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Judy’s Case – Treated According to Heilkunst Method


Homeopath Allyson McQuinn presents a complex case treated according to the Heilkunst method.

Judy’s Testimonial:

“Where do I begin? March of 2012 was my worst nightmare ever. While drying my hair I noticed a lump on the left side of my neck. From that time on, every day I woke up I had a new symptom from my hair falling out to rashes on my feet, face, back , stomach, and legs. I had sores in my mouth, itchiness, and the list goes on and on. I immediately phoned my doctor and she ordered stat blood work and a cat scan. That next week I saw the surgeon and was booked for a lymph node biopsy. I was told they were investigating lymphoma and/or leukemia. I lived in a nightmare, but if this is what it was, I was going to fight this. I have a family that needed me and I was going to get through this.

I was hospitalized for something that was only supposed to be day surgery. While in surgery my platelets had dropped for no reason, so then again another biopsy (bone marrow this time). I had every specialist imaginable taking care of me and every time one of them came to see me, they each had a different diagnosis. They all told me that I had an Auto-Immune Disease but they didn’t know why.

ambulanceAfter 12 days still no diagnosis, I went home. The next month I was rushed back into hospital by ambulance for shortness of breath, put on puffers and stayed in again for another 8 days. Still no diagnosis! I was put through numerous biopsies from 2 lymph nodes, bone marrow, kidney and liver. Whatever it was my body was going through left me with a high protein level that affected my kidneys. Then I was referred to another specialist for my kidneys. She immediately wanted to start me on a treatment plan of steroids and chemotherapy.  Since I work in the healthcare field, I spoke to my co-workers about my condition, and after a lot of investigation, I refused the treatment plan.

This is when one of my co-workers had told me about a local Heilkunst Homeopath, Allyson McQuinn, and that I should go see her. I thought “if the doctors can’t find out what’s wrong with me, how can she?” I didn’t go. I was getting so frustrated because I couldn’t go for walks or runs like I used to or even carry a laundry basket up the stairs without getting short of breath. I had no energy or ambition and was getting very frustrated. I gave in and called Allyson.

My first appt. with her I was amazed. She told me I was an easy case and would have me cured in 6 months (by June). I said to myself walking out of her office (if the doctors can’t find anything how can she?). I was desperate; at this point I was willing to try anything. She told me that I would be out walking again and carrying laundry up the stairs within a week. She was right I was. I was able to return back to work, although, I still had to do monthly blood work and doctors appointments.

From that day on, every month I had Heilkunst treatment and my blood work would come back with good results, my protein level was coming down and I was starting to feel like myself again. When I went back to my doctors and told them I was seeing a holistic doctor and told them what she was doing they pretty much said, “whatever you’re doing just keep doing it.” I kept doing it. They wanted to know all about her and put me off until June for my protein levels to return to normal before putting me on the treatment plan.

I am now put off again until next January and am still having blood work and a follow up catscan. I never thought I would feel better again. I am so glad that I kept putting off a treatment plan with them and putting poison into my body that would make me even sicker.

For anyone who is going through any kind of health issue or are on any medication for whatever reason I would suggest you see Allyson and get to the root cause for why you’re suffering and she will help you. I am off all of my medications except for two and hopefully will be coming off of those soon and am doing everything the “natural way”. I could not have gotten through this past year if it wasn’t for my family, co-workers (Natalie, who referred me) and especially Allyson for helping me through my worst nightmare ever.

Before getting sick I was very healthy and walking/running all the time. I just can’t say enough about her, she gets to the root cause and cures the problem, not just treating the symptoms. Kudos to Dr. Allyson McQuinn, you are my HERO!!! I just can’t say enough about you, I am so glad I found you. You are my angel!! I have recommended so many people to you and they also have had excellent results. Every time someone tells me that they have a health issue going on I automatically say “Oh, you should go see Allyson”. I tell them all about you and right now you are seeing most of them and they also can’t say enough about you.

Remember years ago people had no choice but to go the natural way because there was no medication or diagnostic equipment that could detect illness and people had no money for medication; today we have that choice. Thanks again Allyson, you have helped me so so much and I [am] very grateful to Heilkunst Medicine. I love you and so does my family, you’re amazing!!!! Hugs

Judy (June 2013)”


The Case

Allyson McQuinn:  Just to begin with, I do not recall being so definitive regarding a date of cure, however, if that is what Judy heard, perhaps she used that certainty as leverage.  I’m pleased to say that as of this writing, she is indeed off of all her medications and last month began running again at a light pace several days a week. Judy is 51 years of age.

When Judy first came to see me last January of this same year (at the time of writing, it is Nov. 2013), she was suffering the above mentioned symptoms, TMJ pain, osteophytes showing up as numbness, weakness and joint pain in her extremities, low blood pressure, chronic swelling, sinus issues, tooth and gum pain, shortness of breath, a chronic cough, heartburn, bloating, elimination issues (IBS), membranous glomerulonephritis (allopathic label used to describe the early onset of kidney disease), anxiety, unresolved emotions, menopausal symptoms, chronic fatigue, insomnia and an undiagnosed lump in her neck as mentioned above.

She was on the following prescription drugs: Ativan, Lasix, Salbutamol, Flovent, Naproxen, Dicetel, and Tacta.  She was also supplementing with a saline nasal spray, vitamin D, Calcium Plus and Flora Smart.

