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A Fish Out of Water

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Mr. P.A., 54 years.

Retake was done on 8th Dec. 05

Previous medicines: Kali carb. Pulsatilla.

D: I will ask you certain questions again and again. Doesn’t mean I am not following you. Don’t feel bad about that. To go deeper at certain point, certain question I will ask again, and please co-operate. Whatever best homeopathy can do for you, I will do. What are your problems?

P: Firstly I presume this is a…. this problem of sneezing, cough and cold. I sneeze since last…. Too much. Especially this year there is morning blast…. from the childhood only I remember…. That is I remember I am suffering from this. The day I start sneezing, morning I will start early morning. I start then almost it is unabated for throughout the day. Many times I do find that in 1 breath I do for at least 4-5 times, 4-5 breathings. Especially there is a change, a particular change I find on that particular day that the day I sneeze I feel too much hunger. Morning, I will have breakfast, but still at 8-9 o’clock again I feel that I’ll take something, whatever; I will pick up something and eat it. Lunch, mostly I take at about 1-1.30 or 2 o’clock. If, on a particular day I feel hungry, I will eat lunch at 11 or 11:30 and it certainly affects my working. I feel little bit irritated, uneasy. I feel I am sweating also. I do a lot of sweating also. This time, last few days back I tried some thing but during this day when I was sneezing I wear a cap, little cap on my head and whole day I kept it on. And I felt… some better change actually. Probably that day, sneezing was less. Density was quite less. So, I am not sure may be because of it or something else. And last few days I went to Allopath, only at Chembur, he gave me one tablet Anti allergy or whatever it is there. I don’t know anti allergic he told me that. He told me that you take it for about 30-40 days continuously. But I had to leave, for 5-6 days I took and after that I found that my sneezing stopped and I started coughing. Means it dried. Sneezing no doubt I sneeze too much, I get tired because of this too much of sneezing, but coughing is not there. I don’t have any headache or any other problem. It clears, that means my…. but the day I start coughing, some other problem starts. I had a very tough coughing, so I had to take a tablet, re-tablet, I have to take 10 tablets for that coughing. Cough, very dried up virtually. The day I sneeze, even if I sneeze this much but I take bath it is my psychological or whatever it is, I feel…. Due to sneezing earlier days I missed my bath. But I found that my cough is dried so after that I have made it a habit of taking bath everyday. Normally other than winter season, I take bath with cold water only. But in this…… warm water I use during this cold season or otherwise when I sneeze that particular day I use warm water for my bathing. I take bath everyday. May be I am not using soap or anything, but I put cold water on my head and everything. That I do everyday. And one little I feel whatever this particular…. I have got this bout. I feel my stomach is not clearing properly that period. Mostly I go early morning, at….. I go for clearing my bowel. So I get up in the morning I have a glass of water. Even before, taking tea after 10 minutes after getting up I go to toilet. But during this period I vacuumed, once it doesn’t clear. My stomach is not clearing so I may have to go once again,      before taking bath. After 1 hour or so after taking a cup of tea also. Night time, even otherwise also I find my nose gets choked up and I stop breathing through nose, nostrils, I breathe through my mouth only. That might cause some irritation to my family, my wife and my child. Because they say that I snore too much. And may be because of this… sometimes I feel that nighttime when I sleep, I feel breathless sometimes. As I gasp for…as if a fish is taken out of water. As if it is gasping (HG) for some water, I gasp for air. Whenever I get up (HG) [HG stands for “hand gesture”] and sit I get some relief.

