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A Case of Recurrent Urinary Tract Infection in a Woman of 54

A chronic case of urinary tract infection is treated constitutionally

This is the case of a 54 year old married women, presenting with the chief complaint of urinary problems, since maybe 2-3 years, and who is on prolonged antibiotics regimen.  She is also complaining of knee pain and lumbar back pain when walking wearing high heel shoes.

She says everything in life stresses her family, brother, mother.  Her brother mentally harasses her, never appreciates her and makes her feel guilty all the time. After the death of her mother in law, the brother got married.  She says her brother is very hot-tempered. She speaks of financial stress 10-12 years ago which forced her to stay with her mother-in-law. The mother in law was very selfish and cold according to her and had to stay with her for 12 years. She even wished for her death, but now after her death she realizes that it was wrong to think that way. Her husband is wonderful by nature and there is one son who never troubled her.

She is very open and friendly as a person. She likes good things, likes to live the big life, live luxuriously.  Her life and car should be big. She gets what she wants and earlier used to fight for it. She also loves to travel. She likes talking to people who are genuinely nice to her.

She then talks about her sister-in-law named Sil, who she feels copies her, envies her.

Childhood:  Middle class family, very close and warm. In society her family was one of the best families. She was loved by her parents. She was introverted in college, then went to London for work and opened up completely. Through work she met her husband. She had a baby and then left the job.

She has fears of health problems, that she might get cancer. Tremendous fear of cancer. She also used to be insecure about money matters as she had to stay with her mother-in-law.

She has lots of friends who tell her she is very talented and seek her help or advice. She wants to look perfect and is very conscious of the way she dresses, very conscious that she should look good.

Physical generals

Menses: menopause in 2006. Previously menses was regular no trouble.  A little weepy before menses.

She likes spicy food but it causes acidity.

Urine: increased frequency- every 1 hour and when anxious the frequency  increases. If infection is increased then urine is scanty.

Stool: normal and regular

Thermals: likes winter and a cold place, loves to stay in air conditioned rooms.

Past history

Previously used to get abdominal pains at night

Family history

Strong history of ischaemic heart disease, diabetes mellitus and hypertension in both the parents


No problems with pregnancy and she says she had the most beautiful pregnancy

Medication history

She had been on different antibiotics for a long time and now she is on Nitrofurantion 100 mg daily.


Case Analysis and Repertorization using Synthesis Repertory

Rubrics taken

  1. Delusion appreciated not being
  2. Egotism
  3. Extravagance
  4. Fear of cancer
  5. Foppish
  6. Haughty
  7. Selfishness
  8. Spices desires
  9. History of recurrent cystitis

Indicated remedy with potency: Platina 200, one dose along with placebo

Platina was prescribed based on her mental symptoms of selfishness, egotism, always feeling not appreciated by her brother and desire to live an extravagant life. She always felt excessively proud of herself and desired to look beautiful, also somewhere subconsciously there was lot of envy with her sister in law which bothered her a lot, as she always tried to look more beautiful than her. Mental picture was well covered by Platina.


After 2 weeks she came back, stating that on the first day her symptoms were aggravated, especially her frequency of urination and distension of abdomen but emotionally she is feeling better. Her fear of cancer and anxiety levels have gone down. Later her urinary symptoms had also improved. She was kept on placebo for another 15 days.

After 15 days she said all her urinary symptoms were 80% better. Distension of abdomen is there only if she is emotionally little stressed. She has stopped her dose of Nitrofurantion 100 mg, and has no troubles now in urination. She was given a single dose of Platina 200 only to be taken if her urinary troubles increased. She was kept on placebo for a month and asked to follow up when required. She visits regularly for her follow up every month, and has had no recurrence of symptoms.

Platina worked wonderfully for her as a constitutional medicine, treating not only her urinary symptoms but also helping her emotionally as well.

About the author

Zubin Dehmeri

Dr. Zubin S. Dehmeri MD (Hom) is practicing as a Consultant homoeopath at Daruwalla polyclinic near Bhatia hospital, where he also does personal counseling for health problems and helps people in distress. He also runs an OPD at Masina hospital. He received his MD in homoeopathy from MUHS, Nashik University in 2010. In the future he plans to do a PhD in homoeopathy and start a clinic for the poor, to give them the benefits of homoeopathy.


  • is it a fact that one single remedy Platina 200 could cure urinary tract infection. If it is so, then this will be added with a list of wonderful homeo medicines. kudos for DrZubin for his beautiful selection of this wonderful remedy.


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