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A Case of Hepatitis B

Written by Michael Xavier

Dr. Michael Xavier presents a case of Hepatitis B solved with periodic table.

A patient arrived  on 26-6-2015 with the diagnosis of Hepatitis B with 3050 Iu/Ml cell load and complaint of headache, weight loss, tiredness, general weakness and fear

Passive case witnessing process

D:      Tell me about you!

P:      What are the things I want to say?

D:      I want to know about you completely in order to cure you, so help me to understand about you as best you can. Don’t miss anything so I can understand you completely, and feel free and talk.

P:      My name is XX.  I was working in a Shipping Company.  It was an irritating work because I didn’t have any close friends to speak freely. Frequently I used to get headache, tiredness during working hours.  I was afraid of that and decided to take medicine.  So I went to GH for this complaint, they took investigation and they told me it could be jaundice and I had to undertake one more special investigation for that. When I went to collect the report a few days later they informed me that I have some viral infection named Hepatitis B and they told me that it is a critical condition and I should take medicine minimum for 5 years.  I was disappointed that I couldn’t continue my job with this complaint (crying).  I can’t live with this virus in my body; feels like I have no ability to live this life.  I have to cure myself fully. I depend on you sir completely. Please sir, I believe in you.


D:      Be in the flow and continue…..

P:      I am having some other stress also due to my family problems, anger on my father and mother.  They didn’t run the family properly, father was always quarreling with me. My father was unable to pay my school fees.  So I stopped my studies and I was disappointed at that time.

P:      I have 4 elder brothers and one younger sister. At my age of 4 my first brother got married. At my age of 6 he had his first baby.  He did not inform me and he did not take me to hospital to see him.  It was first disappointment for me from my brother. My sister in law used to take care of me for my studies after my father she was like a mother, I felt so comfortable with her.

And my brother started a salt company and I started working with him.  That time I had confidence to do anything I thought I will reach a comfortable position in life but after few months he cheated on me; he did not do anything for me.  It was also a disappointment for me.

P:      Then I worked in a rice storage company but it was not comfortable for me because I have fear of going into a room alone. I used to go to the store room alone and I use to get extremely afraid there, especially in dark rooms; I also have fear of dark places from my childhood. So I left.

P:      Then I worked in a school as an attendant and I was fully depending on the HM of the school, she gave me good salary and she took care of me as her son.  Then she transferred to another school and after that I am was not comfortable working there and I joined the ship company.

Now I left from Ship Company too, I am not able to face them with this disease and now I don’t have any job.  My parents are not ready to support me, I am staying with my friends for the past few days they are only helping me and they are only supporting.

Now I want to get cured because they will not allow me with this disease and I can’t expect money from my friends all the time.  I want to continue my job. Now I am fully depending on them  for my needs, to  come here also one of my friend only gave me money, I have confidence being with my friends and I feel comfortable with them. (Crying)

(Until now the patient talks PASSIVELY about his PHYSICAL COMPLAINTS, JOB, FAMILY, CHILDHOOD and FEARS at the delusional level. Under these areas DISAPPOINTMENT and COMFORTABLE, SUPPORT FROM FAMILY OR FRIENDS AND DEPENDANCY ON THEM which is coming OUT OF PLACE, AGAIN AND AGAIN in two more areas.)

So we can start the ACTIVE CASE WITNESSING PROCESS with these 2 keys by exploring the area which has these keys with higher level of experience, so that the other areas also get connected to get a focus, While talking about physical complaint, he is more emotional and cries so we can start from it….)

Active case witnessing process:

Area1: Physical complaints

D:      Tell me a bit more about your physical complaints

P:      (cries)

D:      Just allow your tears to speak…

P:      Sir I am not having a permanent job or house to stay, now this complaint also…(Cries)…My body…my health (Cries)…how I can go further in my life…I was so much disappointed…….. Cries….

D:      Disappointed in what way?

P:      How can I live! I have no ability …have to depend on others for all

D:      What is your experience in that moment?

P:      Uncomfortable! Fear!

D:      uncomfortable in the sense?

P:      Insecure!

