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Pseudofoster Kennedy Syndrome in a Man of 54

Written by Vasudha Vij

Dr. Vasudha Vij shares a case of Pseudofoster Kennedy Syndrome in a man of 54 who experienced constant fear, including fear of ghosts.

“Pseudo-Foster Kennedy syndrome is characterized by unilateral papilledema with contralateral optic atrophy (Homeopathy Treatment for Optic Atrophy) in the absence of intracranial space-occupying lesions.”  – Delhi Journal of Opthalmology

This patient is a man of 50 years diagnosed with Pseudofoster Kennedy Syndrome by an ophthalmologist. He presented with the complaint of weak eye sight, saying he was not able to see clearly any image in spite of wearing glasses. He described his vision as spread apart, and he was losing vision in both eyes.

The problem with the vision started first with the left eye and after around two months it started with the right eye. Because of this problem he was not able to work on computers and most of his work deals with reading on computers.

He was quiet and shy in nature. I asked what effect this disease had on him. He said it was the feeling of tremendous fear and fright. He gets scared every minute; the moment he leaves his home and goes out he feels scared. He has  fear when he crosses the road and he is fearful in crowded places. He fears that he will get injured, with the constant thought of what will happen in the future if something happens to him. He fears to stay alone, especially at night because of a strong fear ghosts, fear of being possessed by the ghost.

He is very shy in nature but due to his health conditions he was getting irritable and angry. He gets angry and then experiences palpitations. What affected him  most in his life were two incidents.  His father had a stubborn nature which frightened and terrified him. Also, he was jobless for two months and felt fearful about his future and how his family would manage.


  • His job requires working on a computer and he was not able to do that. His main concern is, what if he goes completely blind in the future.
  • Fear of being alone at home. He is very fearful to go out alone, fear of accidents, fear of crowded places, fear of ghosts
  • He is of a shy nature and nowadays because of his problem, he is very irritable.
  • He feels anxiety, about what will happen in the future.
  • In both the incidents that affected him the most, the main feeling was fear and fright.


  • vision; blurred (274)
  • heart & circulation; palpitation heart; anger, vexation agg. (23)
  • mind; fear; violence, of (63)
  • mind; mildness (124)
  • mind; fear; ghosts, spectres, of (67)
  • mind; fright, fear agg., ailments from (310)
  • mind; fright, fear agg., ailments from; accident, from sight of an (4)
  • vision; loss of vision, blindness; fright agg. (4)

Allen’s Kynotes ; Aconitum:

Great fear and anxiety of mind, with great nervous excitability; afraid to go out, to go into a crowd where there is any excitement or many people; fear to cross the street. His countenance is expressive of fear; his life is rendered miserable by fear; He is sure his disease will prove fatal.

Clarke’s Dictionary of Practical Materia:  Aconitum:  Great agitation and tossing of the body with anguish, inconsolable irritability, cries, groans, complains, and reproaches. Sensitive irritability. Fearful anticipation, sadness, ailments from fear, fright, vexation, fear of dark, ghosts. Great and uncontrollable anguish, anxiety, and great fear, are characteristic of Aconite.

Rx:  ACONITE Nap 10 M two times for 2 days and then

ACONITE Nap 30 two times a day for 30 days, then the same thing repeated for the next two months.

Follow Up After 6 Months

D: What changes you have seen?

P: There are many changes. Earlier I was not able to work on the computer. Now I am able to work well. Vision is light but at least now I know what I am doing. It is better than before.

D: What dreams do you get nowadays?

P: No dreams. I get to sleep fast.

D: How you feel mentally/emotionally?

P: I am feeling good. Earlier what I told you about palpitation now it is better.

D: Overall how much better you are?

P: Total overall I feel 80% better.

D: Are you happy.

P: Very much.

Same medicine continued.  He is much better after 8 months.

About the author

Vasudha Vij

Dr.Vasudha Vij, B.H.M.S ,C.C.A.H graduated from medical school in Punjab. Her passion for homeopathy brought her to Mumbai and she completed a certified course in advanced homeopathy at The Other Song. It inspired her to assist Dr Sujit Chatterjee from whom she learned about cancer and other pathological cases. Dr. Vij also took a course at the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, Alonissos Greece. She has a special interest in deeply understanding every patient. She currently has her own clinic in Jammu.

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