In the nighttime, I get relief if I sit for sometime. I get some relief. My food habit is I don’t have a very heavy diet in the morning or evening. I prefer having small dishes… that means lunch and this…. It is not heavy. I take about 3 wheat pancakes. Then I go for 3-4 wheat pancakes at night. Day times I take 2 wheat pancakes and some rice. But evening time again I need something before that, with tea some snacks or something. I prefer, bread butter or something. I take tea. Tea, morning time and if I am at home morning time I take 2 cups of tea, and evening time I go for at least 2 cups. So 4 cups a day in the holidays I take. But in office density  is more. In the office I take… if anybody comes in the office I have to share. So I take few more cups of tea. As such bad habit – tea is only bad habit. I don’t smoke, earlier I used smoke I was smoking for almost 17 years. In those 10-15 years I was a heavy smoker. I was smoking almost about 3 packets a day. Last I left it in 1987. After that I have not touched the smoking. But today if anybody smokes in front of me, I get irritated. I avoid that place. Smoking I have… or betel leaf I don’t take, tobacco I don’t chew. And drinks and all I take very rarely. Some parties a peg or two; once in a month or once in 2-3 months or 4 months like this. One peg or two peg. Food habits I like all types of food the veg, non-veg. In non-veg we take fish more. Mutton we take very rarely.  In our house we don’t bring chicken. Or mutton also very rarely we take. Fish we take. But fish also I take a very small amount only. Small 1 or 2 pieces only. And due to this cough and cold I cannot take fruits of my choice.  It was earlier also, I was….. I used to like banana but because of this I have stopped taking banana. Banana it was my favorite fruit. Fruit almost I can say that I don’t take any fruits.

At home, night sleeping I use one T-shirt or whatever it is. T-shirt or baniyan while sleeping. But summer I don’t use that. Summer I keep my body naked only. At home I don’t wear slippers. Bathroom slipper whenever I go to bathroom that time only. I don’t wear slippers. I keep my legs open only. But out of home, I always use shoes. I don’t use chappals or anything. Lately this has made a psychological effect on me and I have become a desperate person now. As if that this sneezing is going to take life long (HG). This is the reason, because I am desperate now. I have… last time I believe up to this monsoon when I saw that no matter what I take or don’t take, I am sneezing; so, I stopped all restrictions. I took cold drinks also, I took butter milk also. Even if I am sneezing, I am taking this. I said with this also I sneeze, otherwise also I sneeze. Now whatever I feel like having I take it. I said with this or without that if the reason is same then with this only I will enjoy. I feel that I am getting some relief. Sneezing naturally my working capacity also it decreases. My working capacity, my energy level dips. From family side, I don’t take much tension about my family. My wife only, she takes care of my child in every respect. We may not be having very sweet relations but we don’t have any problems as such. Say in our family I have no complaints about my wife or my child. Office side tension is there, as it remains with the job. But there also I don’t take much. I accept it as it comes. I accept it and do my job. I think I have covered almost all the things. Any specific question?

D: Something more you would like to add?

P: I sleep for about 5 hours 5-6 hours. 5 hours I get to sleep, 5-5 ½. At around 11 o’clock now we have disconnected the cable, so we go to sleep early. I go to sleep early at 11 o’clock OK. So morning I get up at 5 o’clock. So 5-5 ½  hours I sleep. My sleep is as such I get a good sleep. Rarely do I find sometimes in a month or once or twice in a month that I don’t get deep sleep. Otherwise my sleep…. I have a deep sleep. That dreaming and all, that portion I don’t have much. I get a good sleep. Because, the whole day I don’t take rest. The whole day I am so tired. I go to bed. As I go to bed at around at 11-11.30, I sleep. I do not take any B.P. tablets or anything. I don’t have B.P., no diabetics, Acidity. I have got slight acidity. But still it is because of the diet I take. This abides food. I like the snacks, If I like I take one ‘Samosa’ or ‘Vada’ those things I take. That may by causing that. Because of that I feel little pain in the chest. But it goes. It may be because of gas or something.

D: What type of pain?

P: Slight pain. It is acidity type pain sometimes here, (shows), sometimes here, it moves.

D: At one point you said, you feel breathless at night as if fish is out of water.

P: Yes.

D: Describe that feeling in much detail.

P: Because I am sleeping now.  Suddenly  I feel that (gesture) I get up immediately. I feel that I am not getting the breath (HG) properly, whatever I need. The body needs that much extra oxygen only. So I open my mouth and full I breathe. Full oxygen I take 4-5 times (shows) this type I breath. Breathe 4-5 times. If I don’t feel… still I feel uneasy, I get up and sit for 2-3 minutes. I will sit 5 minutes.. Then I will again for sometime and then I will go to bed. I will sleep again.

D: It makes a lot of sense what you are describing. Describe the uneasiness little more?

P: In this only?

D: Like somebody has stopped (HG) stopped my breathing. Somebody put me (HG) this (HG) this something that… somebody put my chest (HG) somebody is pressing. Or somebody is sitting on my chest or something. That’s why it is causing. (HG) I am unable to take my full breath.

