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A Case of Osteo-Myelitis in a Woman of 60

Written by Andrew Ward

Homeopath Andrew Ward presents a case of Osteo-Myelitis in a Woman of 60

1st visit was on 25th September 2013

Female 60 yrs old

She presented with a diagnosis and condition of Osteo-myelitis in the right lower jaw.

Osteo-myelitis is an inflammation of the bone marrow due to infection. In this case it occurred after dental procedures. Due to the length of time there was already some bone loss and destruction in the jaw. This condition was diagnosed in 2009 and she had been on the standard treatment of long-term antibiotics for 3 years.  This had the added complication of producing nausea and upset stomachs.  Her main symptoms were constant throbbing pain in the jaw (Homeopathy Treatment for Jaw Pain) with swelling. This would exacerbate in phases with high fever ensuing.

Also the pain could spasm from the jaw to the head and into neck.

Night sweats

Low energy

Occasional angina with symptoms of chest pain and dyspnoea.

History of bronchitis as a childm leading to asthma.

Cough every winter esp. in cold air. (2)

High BP since pregnancy

Family history:

Father had heart attacks in his 40’s

Brother had heart attacks in his 60’s

This year she developed a new set of symptoms: Pain in the right hypochondria (2) especially when over eating (3) ? Gall-bladder problem

All her problems seem to be on the right side (3)

Has a pancreatic cyst which they monitor.

Also has a cyst on the right lobe of liver.

CT scan revealed a benign neoplasm of the pancreas

2009: Her mother died and then her dog, leading to tremendous grief

Suffers with acid indigestion

Right lymph nodes swell

A well-prepared woman, organised, hates to be late, likes to control everything and everyone.

Aversion to extremes of temperature.  Cannot lie on her right side because of jaw. Prefers to sleep on her abdomen.

Desires: Yoghurt and cheese (2), Sweets (3)

Prefers Hot Drinks (3)

Unrefreshed in the morning (2)

History of low energy at 4pm onwards

Flatulence and distension esp. right hypochondria (2)

Using Vithoulkas Compass software.


July 2016 IACH Andrew Ward

Differential diagnosis:


Fits the totality of this case and the main keynotes and generals. This patient is not affected on the Mental/Emotional plane very much and therefore we don’t expect to see the typical Lycopodium symptoms of cowardice etc


This remedy appears as it has the typical pathology and destructive processes of the bone especially in the jaw, and some generals and keynotes. However she only wants warm drinks and Phos likes very cold drinks.


Silicea also appears mainly due to the pathology and a few symptoms but does not fit the totality or cover most of the symptoms.


July 2016 IACH Andrew Ward1

This has the family background of early heart attacks, the sleeping on abdomen, and the history of childhood asthma. However it does not cover the case and may be a remedy needed later on in the case.


This covers the digestive and abdominal symptoms and right –sidedness, but not the totality. She is a more forceful character.

I prescribed Lycopodium 30c – one dose daily and to reduce the antibiotics.

Follow-up 1  – 18th October 2013

She experienced an aggravation of the right hypochondria pain, then an improvement and then she was worse again.

Pain in jaw better

Antibiotics reduced

Still night sweats

Wanting less sweets

Flatulence  better passing flatus

Prescription: continue Lycopodium 30c daily

Follow-up 2   – November 20th 2013

Has come off antibiotics and had an abscess in roots -left side. This is an old symptom.

Right hypochondria pain became worse after some wine and now it extends to the right scapula (3)

Nausea in morning –  Better for eating

This new symptom, or development of a symptom, points to another remedy which is complementary to Lycopodium:

Prescribed Chelidonium 200c

After this new remedy she aggravated in the jaw pain for one day then it disappeared.   Not taking antibiotics now for weeks.

Dentist check at hospital confirms “almost no osteomyelitis signs.”

Right hypochondria pain is 90% better

No indigestion tablets for weeks now.

Energy levels much better

Mood much better

No nausea in morning

Pain in jaw gone

Follow-up 3  – 10th January 2014

Indigestion worse again (Xmas?)

CT scan confirms NO PANCREAS CYST – the benign neoplasm has gone

Hospital confirms no sign of Osteoemyelitis anymore.

Has had a lot of stress with family – looking after them all. Worries about them all the time. This confirms our remedy from what we know of Chelidonium MM.

Prescription: Chelidonium 200c

Developed otitis externa and had some drops from doctor. This was an old symptom.  Drops didnt help. Ear better for warmth and being covered.

Acute Prescription: Hepar-sulph 30c

Feels totally different in her self – much better and energy is great.

Autumn 2014: Patient is well – no relapses.

Levels of Health

This lady’s level of health, despite the seriousness of the condition, was quite good. She developed high fever with her exacerbations of the chronic condition. The remedies were clearly expressed and she only needed two to cure. The aggravations were short lasting, eg. one day. All this indicates being in Group 1 of Vithoulkas’ Levels of Health. Probably Level 3

About the author

Andrew Ward

Andrew Ward (Dip IACH, LCH, R. S. Hom) practices in Bath and Nelson’s Pharmacy, Mayfair, London. He has been in private and NHS practice for 25 years. He received his licentiate from the College of Homeopathy, London in 1990 and his diploma from the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy in Greece. He has studied with and assisted Professor George Vithoulkas on Alonissos for 20 years and currently presents his two year Classical Homeopathy E-learning Course in central London. He lectures widely in the UK at colleges and has recently presented a Levels of Health seminar at the University of Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA.

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