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Terbium Nitricum Case

The author presents a case with an unusual remedy.

This 48 year old female was first seen 3 years ago, and was given Crot-c and Arg-nit in ’08, and Lac-lup in ‘09, all with partial but not completely satisfactory results. She was seen again last year and the case was re-taken:

Client: In the past, I was a professional opera singer, and I’ve sung all over the world. When I talk about it, it’s like guys are intimidated or people don’t believe me. They’ll say, ‘If you’re so good, why aren’t you singing at the Metropolitan?’ Or people get jealous, make up stories and ostracize me. It’s like I’m not safe to talk about it.

(Pausing) And . . . okay . . . I worked for the CIA, which is even harder for them to believe.

It’s like I’ve had to hide my true identity. I feel hidden, like I can’t shine. That means not singing. I feel shut down. I’ve been putting myself in a shell and eating to feel better. I’ve been overeating, gaining weight, and it’s gotten out of control. I can’t lose weight, even though I’m working out at the gym.

I feel really stuck. It’s scary to be living paycheck to paycheck, struggling with teaching kids. I ask myself, ‘how is it that I sang internationally and I can’t get my music studio off the ground?’

When I walked away from the CIA, it meant I walked away from the life I lived before. I had to leave because of the stress, but then the CIA also forced me to leave professional opera. It’s the biggest sorrow of my life, to have worked so hard and then have to walk away from all that. It feels like suppression and oppression (by the CIA). But I still I have a lot of anxiety and frightening memories about the undercover work.

Practitioner: Any other anxieties or fears?


Client: I’m claustrophobic. I don’t like tight clothing, especially around my neck. And I don’t like heights. I don’t like it when things are chaotic, but that’s the story of my life. It feels like all sorts of stuff coming at me. I don’t sleep well at all.

Practitioner: How’s your confidence?

Client: I’m very confident about my abilities. No problems at all with confidence about my singing.

Assessment: The client relates a frustration with being able to express her true identity. She feels hidden. She’d like to fully express herself through her art, but when she tells her life-story it’s met with disbelief, jealousy, or would-be partners feeling intimidated. She described how her inability to return to the big stage was the biggest sadness of her life.

This is a story of thwarted self-actualization (lanthanide). Even though in the past she sang on the international stage, it was undercover, and since leaving that work, she continues to feel anxious about fully expressing herself. She’s very confident about her abilities (stage 11), but essentially confused as to how to move forward in her life (stage 3). Although she feels frustrated with people not believing her life story, it’s ultimately related to questions of how she can express her talents, rather than feeling slighted or not appreciated (stage 10). She’s been in many crisis situations, and has problems with heights and claustrophobia (nitricum).

Plan: Terbium nitricum LM 2

The client began feeling better almost immediately, and has been in informal weekly contact since beginning the remedy. She’s now at LM 4 daily.

Formal follow-up 5-5-11

Client: I feel calmer, more content, and more confident about who I am. When I tell prospective clients about my singing, instead of doubting me they’re saying, ‘Well, we’re really lucky to have you here!’ I’m more outspoken and more proactive. I’m promoting myself—‘Hey, come see me!’ I’ll be going to New York and singing for some people from the Met.

I’m sleeping a lot better. I’ve lost 85 pounds so far, and I’m getting more attention from guys. But I feel more whole, and I don’t need a guy in my life right now. Even my money problems are getting sorted out.

My M.D. saw me the other day. He said I looked content, that he could see a beautiful soul coming out. Really, I’m better able to expresslove to others, the way I did in the past. I feel like a whole new person!

Editor’s note: See David Johnson’s article in this issue, where he discusses the Lanthanides.

About the author

David A. Johnson

David Johnson, CCH, RSHom(NA) is a homeopath residing in the southern Wisconsin area of the US. He is the author of “Radiance, Resonance and Healing: The Homeopathic Periodic Table” (Emryss Publishing) which is based on his 20 years of experience of matching the theoretical schema of Series and Stages with the words of clients. His email is [email protected]


  • Differentiation between Silver series and the Lanthanides

    Terbium nit was such an interesting solution because on a first reading of the case one would think of Arg Nit …. same stage (11), but just one row away on the Silver Series, where both tension and performance are important issues .

    She says, “It’s like I’ve had to hide my true identity. I feel hidden, like I can’t shine.” That could be Arg Nit too … but hiding is also a well documentated Lanthanide theme (when I think of ‘hiding’ I’m thinking of independent people who just try to get on with it, working with their talents in their own way, without brooking any interference).

    It can be frustrating having knowledge and skills that are extra-ordinary … I think that this can cause conflict and tension sometimes, and Terbium has the most tension of all the Lanthanides.

    This all sounds a bit speculative but just look at the follow-up! It has ‘Lanthanide Series’ stamped all over it.

    Fantastic example of a Lanthanide case! Thank you.

  • Thanks for the feedback, Stephanie. The client has continued to do well–she’s been offered a stable job with a great deal of responsibility; she has a new, happy and stable relationship, and after losing even more pounds has maintained a stable weight.

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