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Conium – Remedy for Suppressed Sexual Emotions

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Written by Hemesh Thakur

Dr. Hemesh Thakur presents two Conium cases which demonstrate the theme of suppressed sexual emotions.

My aim in writing this article is to present features of Conium in such a way that we could all experience the logical approach of homeopathy as well as its curative power. I am sincerely grateful to my patients for regular cooperation and patience to achieve satisfaction in restoring them to normal health.

CASE # 1

Mr. S S, 32 yrs old male, married , teacher by profession visited me with complaints of vertigo, debility, heaviness of eyes . I checked his blood pressure ( 126/82 mmhg). His digestion was also normal. Considering him as an acute case, I prescribed Gelsemium 200 followed by placebo for 2 weeks or so. When he visited me again, he reporetd that he was feeling better. So I repeated the placebo for another 2 weeks or so.

After a couple of months, he told that he was taking treatment from a neurologist who prescribed allopathic medications and he was feeling better. I asked him to continue as per his doctor’s recommendation. Later on, he stopped taking allopathic medications as he was feeling quite better.

After a span of 1 month or so, he again developed the same set of symptoms ie. vertigo, profound debility (however his appetite was normal), heaviness of eyes in more exaggerated manner. He became very much depressed. He again visited me for the same. Now this time, I prepared myself to evaluate the exact aetiology behind his complaints. I started inquiring about his mental stress, tensions in his professional / personal life. He plainly denied it. I felt somehow that something in this case is still missing. So taking my patient into confidence tactfully, I asked about his sexual life. He didn’t answer me for few seconds and then slowly, he started to open up. He explained that for the past four years of his married life, he had experienced sexual enjoyment only twice with his wife. He further said that his wife was totally reluctant to enjoy sexual life due to his inability in performance. She was very much indifferent to him and even to her child.

Further he stated that he used to gratify his sexual hunger by himself (masturbation). We understand that there was suppressed sexual emotions in the mental plane of this patient. Although there was sexual urge, it was not satisfactorily accomplished in his married life. This was affecting him severely on the mental plane. He felt very much dejected, discontented but co-operative as well as soft spoken.

After perceiving the above complaints, I prescribed Conium 1M followed by placebo for a month or so.  After 1 month, I was surprised to hear from him that he was feeling quite fine. On the sexual front, he could perform much better. His wife also accompanied him on this visit.

As his complaints were reduced to a greater extent, I prescribed placebo for a month. At his next visit he was looking dissatisfied and sad. I assured him and prescribed Conium once again, but in 10M potency observing the depth / severity of his complaints and relapse. After this last medication, he did not visit me for nearly 4 months as he moved to another city for his profession. However, he told me that he became perfectly well after the last medication.

We all understand that Conium is a well known remedy for hard growths, especially tumours, depending upon individual similarity to Conium. Likewise, there is suppression (hardness) of sexual emotions leading to physical manifestations which are difficult to learn from such patients, because they feel shy about sharing this information.

CASE # 2

Here is a case of a young man 26yrs age, who visited me for multiple ailments for a few years. His issues included :

* Lack of self confidence and courage

* Difficult concentration at work

* Mistakes in writing

* Sleeplessness

* Loss of appetite

He had been working as a clerk in a private company for the last four years. He was not as comfortable at work, as his boss used to scold him and humiliate him in front of his colleagues due to inefficient job performance. Mr. K used to make mistakes in writing because of difficulty in concentrating on his job. Also he was very much introverted by nature. He had never dared to speak back to his boss or even to his colleagues in these situations.

After considering his complaints in totality, I prescribed Lycopodium 200 followed by placebo for a month. After a month when he visited again, he reported no positive change from this medication. Then I prescribed Staphyagria 1M followed by placebo for a month on the basis of the constant humiliation and scolding.

He again visited me for his follow up, reporting no effect from the remedy. This time I was confused to see no change at all in his situation. This led me scrutinize the case more deeply.

I started inquiring about any history of grief and about his introverted behaviour. I        asked whether it stemmed from his childhood or developed later. As we became friendly in the last meeting, he paused for few minutes and then he gradually started telling me about very bad experiences he had in his school days. As he was a soft spoken, timid personality, short in height, his seniors used to tease him. During his school days in 11th std, his seniors sexually assaulted him on several occasions. After this repeated sexual abuse, he developed his current complaints. Since that time, he developed abnormal suppression of the sexual urge (celibacy) and also considered it sinful to think about sexual things (pent up emotions). He never practised masturbation during his life. I counseled him not to suppress his sexual urge and I understood the gist of the case.

I prescribed Conium 1M with placebo with confidence for a month or so. On his next visit, I could see some positive changes on his face. As he entered the room, he shook hands with me with confidence, whereas earlier he used to sit in front of me with his head bent downwards. Furthermore, he stated that he has developed great confidence in himself and could converse face to face with boss, colleagues and even strangers.

Depending upon such progress, I prescribed placebo for another month. He did well with this but I could see some relapse of symptoms through his facial expression. He was looking dissatisfied again. I assured him gently and prescribed Conium 10M followed by placebo for another 2 months or so.

On his next visit, he was immensely happy to visit me. He thanked me for almost complete restoration of his health. He also invited me to his marriage ceremony as he was from South India. To my knowledge, he is married and doing fine.

The above mentioned cases helped me to experience the hidden potential of Conium and to understand deeply the theme of the remedy. Thanks to Master Hahnemann and everlasting homeopathy.

About the author

Hemesh Thakur

Dr. Hemesh Thakur ( BHMS, CCH, CRC, RS(Hom) graduated from Nehru Homeopathic Medical College in 1993 and started practicing in 1994. In 2007 he moved to Florida (US) and worked as clinical research coordinator in group of Gastroenterology physicians (2008-2011). He also did CCH from the Council of Homeopathic Certification and practiced with various specialty practices, such as psychiatric, acupuncture, chiropractor, assistant homeopathic physician. Then in 2011-2016 he worked as Senior Consultant in Dr. Batras Positive Health Clinic, working on hair and skin cases. Dr. Thakur is also pursuing counseling and family therapy from IGNOU University, Delhi. At present, he is further exploring homeopathy to unravel the real cause of ailments.

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