D:      A little bit more

P:      I am not safe, fear of future, want to be safe in life

Area2: FEAR

D:      Tell me about your fears?

P:      I have fear of dark places, ghost, especially alone in a dark rooms, I will pass urine involuntary in night due to this fear.

D:      What is your experience of being alone in a dark room?

P:      Totally uncomfortable (protrude his eyes), no help

D:      What is the experience of being uncomfortable?

P:      I am alone, insecure, not safe, want to search some safe place, want to call someone for help,

Area3: Childhood

D:      Tell me about your childhood a little bit more.

P:      In my childhood mostly I suffered a lot, my parents didn’t take care of me, they didn’t guide me for anything as a parents, even for studies or a job, in the other side as an elderly person of the family I was totally dependent on my brother when I was working in the salt company with him and I thought that he would take care of me , that time I was so much confident that I got a good job, I could also earn money but there also the disappointments only remained , but for some days when I worked in the school I am so happy, the headmaster of that school was a nice woman, she took care of me she gave me money when I needed, other than that throughout my life till now I am not comfortable, still I am searching for it, in these situation this problem also blocks me, I want to be comfortable in my life.

D:      What do you mean by comfortable?

P:      Comfortable means happy, don’t want to worry about anything, feel free, and don’t want to fear about anything, somebody is there to help me, guided me and take care of me

D:      What is the experience of it?

P:      It is something like “You go I am there for you”

D:      What is your experience when someone says that “You go I am there for you”?

P:      Feeling safe, comfortable, I am secured,

(In the active case witnessing process every area gets connected in a single focus as  SAFE / SECURED , now we should conform the focus in other areas also to be doubly sure about our focus on the case, so we can go to one of the sub-conscious area like dreams)

Area4: Dreams

D:      Tell me about your dreams?

P:      Mostly I will get some horror dreams, and am so much fear at that time and that I will pass urine involuntarily, I use to get these type of dreams when I see some horror movies in that day.

D:      Tell me about dreams which have come up repeatedly.

P:      Ya! I get some dreams like I am alone in a place and searching for my house, and searching some people to ask them but I don’t know where I am and running, thinking that my house is near only so am running but I never reach my house in any dreams, repeatedly I get this dream but don’t remember much, I wake up with lot of fear in the morning.

D:      Which part of these dreams scares you?

P:      Fears in the sense, am alone, searching my house, someone wants to help me, confused

D:      What is the experience in that moment?

P:      Fear that I am alone, not in my house, anything can happen, not in a safer zone

(Now our focus ‘safe’ is confirmed in all areas which are true for the part and true for the whole. So we can now start the active-active case witnessing process by exploring our focus in one direction to get the center of the case.)

Active-Active case witnessing process:

D:      Safe in the sense?

P:      Safe means, when I reach my house I feel safe

D:      What is your experience of being in the house?

P:      Feeling comfortable, protected!

D:      Hmm….

P:      Secure! Happy with everything!

D:      Everything in the sense?

P:      Everything means which protect me…….

D:      Protection means?

P:      Having proper job, house, in the sense…………money too, for which am totally depending on my friends now.

D:      What is your experience of not safe?

P:      Not protected, not settled in life, want to be settled!

D:      What is the experience in not protected?

P:      Not comfortable, not steady, not stable, need help, want to depend on someone to be steady, stable, and confident

D:      What you mean by steady and stable in general?

P:      Good friends to help me, no poverty, feeling safe, permanent job with good health (shed tears with smile)

D:      What is your likes and dislikes in food?

P:      Mostly I like vegetarians, but I will eat eggs, and I like potato, sweets

Summary of the case:

  • The patient is at the delusion level in passive
  • The center of the case is instability which denotes the mineral theme
  • The instability expressed in the way of lacking for security, safe, money, job, health, house which denotes the row 4 issues
  • The dependence and feeling of lack with the alternative state of stability denotes the center of Calcarea Carb







CAL.CARB 1M one dose was given on 25 – 6 -2015 with SAC LAC for 15 days

  • Follow-up on 14-7-2015

P:      Not any improvement. The same problems which I had in my childhood return back for past 10 to 15 days like I have involuntary urination during sleep with some fearful dreams, dreams like someone is beating me and I am running, In another dream I am going in a place alone and passing urine at that time I passed urine involuntary in real. But I feel better in mind level, remaining everything as it is same like tiredness and weakness, recurrent headache.