D: Somebody is sitting on your chest………

P: Chest (HG)

D: As well as you did, this.

P: Ya, something this type (HG) I am not able to……….

D: Not this, you did this gesture.

P: Ya, this type (HG) or you may say there is a combination of this.

D: What is that? Describe both in detail?

P: This particular thing I have noticed that wherever I sleep flat on my bed. When I sleep flat on my bed. I keep my hands here (Shows) and now because of that only I get something.

D: Not logical.

P: No, there is no logic.

D: The feeling? Whatever you are saying lot of sense? Somebody puts pressure on the chest.

P: Pressure on the chest, (HG) As if somebody is putting. Because I don’t put anything on my body. I don’t like anything on my sleeping. My wife if she keeps her hand, I just remove her hand away. I say, you remove your hand from my body it should be free, when I am sleeping.

D: Describe that uneasiness, little more?

P: The one is this…

D: Again, Little more uneasiness. I said certain questions I will ask again.

P: Yes, yes (Pause) This is not exactly the (HG) but chest, somebody is pressing my chest. As if somebody is pressing my chest, because of that I am unable to take my full breath, so I gasp. (HG) Immediately I just (HG) move my hands away and try to take full breath. I mean if I am fully uneasy then I sit for some time, night time.

D: Describe that little more? Somebody is pressing my chest.

P: That’s a peculiar fact but I have this type of feeling with that.

D: It is important tell me?

P: Because even if I am sleeping alone. My wife is not…… my wife and my child are not with me, I am sleeping at home, that time also I have this type of feeling.

D: What is that feeling?

P: The similar, that I don’t get… somebody is pressing (HG) my chest, somebody is pressing my chest, body I am not able to breath.

D: Somebody is pressing my chest and body. This is a peculiar feeling, what is this?

P: So, this is actually, this is my gesture that when I… body sometimes it becomes like this. This slight stiffness comes and I (gesture) immediately, my sleep actually breaks and I get up.

D: Stiffness I didn’t follow. Somebody is pressing my chest, it’s a peculiar fact, even if wife is not there, you get that feeling.

P: Yes, my wife is not there, sometimes outside also whenever I am sleeping out.

D: Please co-operate with me. Do this gesture.

P: (HG)

D: As if someone is pressing your chest and this was your gesture. 2-3 times you already did. Do it.

P: (HG)

D: And experience what is happening.

P: (gesture). This type I breathe.

D: How is your experience, when you say fish out of water?

P: You can see that fish….. live fish whenever it is kept it starts jumping         (HG) similar way I just, come out as if I was unable take my breath, I have just come out of that feeling and I am trying to take maximum air.

D: Come out I didn’t follow?

P: Come out means whatever in that…… I, I was there, and I was unable to get that sleep… breath in that particular sleeping posture. So, I am coming out or I am just getting up.

D: And this? One is breathless here.

P: Yes.

D: When you were gasping for breath, your hands are these – what could be this?

P: I am not actually. (HG)

D: No, you are doing extremely well. Whatever is happening….

P: That I am telling.

D: Every time I am asking you are adding something.

P: Yes. (HG)

D: If someone is pressing on your chest, what you are trying to say with this?

P: (HG) May be same… that only feelings.

D: What feelings?

P: (HG) That means I am trying to (HG) just push him. Whatever it is on the chest. Just throwing (HG) it out. I am trying to…. From my internal body, I am trying to recollect all my strength. Somebody is overpowering me and I am just trying to recollect all my strength. Somebody is overpowering me and I am just trying to recollect all my strength and just pushing it out (HG) of my body.

D: How does that feel?

P: Then immediately I get up (gesture) with ….(gesture) I get up.

D: With all your strength if…. Someone is overpowering you, you can push it back.

P: Yes, that I am trying to (HG ) pushing it back.

D: Then how does that…. if you can?

P: That’s I said, immediately (gesture), I use that method (HG), with this ‘jhatka’ (HG) type I give, a jerk, (HG) good jerk.

D: How does that feel after that “jhatka”?

P: (HG) same…. This sleep is now broken. That continuity is broken. I get up.

D: One second before the ‘jhatka’ what’s the feeling, when someone is overpowering.