Judy drank 1 litre of bottled water a day, 2 green teas, and had just begun eating a gluten free diet. She is an A Blood Type.  She was getting just 4 hours of sleep due to the stress associated with the recent diagnosis.  She slept in a dark, quiet space, in a quiet neighbourhood.

She has a loving husband and two lovely sons in their late teens. Judy used to be an avid gardener, full time employee for the department of health for the province, and a frequent walker and runner. At the time of this writing she is back working full-time.

Judy’s mother was a smoker, suffering COPD and had lost a kidney to cancer. Judy’s aunt suffered thyroid issues and died of lung cancer in 2003.  Her other aunt also just recently passed from cancer of her stomach and liver.  Her grandmother suffered a hysterectomy to remove ovarian cancer, and diabetes, dying at 75.  She was a hard working seamstress. We know that thyroid and diabetes are also anchored to the cancer miasm.

Judy’s father was a “drinker” who could be very moody and verbally abusive.  Her grandmother on his side suffered Alzheimers, her grandfather was also a “drinker’, as well as her great great grandfather.

Based on her family history and her symptoms, I was piecing together a picture of Carcinosin with a lesser wesen (as per Dr. Hahnemann for disease entity or state) of Syphilis.  Dr. Morrison’s Desktop Reference states that when the symptoms are all over the place with seemingly no defining red thread in the case, think Carcinosin.

At the initial consultation, I went through Judy’s chief complaints in detail and noted on her extensive timeline of traumatisms, that she’d suffered 16 multiple losses with deaths in her family, and a friend from 1994, all the way to 2012 almost inclusive with nary a break in between.  I was mindful that Natrum Muriaticum is the pathic remedy for Carcinosin and often the timeline will be peppered with the theme of grief and loss when this chronic constant disease is present.  Syphilinum will show up more as accidents, insidious forms of self destruction, fears worse at night, bone pains and alcoholism, the timeline exhibiting such themes.

Even though the symptoms seemed chaotic at the onset, the treatment was actually simple, given the clarity of the true underlying cause.  I felt I had my diagnosis.  We would focus on addressing the cancer state of mind of the unlived life and rescuing others to the exclusion of self.  Judy admitted that at home, and at her work, this was indeed her modus operandi for over the last decade or more.

I began with a typical Emotional Support dropper bottle with NSOL (Nat. Mur, Staphysagria, Opium and Lachesis), Silicea (her genotype constitution), Anxiety II Combo. (Argentum Nit., Gelsemium, Aconite, Ig., Bach’s Rescue Remedy) in a 1M + LM-3 along with Flower Essences; Water Violet, Aspen, Larch, and Oak.

Her Drainage and Organ Support Dropper contained Carcinocin, Nux. Vom., Chelidonium, Berberis, Lymphosot Combo., Recheweg’s R49 for swelling, Arnica, Rhus tox., Ruta, Exhaustion Formula (Cocculus, Phosphorus ac., Acid nitricum, Pic. ac), Folliculinum and all the drugs she was taking in a 200CH, 3CH, LM-2.

We also went after the the recent procedures, the most recent events on her timeline:  Arnica Hyp. Ledum Anesthetic Combo., Phosphorus, Staphysagria, X-rays, Ruta 200CH, 1M, 10M.  The following month, we started addressing the myriad of losses.

I also recommended iodine, after testing her inner arm with a 1” patch of iodine solution that was absorbed completely within 4 hours, letting me know that she was depleted. This was another vacant sentinel speaking to her hobbled immune functioning, keeping in mind that the thyroid filters the blood every 17 minutes, seeking and destroying any wayward bacteria.  This would help also with conquering inflammation.

The other whole food I suggested was Solé Brine for the 88 minerals, to alkalize her system, and help address the multiple infections and inflammations in her body.  Please see here:

In addition, alkalizing foods such as carrot juice with kale, beet, apple and ginger which would help further to produce an environment hostile to cancer and more resonant to her A Blood Type.  I suggested for the time being that she avoid meat and stick to fish and chicken on rarer occasions.  80% of her diet became pre-digested by her blender, for easy absorption, and raw.

I recommended a good quality women’s multi vitamin, additional vit. C to the level of safe bowel toxicity and melatonin to help with her sleep.  I also suggested that she go to see a colleague of mine for Live Blood Analysis to ensure that I wasn’t missing anything.

The rest is history as per her testimonial.

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Allyson McQuinn

Allyson McQuinn completed her 4 year medical program with the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst (, where she studied sequential therapy, including the principled resolution of the Genetic Miasms as per Rudi Verspoor. She then went on to do a post graduate research for another 4 years with Steven Decker to study Anthroposophical Medicine and Reich’s Orgonotic Therapies, a form of cognitive psychotherapeutics. Allyson has authored 9 books of her own, and is a regular contributor to a variety of magazines and other books. She lives with her husband and fellow practitioner, Jeff Korentayer, and her two children in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, often hiking by the ocean, and taking lots of pictures. Visit Allyson at her website:
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  • Nice case, but is it related to the Hahneman’s Homeopathy?!
    It would be more fair to relate it to so named “complex homeopathy”…

  • One my colleague call this kind of therapy :” It is like mortar with many tubes, some of bombs will find target”.

  • I am a layman attracted to homoeopathy by its conceptual clarity on disease and cure, economy of medication, materia medica based remedy selection and review of a case . I registered in the site to enhance my appreciation of the science. But My head goes for a spin on reading the remedies used.It seems that rather than ” symptoms all over the place” it is ” medicines all over the place” .Pardon my ignorance !

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