PRESCRIPTION:  SAC LAC given for 30days

  • Follow-up on 24-8-2015

P:      Feeling better than before, no dreams, had good sleep, no bed wetting at night, weight has increased from 48kg to 49.5 kg. The tiredness remains same and feeling weak to do any work. Feeling 50% better in mental level, confidence has increased and no fear, headache reduced.

PRESCRIPTION: SAC LAC given for 30days

  • Follow-up on 25-9-2015

P:      No any specific changes, weight increased to 50kg, appetite and thirst normal, sleep remain same, dint felt any improvement in tiredness, mind as it is.


  • Follow-up on 26-10-2015

P:      Feeling better in the last month, no tiredness, no headache feeling energetic, no any weakness can do all the work. Confidence level was increased, no any fear, sleep well, weight was 50 kg now, mind level 80 % good, feeling happy.

PRESCRIPTION: SAC LAC given for 30 days

Advised to take investigation for the hepatitis B virus load

  • Follow-up on 26-11-2015

P:      Hepatitis B cell load was decreased from 3050 Iu/ml to 1200 Iu/ml. (tested on 20-11-2015) feeling so happy, I have no complaints right now, 100% feeling better in mind level.

PRESCRIPTION: SAC LAC given for 30 days

  • Follow-up on 4-1-2016

Feeling good, no any complaints physically and mentally, rejoined in the job in same company on 28-12-2015, feeling comfortable, not worrying about this complaint, having confidence because it is decreasing, went to home for Christmas and enjoyed a lot (smiled).

PRESCRIPTION: SAC LAC given for 30 days. Advised to take investigation for the hepatitis B virus load

June 2016 S Hep B Xavier1

June 2016 S Hep B Xavier2

June 2016 S Hep B Xavier3

June 2016 S Hep B Xavier4

Edited by – Dr. Rina Dedhiya

About the author

Michael Xavier

Dr. J. Michael Xavier received his BHMS from Sri Vinayaga Mission Homoeopathic Medical College. At college he was given freedom to persue his particular interests. He is in continuous contact the Manitham organization and has made use of all the latest tools and systems so he can effectively carry out classical homeopathy. He has been working as Medical Officer at Manitham Homoeopathic Health Charities since 2015.


  • I am suffering hepatitis-B last 6 years.HBS Ag Positive, It become to Negative. please tell me medicine name, how many days used to medicine to come to negative total information send to mail Id. My reports. HBS Ag – Positive, HBV DNA Viral Load Negative. Thanking you sir,

  • I wandered onto this site, I an American female age 38. I found out I was positive for hepatitis C about 8 years ago. I’m not even sure what I’m doing here… can u please just tell me exactly what it is you are proposing on the subject of curing Hepatitis?

    • Hi Jessie, you wandered into a homeopathy online journal. There are many ways of doing homeopathy and this particular case was taken in an unorthodox way which will probably only confuse you. Homeopathy is an all-natural form of medicine founded 200 years ago by Samuel Hahnemann, MD. He discovered quite by accident that the reason quinine was able to cure Malaria was because it caused the symptoms of Malaria in people who weren’t sick. “I wonder if this is some sort of theme,” Hahnemann thought, “that if something could cause a set of symptoms in a healthy person, it could cure those same symptoms in a sick person?” He experimented with many plants, took notes on what symptoms they caused, and then prescribed them in small amounts for sick people who matched them. They got better! Homeopathy is a Greek word which means “same disease”; in other words, the medicine and the disease symptoms are the same (or similar). Regarding your case of Hepatitis, a homeopath would want to know your symptoms and attempt to match them a homeopathic remedy that caused those symptoms in a healthy person. I’ll try to find a very simple case for you so you can see what I mean. OK, here it is:
      One more thing. I mentioned plants, but, homeopathic remedies are little sugar pills that melt in your mouth. You can find them at your health food store.

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