P: My wife sometime she says that in sleep I am dreaming is there it may be I don’t know whether it is a dreaming or what. You can call it dreaming. She said, one day I was saying ‘chor’, ‘chor’, ‘chor’ (thief) or something …Some unusual noise comes out of my mouth (makes the sound). Sometimes very rarely it comes, but it comes sometimes. Breathing, sleeping time if I sleep on the lateral side (shows left lateral) then normally I can sleep. But right hand side, I am not comfortable with right side posture.

D: As I said, with my experience certain things are very important in Homeopathy and if we understand what they are, it is better. So with the main problem, breathlessness is your main problem. You just forget now about the breathlessness, about the sneezing, about the night. Just concentrate on the peculiar phenomenon, someone is overpowering, putting pressure on your chest and you are pushing it out. Be in that experience and tell me as much you can tell. That experience, not logic.

P: This doesn’t have any logic but… that’s what I……….

D: Do that action and gesture again and whatever comes. You did extremely well. It is a peculiar fact someone is overpowering me.

P: Overpowering me.

D: What is overpowering, if I don’t follow English.

P: As I am sleeping, somebody sits on my chest or somebody is sitting on (HG) my chest and trying to… and that is causing me lot of difficulty in taking my breath. My breathing (HG) stops. Sinking feeling starts. Whatever this strength (HG)  I am unable to breath. I am not getting the full breath. So if (HG)… what to do, what to do; then suddenly (gesture) then I throw it like this (interesting gesture) this happens.

D: Lot of sense, this “three” little more. Breathing stops, sinking feeling & suddenly you throw it. First describe more about breathing stops and sinking feeling.

P: I am sleeping, or normally in sleep we breath slowly. Strong breathing stops, slowly we breathe. Then suddenly I feel that I am unable to get that breath also. I am unable to get that, or there is something which is overpowering me (HG) and that is causing me a hardship that I am unable to breath properly. So I try to…. I feel now…. As if now… that sinking feeling is I am…(HG) without oxygen what will be my condition? So, I (HG) hold the courage, that something is there. Whichever, whatever is there on my body I want to throw it out (HG) and with that full force  (HG) what I use, many times.  I got hurt also, on the wall. I throw this hand like this (HG) and I get up. Then I breathe 4-5 times (HG) Deep breath I take…. But still if I feel little more uneasy then I sit for sometime. And few times it happened that I got up and I just strolled in the room for 5-10 minutes in the hall for 5-10 minutes and then I went to sleep again, after having a glass of water.

D: You said without oxygen, what will be my condition? What will be your condition without oxygen?

P: That is death.

D: Describe that feeling. Not logic, in that sleeps…. Sleep. During sleep, the experience.

P: During sleep whenever I am not getting the oxygen, that means I am unable to breathe. (HG). My breathing stops. It is…… I am dying. I am unable to take oxygen. So everything is stopped. (HG) It is choked. I am unable to take the oxygen. I may be dying, so that desperation (HG) comes in this.[In my mind ? birth process] That I try to come out of this (HG). Then I whatever I …. Collect all my, recollect all my energy and everything and I try to (HG) push (HG) out of it. I try to throw (HG) it. When I am trying to throw it my hands (HG). Many times my body shakes (gesture), full body shakes and then I get up.

D: I am very sorry to ask you this question.

P: Yes, yes, no problem.

D: I am dying and choke little more about this experience choke.

P: Choke. I mean (HG) oxygen I am not getting. That oxygen I am not getting. Because whatever it is somebody is sitting on my chest or that but is choked. Complete choked. (HG). This oxygen I am unable to take. I am unable to inhale the oxygen (HG) and slowly my body…. I am dying now.

D: What is choke?

P: Choked. Choked means… it is one of….choked that word…. If we close         (shows) our mouth and our nose both; so I am not going to get oxygen. Somebody (HG) is putting…. I am not getting the oxygen. Because it is been completely (HG) stopped. This feeling… this oxygen I am not getting this feeling comes.

D: What is this?

P: That is the reason (HG) where, this is my expression (HG).

D: Now?

P: This is my expression of desperation. That is because….. as I am feeling that it is because of something which is not allowing me to take my oxygen, that’s why to throw (HG) it out, to spill (HG) it away, throw (HG) I just use my hands (HG) and just (HG) get up and I take breath. Breathing I take. What is the reason I have to take breath? Deep breaths I am taking after that happens.

D: How does that feel?

P: That’s what (gesture)

D: What’s the feeling now?

