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Acute Vertigo in a Man of 52

Written by Rajiv Peres

Dr. Rajiv Peres shares a case of acute vertigo in a man of 52. Problems began after taking Metformin prescribed by an allopath. The symptoms “Finds pleasure in nothing”, “vertigo with nausea and vomiting on least motion”, “cardiac anxiety” and “better by rest” led to the simillimum.

A 52 year old married man presented on 16th February 2019 with complaints of terrible vertigo (Homeopathy for Vertigo) for the last week. Vertigo from bending forwards, sideways and upwards, worse by closing the eyes. It was associated with nausea off and on, which was relieved by inducing vomiting. Nausea (Homeopathy Treatment for Nausea) was aggravated after eating sweets. His appetite had increased. There was also a dull headache in the occipital region which extended down into the neck. He suffered from marked tiredness so much so, that he would not feel like doing any work. He was compelled to lie down or sit quietly. His eyes would not tolerate the light emitted from the television nor from his mobile. He could not bear any noise. Even while lying down he would cover his face with a cloth, not to be disturbed by noises and brightness around him. Also, he seemed to not be hearing so well the last few months. The look on his face was sad, depressed, intoxicated and low spirited. He was hanging on the chair and sighed on and off. I had known him before to be an ever smiling and happy-go-lucky person. He used to be a hot patient but at present thermally he was chilly. This disposition was so different from what I had known it to be, that it was unacceptable to me. I inquired what had gone wrong with him?

He narrated that an allopathic doctor had introduced him to Metformin tablets a month ago in order to reduce weight, although he wasn’t diabetic. There was also a history of cold and flu that had been treated by allopathy about two weeks ago. His weight was 116 Kgs. One week ago that same doctor increased this Metformin tablet to twice a day. While on this tablet he would feel very uneasy and experienced sudden hunger pangs. He discontinued the tablets however he did not improve. Usually he preferred warm drinks all the time but of late, his taste has been altered, Therefore, a glass of soft drink would help him in such moments. He would pass loose motions after every meal. Stools were always unsatisfactory.

In the last week the patient lost 3 kgs and had developed a feeling that everything tasted sweet, along with aversion to sweets. He had suddenly developed a strong liking for oranges+3, sour things and chillies+2.  He then suffered loss of the sense of taste. He had turned very cranky. He would get irritated if asked questions. He hadn’t shown up at his own business for work in the last week.  He feared having some serious heart problem. He had a past history of hospital admission. He was admitted in ICU July 2018 with severe breathlessness. While in hospital he went into cardiac arrest (Homeopathy Treatment for Cardiac Arrest) and responded with the third attempt at cardiac resuscitation.

Analysis and Prescription

I used Kent’s repertory 1. Desires Oranges. 2. Sensitive to slightest noises. 3. Vertigo on closing eyes 4. Loss of taste

If you look up Theridion in William Boericke’s M.M. you find sensitive to noise and light and “finds pleasure in nothing.” Vertigo with nausea and vomiting on least motion. Boger mentions cardiac anxiety and the general modality “better by rest.” Theridion covers the sycotic miasmatic dominance of this case. Hence my choice for prescription was Theridion 200, 1 single dose.

Follow up the next day after starting the remedy : He resumed working at his family business. His wife was so surprised to see him in this good form.

Follow up after 1 week 26-February-2019 – Patient reported that since the 16th after having begun the treatment his vertigo is nearly gone (about 90%). He has not felt the need to eat chillies although he ate Bel-puri (mixture sour, spicy and sweet). He stated that he can walk a lot now, and can stand for long periods which is necessary while working in his restaurant. He has gained 1 kg weight. Earlier he wouldn’t feel hungry from morning time until noon. Now he feels hungry at breakfast. The pain in the neck has also reduced by 70%, so now he can work well. He has consumed meat without any problem. Stools are satisfactory which was not the case before. He can watch the mobile, but still can’t watch television for long. His mood is happy as it used to be.

Presently still enjoys oranges, sometimes has lime soda. He noticed that he has become more alert than before, as earlier he would doze off anytime. He feels uncomfortable to lie on the left side on account of abdominal pain. Nausea after consuming sweets has reduced only by 10%. Enjoys listening to music as he used to. He expressed his joy at all this.

Follow up after 1 month on 17-March-2019: Patient reported that bread still tastes sweet. He mentioned having vomiting sometimes (Psoric elimination) but not troublesome or needing any treatment. He would still prefer lemonade and sour fruits but with less intensity. He was able to fulfill every responsibility of his family and business. He had even travelled out of station for visa work, where he also attended a musical concert. He was very happy that his problems had resolved. No neck pain. Stool evacuation was very satisfying. He spent time praying and thanking God for every good thing.

Follow up after 1and ½ month on 31-March-2019: Taste is back. He can enjoy sweets now specially kokum juice in this summer scorching heat. He brought laddu’s for me and ate one himself which proves his improvement. He still loves fresh lemon soda plain. Dislikes bread. No episode of vomiting. Neck hurts only if he wears a helmet when he rides the bike. Stool everyday occasionally scanty. He is able to bend down to tie his shoe laces. His wife said that now he is the first to wake up in the morning and more energetic compared to any other family members. Earlier he would get vomiting whenever he ate bananas but now he eats two bananas a day without nausea. No more craving for oranges. No abdominal pain even lying on left side. He goes to the theatre to watch movies. No desires for chillies. Weight is 113kgs.

Dr Hahnemann speaks of artificial/Iatrogenic diseases which are produced as a result of prolonged allopathic heroic medicines in large and ever increasing doses  (Aphorism 74-76). Such diseases produced by the allopathic mal-practice are the most incurable ones, especially if the treatment was continued for a long period.

During an acute crisis the remedy of choice is the acute intercurrent! This acute illness shows a different clinical picture from the chronic natural disease. The disposition during the acute disease as compared to the usual disposition will be the key factor in the selection of the indicated medicine.

About the author

Rajiv Peres

Dr. Rajiv Rui Viegas Peres M.D(Hom) Assistant Professor, Dept of Organon of Medicine, Aarihant Homoeopathic Medical College, Bhoyan Rathod, Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Pin 382721 Received Best Teacher’s Award 2010-11, Received Hahnemann Award 2018, Received Excellence in Homoeopathy Award in April 2022, Active Member of H.E.R.I Mumbai.


  • Hi
    You picked out very particular symptoms to repertorise. Other prescribers might have repertorised using some of the other symptoms as well. Why did you pick just those 4 symptoms? Also, why did you use Kent’s repertory?

    • Dear Karina Kelly,
      I have taken into account one physical general, one mental general and two physical particulars. These symptoms were the highlights of the case. Common symptoms and pathology do not help us much in individualizing the case. In aphorism No 153 Dr Hahnemann asks us to pay attention to Peculiar symptoms. Hence i have chosen the rare unexplainable symptoms into consideration. It is my habit to always consult Kent’s repertory first and if i don’t get any further, then i look into other repertories as well. Does this resolve your query?

  • elaps cor is chilly with nausea acidity vertigo symptoms hates banana right cheek red finger tips red pimples or peel off.seems nervousness over long run weakens autonomic control esp during sleep.learned doctor requested to provde tips differentiate nausea vertigo remedies,this will help non professionals as many now seek self help through homeopathy.

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