beyond the borders of Germany. The uniqueness of his form of therapy consists in his holistic worldview whereby he also integrates insights from dealing with other natural laws into his homeopathic thinking. This enables him to recognize the causal relationships of every illness and to treat them accordingly. – An extraordinarily successful practitioner, even with the most severe diseases.

Dr. Grätz studied homeopathy with the well-known German homeopath Dr. Otto Eichelberger in Munich, who was one of the first to take the miasms into account in therapy and who made the LM-potencies (Q-potencies) public in the German-speaking countries. He attended seminars of Gerhard Risch, Dr. Mohinder Singh Jus, Georgos Vithoulkas, Dr. Michael Barthel, Yves Laborde, Dr. Rajan Sankaran and Paul Herscu and got acquainted with different directions of homeopathy.

For a time Dr. Grätz was also a lecturer in classical homeopathy at various academies of naturopathy and homeopathy in Munich, Zurich, Köthen, Gauting, Salzburg, and Vienna, and also at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich for interested medical students. He wrote several books on cassical homeopathy and the miasms with a variety of impressive case studies, on the nature of potencies in acute and chronic homeopathy, and on vaccinations, and published a double DVD.

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