P: (Gesture) That means…. Then slowly it calms down.

D: What’s the feeling?

P: Then slowly it calms down. My brain also slowly calms down (gesture). Then slowly I become normal.

D: What is the feeling?

P: Then relief.

D: How does that feel?

P: Now, that’s relief (gesture) I get relief, complete relief. That means, I have (HG) come out of this. Then suddenly, I find there is nothing, but I am sleeping on my bed.

D: Be in that experience, this was your gesture to say relief, come out of this?

P: I am just relieved (Gesture)

D: Describe relieved, little more with this gesture? Physically how does that feel?

P: (gesture) The hands which were just like this (HG) just I  (HG) released it and get that full relief, that I am…. Whatever I was getting that I was unable to take…. Inhale the oxygen that I got it now. This is the relief I get from that problem, that breathing problems.

D: Why gesture should be like this, when you are relieved, released?

P: Gesture now….

D: Doesn’t matter feel it and tell me what’s this? Do it once more. Moment you got your oxygen, this was your gesture.

P: (Gesture)

D: Don’t concentrate on hands. Whatever comes?

P: No, it comes like this only, that I am relieved (HG)

D: How is the experience of relieved. Describe relieved experience little more.

P: (Pause) Relieved, normally what it comes that I have said. I am unable to explain it.

D: O.K. Now only this. What comes to your mind? If you do like this way, what comes to your mind.

P: (HG) It’s O.K.

D: How does O.K. feels to you?

P: It is normal. It is O.K. now. I am O.K. I am O.K.

D: Again as I said certain question I will ask you. Again Every time I am asking I am going deeper.

P: O.K. no problem.

D: So, he is with me for one hour more?

P: Yes, yes. No problem. You are asking…. I have come for this only. I want to get some…..

D: And I am sure, I will be able to help you?

P: O.K.

D – Describe that desperation., this action now?

P: (Pause) In the sleep, as I am sleeping, probably….

D: Those followed, those followed. Someone is pressing on your chest, up to that I have followed.

P: Yes.

D: And choking up to that followed.

P: Yes.

D: You are getting oxygen, that is also followed.

P: Yes, I am not getting oxygen.

D: So, you are dying, that also followed.

P: How to come out of it, in that case in that desperation, just to come out of this phase, I just use (HG) this hands away from my chest. (HG) From this (HG) to away from my chest and I get that relief. Then I am able to… and with this (HG) mostly I feel that, that with this my sleep…. The continuity of my sleep.

D: Describe, hands away from my chest?

P: May be during sleeping (HG) I am keeping my hands on my chest, like this (shows) many times. So this is the reason…. That’s why     (gesture) when I take it out, this is normal (HG) this and this. That is… I am trying to, first I am trying to get the strength (HG), so then suddenly this strength only (HG) the hand it comes out.

D: Trying to get the strength, didn’t follow?

P: That the same thing, that somebody is pressing my body. So as I want to save my self, as I want to protect myself from that thing, which is causing me, not to take the normal breath and I am slowly. I am dying, I am sinking, I am dying. I would die if I don’t get….. That’s why my hands in desperation, I show my hands. The hands (HG) are there on the chest, I throw it out (HG) outside. Many times I find this I have, knocked, and banged the wall next to my bed. I have banged the wall.

D: Now listen, in this context why you do this, I followed.  Now I don’t want to understand the context. I want to understand the physics of your hand movement. When you are banging the wall, it is called energy. It has a lot of energy.

P: It has lot of energy.

D: That energy I am trying to understand. I know that you are Engineer, you will be able to explain me better physics of that – this. May be from there you can start. Before part is clear to me. You are getting strength. I want to save or perfect myself. Something is on you. Something like that and you are banging….

P: Just like that (HG)

D: The wall. Just this movement.

P -(HG) This is the hands I am doing. Whatever is there I am throwing (HG) it out. Or if something is there on my chest I am throwing it out (HG)

D: Do it once more?

P: (HG) on my chest I am throwing it out like this (HG) just (HG)

D: Once more please.

P: (HG)

D: For the last time.

P: (Gesture)

D: What comes to your mind now?

P: Just throwing (HG) it, whatever it is there on my body. Pushing it away (HG) But I get so much of energy, once it is released, that time I don’t have any control. It is once (HG) is gained on this and now it is released, (HG) so I don’t have any control (HG) now unless that energy. Once mechanic that force is there so it how to go, somewhere it has to end. So, it bangs the wall from the bed.

