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Revisiting: I’m Fine! No, Really.

Written by Elaine Lewis

Another one of our “completely different” quizzes!

Who would have dared to miss our dramatic January bonus quiz?  Here it is again:




Dr. B has given us more work!

You mean we can’t go home?

I’m afraid not.  He asked 40,000 people what they wanted….

He did?

And a preponderance of them wanted more quizzes!

They did?


What are we going to do?

I don’t know, Shana, help me come up with something!  Oh, here’s an idea, I want to know who’s singing lead on this Spinners’ song.

I don’t think that’s what Dr. B meant.



Uh, Mom, that’s not what Dr. B meant when he said he wanted more quizzes; but, if anyone knows the answer, write to us at [email protected].

How’s this for an idea?  Which remedy or remedies say, “I’m fine, no really, I’m fine!” when, clearly, they’re not, and why do they say it?  Is there a rubric or rubrics for that in the Repertory?  OK, let’s get to work!  Send your answers in at the previously stated email address and we’ll see you back here in a month!


OK, we’re back!  How did our quiz audience do?  Almost everyone knew about Arnica!  So, why does Arnica say, “I’m fine, no really!” after an injury?  For one thing, they’re dazed and confused!  They say a lot of dumb things!  They know they’re not “normal”, so they attempt to compensate by trying extra hard to sound normal!  “Are you hurt?”  “Oh, I’m fine!  My leg hurts a bit, but, since I was just in an accident, I guess you have to expect that.”  You find people stoned on marijuana sounding exactly the same way.  They know they’re stoned, so they try very hard to seem normal (I don’t know how I know this!) and wind up sounding ridiculous!  Similarly, Arnica people are stoned from endorphins, and they sound just as confused as marijuana users.  And just like a person who’s stoned doesn’t want to be bothered or interfered with (again, I have no idea how I know this…) the Arnica person may appear zoned-out and doesn’t want to be interfered with, doesn’t want to be approached; he’s somewhat blissed out on endorphins and may even be nodding off; but, will become very wide awake if you suggest something that will cause him to have to exert himself, like, “I think we should take you to the hospital.”  “NO!!” he will exclaim.  Suddenly he’s wide awake.  “I’m fine, really!!!”  When he’s finally convinced you, he will nod off again.  What are some rubrics?

Mind: Well, says he is when very sick

Mind: Refuses treatment, every, sick, in spite of being very

Mind: Obstinate, declares there is nothing the matter with him

Mind: Irritability, sends the doctor home, says he is not sick

Mind: Delusions, well, thinks he is

Who else says they’re fine?  Arsenicum!  I think everyone has had an experience with this person.  This is the person who, out of fear, is holding the whole family hostage!  The family is paralyzed because the “patient” won’t acknowledge that he needs to see a doctor, or needs to go in the hospital!  All the relatives are standing around, afraid to speak up.  The more you try to talk to the patient, the more hostile he gets.  “I was doing fine before you people came over!  I was actually getting better!”

Everybody’s milling around, “What are we going to do?”

Mati Fuller, DIHom, says the following in her book, Beyond the Veil of Delusions, regarding Arsenicum:

“If he thinks he is seriously ill, he needs someone there to talk to him and make him feel better by calming his fears, but at the same time, he knows that he often feels worse if he pays too much attention to his ailments and he may try to pretend that he is not really that sick.  He may refuse treatment, even when he is very sick, and he doesn’t want anyone to talk to him about it.  Again, he wants someone to be there for him, but it has to be totally on his terms, and he may or may not want to talk to that person.”

Mabel wrote in saying:

Arsenicums : In their delirium, they say they are well when they are not. They often feel worse thinking about their complaints, so they may pretend that they are not really that ill.  They don’t want others to talk to them about their ailments.

Rubrics for Arsenicum:

Refuses every treatment in spite of being very sick

Well, says he is, when very sick

Delirium, well, declares she is

Delusions, well, he is

Now, who else famously refuses help?  Nat-mur, Ignatia and Carcinosin!  Nat-mur does NOT want to cry (in public) and if you start making a fuss over her and displaying sympathy and caring, she will become very uncomfortable!  Same with Ignatia.  Ignatia is just barely hanging on to her dignity!  You could say one wrong word and she will burst into tears!


Mind: consolation agg.

Mind: consolation, refuses

Mind: refuses help

Carcinosin.  Carcinosin won’t ask anyone for help!  They, alone, have to set some chaotic situation right; this is their delusion.  They are saviors, rescuers.  Everything is out of control and only Carcinosin can save the day.  Rubrics:

Mind: perfectionist

Mind: selflessness

Now, lastly, (not that we couldn’t go on and on!), Sulphur!  Sulphur knows everything!  (Just ask Sulphur!)  He knows a lot more than you do, so, don’t waste his time by offering to help him because you don’t have half the IQ he has–according to him!  Rubrics:

Mind: self-sufficient, needs no help from others

Mind: self-sufficient, overly-confident

Thanks to everyone who sent in their rubrics and suggestions: Liz Brynin, Dr. Saritha S., Anirudh, Eva, Dr. Mikie, Mabel, Pat, Juel Rice, Veronique and Dr. Wequar Ali Khan.  And speaking of Dr. Wequar Ali Khan, he got the Nat-sulph quiz answer right in January and I forgot to say so!!!!  Our apologies to Dr. Wequar Ali Khan.  Oh, and Dr. Wequar Ali Khan also submitted the following to this month’s quiz (Have you noticed that people are saying, “Dr. Wequar Ali Khan” a lot lately?):

Dr Elaine,

The expression “I AM FINE” was found in the following medicines.  Names of the author are written against the medicine







Dr. Wequar Ali Khan


I am declaring February “Dr. Wequar Ali Khan month” at!

And now, with the answer to our bonus question, “Who is singing lead on this great Spinners song?” the winners are:

Dr. Mikie and Pat!

Pat said the following:

Bobbie Smith – Lead vocal in Spinners “Love I’m so Glad I Found You”.


Alright, Patricia, come clean!  You scrolled down and read the comments at the bottom of the video on youtube, didn’t you!

I cannot tell a lie!  Yes, I read the comments on bottom of video.

Aha!!!  Well, Pat, I suppose you know what that means!  Hold on, I have to find out what that means. Oh!  Here it is right here, the Hpathy Rule Book:  “If a Quiz respondent falsely claims to know the identity of a lead singer, this infraction shall be punishable by firing squad.”  Gee, this rule sounds a bit archaic.  I’m going to have to have a talk with Dr. B about this!

We have a great DJ in Vermont…Joel Najman…so I’ve been exposed to a lot of the classics.

Oh, well that’s different.  Never mind!  BUT, you have to admit that Bobbie Smith is totally hot! 

That’s a Phosphorus face if ever I’ve seen one!

Thanks so much for your sense of joy and good humor.

Thank YOU for being a good sport!  (and for even knowing who The Spinners are!) 

Join us again next month for another great and fabulous Hpathy Quiz!!!


Elaine Lewis, DHom, CHom

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