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Revisiting: No One Said Being A Homeopath Was Easy!

Revisiting: No One Said Being A Homeopath Was Easy!

Revisiting: No One Said Being A Homeopath Was Easy!. Elaine gives the answer to last month’s quiz.

Don’t tell me you missed last month’s quiz!!! Here it is again with the answer to follow:


To read last month’s full case quiz. Visit – No One Said Being A Homeopath Was Easy!


How did we do? Here are our vote totals:




Nux vomica-2




Kali mur.


Rhus tox

It looks like our crack team of homeopaths was right again! Yes, it was Mercury! How did we know? Of course the bad breath gave us our first clue. But what else? For me, it was the “under the covers/out of the covers” behavior that solved the mystery! A lot of you saw it as “restlessness”, undoubtedly, and picked Arsenicum; but, you could also see it as Mercury’s famous “narrow range of temperature tolerance”! They’re cold so they put the covers on, two seconds later, they’re hot, so they throw the covers off, and so it goes. They would do the same thing with the thermostat, or opening and closing the windows if they could. So, we had two big keynotes for Mercury here. Let’s congratulate our winners:

  • Caralyn
  • Abby Beale
  • Chris Gregory
  • Lowanna
  • Maria Georgas
  • Sinead

Unfortunately, someone didn’t sign their email, but here’s what he or she said. While we’re at it, let’s look at this person’s choice of rubrics:

Dear Elaine,

According to the following rubrics the remedy can be Mercurius

[Boenning ] [Face]Red:Bright:

I looked in Boenninghausen’s repertory and there were only two remedies under Face, red, bright–Belladonna and Stramonium Under Face, red, there are 130 remedies, many of them in bold, making this a useless rubric.

[Boenning ] [Fever]Pathological types:Inflammatory:

How do we know this? Don’t make assumptions. In fact, the presence of bad odors in a case usually suggests that the pathology is not inflammatory but, more likely, septic.

[Boenning ] [Mouth and throat]Tongue:Coated (not clear):White:

There are 80 remedies in this rubric, many of them in bold, making this a useless rubric as well.

[Boenning ] [Mouth and throat]Mouth (buccal cavity), in general:Odour from, bad breath, etc.:
[Boenning ] [Sensation and complaints in general]Infants:Fever:

Santi’s not an infant. But again, fevers in children? Too large a rubric. Too general. Not useful.

[Boenning ] [Sleep]Sleep:Restless:

Restless sleep? Mercury’s only a 1 for that in Murphy’s Repertory; I couldn’t find it in Boenninghausen’s, it’s too large a rubric anyway.

[Boenning ] [Sleep]During sleep,:Mouth:Open:

I didn’t see a sleep chapter in Boenninghausen’s repertory. I checked the mouth chapter and under mouth, open, there was no subrubric “during sleep”. In Murphy’s Repertory, I did find, Mouth: open, sleep, during and Mercurius was there as a 1.

[Boenning ] [Time]Time:Night:

Night time aggravation is too big a rubric with 149 remedies and most of them in bold.

[Boenning ] [Sensation and complaints in general]Burning:Of external parts:

With 122 remedies, most of them in bold, this is another useless rubric.

[Boenning ] [Sensation and complaints in general]Ill, sense of being(sick feeling, etc.):

No, really! “I feel sick” is a totally useless symptom for homeopaths.

[Boenning ] [Sensation and complaints in general]Restlessness:Corporal:

Restlessness, too large a rubric. 92 remedies, half of them in bold and if I looked in Murphy’s…well, let me look…. Over 400 remedies, a meaningless, useless rubric; it means practically every remedy is restless in one sense or another.

Dr. B, I guess you can’t remind people often enough of Paragraph 153 of the Organon: “…the most striking, strange, rare, peculiar signs and symptoms in the case are almost exclusively the ones to which close attention should be given …. More general and indefinite symptoms, such as loss of appetitie, headache, weakness, troubled sleep, discomfort, etc., if not more precisely qualified, deserve little attention because one finds something general of the kind in almost every disease and almost every medicine.”

What do our winners–including “Anonymous”– get, Dr. B?


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