D: So much energy and you have no control speak more about that.

P: So much of….. Now there in sleep…. During sleep time, now anything you do with.

Hand, now you are banging (shows) we are using control. I know that this is a table now, I cannot bang it. If I bang it with more force than I am going to injure my hands. I am now in sense. But during my sleep I am not in senses, but I am feeling that my…. In my subconscious mind. I am feeling that something is there on my chest, which is not allowing me to breathe properly. So, it goes on the fight goes on for sometime. I try to speak out or something or…. But I am unable to.  And finally when I feel that it is almost the end of my life then at that time, I gather all my forces (HG) and hands may be on my chest at that particular time, I gather all my energies on my hand and just (HG) release it. My hands (HG) goes up. Now since I am sleep I don’t have any control on (HG) this hand. This energy whatever I have gained (HG) anyway it is going ….. it has to hit somewhere.

D: Describe that energy?

P: That same there is a good energy. I have taken it is going to (HG). This is almost is (HG) now I am still in senses, so it goes (HG) goes and stops here.

D: But in sleep.

P: In sleep, it is a wall. Goes and bangs.

D: Describe this energy?

P: (HG) like this.

D: Just describe the energy.

P: (HG)

D: Energy can be described it mass, movement, direction, speed, force.

P: Yes, it is in that… whatever it is, now it is…. It is…. I feel it is something… some opposite force is on my chest. Now to counter that force, I have to use more force or energy. I have to use more force to remove to dispel it.

D: More force to.

P: To dispel it (HG) to throw it away, to move it (HG). Anything is coming on me (Gesture) to stop it. I have to use more force, otherwise it is going to push (gesture) me. So, if my energies…. If I am not using more energy than the opposite person or that vehicle. Now a vehicle (HG) if a vehicle is coming opposite direction. (HG) I have a push, I have to first…. Neutralize (HG) the same force.    The same force will neutralize the force, the more it will push (HG) it. More it will push it (HG). Now it is on, my chest. I am unable to. I am feeling that it is a dream. Its pressing me or my body or it is pressing me. I am unable to take breath, so I use the full force whatever it is there in my body, I take it, I concentrate on this, hands or whatever is there on my chest and I just (gesture) push it like this with force and it goes. Immediately I feel my sleep is O.K.

D: What is dispel? More force to dispel.

P: Dispel means (HG) throwing away. To throw, dispel. It like (HG)

D: Once more the energy. I am sorry; I will ask you again and again. Because you are doing it with lot of energy.

P: Yes, yes, full force.

D: And you are banging the….

P: Walls, I have banged many times.

D: No patient has described choking with to much of energy. So, I need to understand this energy. Describe the energy? I am sorry, I am asking you.

P: No, its okay.

D: I am sorry because I am asking the same question and I am happy you are adding something more every time and you are doing it very sincerely. I appreciate it very much. The term you said is more force to dispel, throw, repel, push, some vehicle, something like neutral, something pressing, this much I followed.

P: Whatever thing it is on my chest or that feeling, that has got a more strength then my normal body has. So whenever we take breath, it is an open chest, with a certain…. We are able to breathe, this full stomach and all goes up and down. Now because of this force or anything, my body is not getting a proper space to have that oxygen…. For movement, that movement. I am unable to move my body. It has become a…. we can say that is has become. I just become a….. Actually that time feelings….. I want to move my body. Because I can move my legs or hands or anything, just to…. Many times I feel that whether…. That is when I feel that I am unable to take my oxygen whether I am alive or dead. So, I try to gain my strength and all energy to dispel that or throw that force away from my body I use my both hands with that full force whatever I have gained and (gesture) just push it out.

D: Not angry no…

P: No. It is a Science. It is a psychological problem at times….. Sometimes I feel.

D: You can be more angry and it will be more solved.

P: It is alright.

D: Your tone is… Please full force, push it away. Now no need to describe something on the chest, you gather all the strength, then you want to throw it away or I followed. This action, full forced push it away, this is not clear for me. Describe this?

P: Same thing.

D: Why, I followed? Why you need to do that, I followed. If I can’t see and if I want to understand this, describe it. Suppose you are talking to me on telephone and this gesture and I am asking what is this? Describe it? Not force, only this gestures. Suppose I am taking your case on phone. You gather all strength, someone is overpowering you feel you are unable to move your body. So with full force, you want to.

P: Dr. when I sleep mostly, both my hands I keep on chest I am lying flat and that time I had certain feelings that somebody is sitting on my chest. Naturally on my chest means my hands below him. He sits on my chest as well as my hands. So because of that, I am unable to move my hands. I am unable to move my body, the torso this portion. I am unable to move. Just to…. Or how to save myself or how to feel relieved, I just use my force full to throw that thing, which is sitting on my body to throw it away I use my full hands, gather all strengths on my hands and just throw it away. Throw it means hands are locked up here, so I use that force and it is just (HG) throwing that thing away from my body.

D: What is this? Just tell me this, now.

P: (Gesture) This now my body is like this.

D: Not your body. If I say this, what comes to your mind?

P: (Gesture)

D: This much. Just this much. I am doing it now for me, there is….. Nobody sits on my chest. Just this much, what comes to your mind?

P: That is related now. I have not thought of it. I mean this is a feeling I have got in sleep.

D: What is this, you tell me this much? If I do this, may be I am banging might be. Don’t matter just this much. If you see one doing this, what comes to your mind? All the previous thing you forget. Why you do it followed. How is the feeling of this? Why so much energy? You gather so much energy and then this. What is this gesture I am trying to understand? The action, movement, speed, energy of this gesture. Because lot of energy is there.

P: This gesture this is the only thing which I can move. This is the only part, which I can move. Otherwise any……. Particular any energy, I know just moving my hand it is not going to help me. A sleeping posture, this is the only thing I can move. Now sleep posture, legs we cannot throw it like this (Shows)[Reminds me end of birth process ]

D: Why not?

P: Because legs it is not going to help me. That feeling which I am having, it is on chest.

D: You are using little logic. I don’t want logic. What is this? This much only. What is this? Energy of this? Now forget about chest, forget about breathing, forget about released, forget you have to overpower just this energy. You gather your strength and to repel something you do this. I am asking, what is this gesture? You are not saying. I can put logic. You are not overpowering anything. You are doing this gesture, isn’t it? So what is this?  Followed where my doubt is. You can just remove him and you can be comfortable. You are not saying this. You gather all your strength to overpower and this is your action. Best will be you do it once more and whatever comes to your mind, share with me. Do that gesture once more and whatever comes to your mind.

P: Now, somebody puts a pillow or anything on my face, so I wont get breathing…that time I will try to whatever (gesture) that is, I will try to similarly in this. I am feeling that I am not getting that….. I am unable to breathe. This is the best possibility to that I throw my hands away (HG). That whatever the heavy thing, material on my body. I just push (HG) it away from my body, with the help of the hands.

D: How does that feel?

P: I get relieved after that.

D: How does that feel?

P: This is a weight (HG) on Body, Heavy weight. Just to throw anything, to remove anything. I use my hands only.

D: After that, how does that feel, once it is relieved?

P: Then released (gesture)

D: How does this feel?

P: No problem after that I am released (gesture)

D: How does released feels to you?

P: Yes, I am released.

D: How is the experience of released?

P: Relieved. Just now I am relieved.

D: How is the feeling; physically, mentally?

P: I take a deep breath. This is relieved (HG) Okay. Now everything is fine.

D: What are your dreams?

P: This is the only dream I have. Mostly I told you that I get a good sleep or just only….. Once only…… whichever time I get….. There is breakage in my sleep because of this. Otherwise I don’t remember if I…

D: This is the only dream, you were describing breathless, so how would you describe the dream? Scenario of the dream?

P: It is the same. This dream is few days back my wife said that I was shouting “chor chor, chor’ (thief)

D: Don’t remember anything?

P: Thief cases….. I thought that some theft cases is going on.

D: In the dream, scenario if you remember.

P: This much only, I don’t have clear image. Somebody is going (HG) away. (Pause) No, I don’t remember. Dreams there are certain, which I have. Dreams I don’t remember, mostly.

D: Just form a dream with this. Same thing, same feeling, what kind of thing can be in the dream, to describe the same feeling? Might be your dream that way.

P: Regarding dream I told you, it is difficult for me.

D: O.K. strong fear in life.?

P : My strong fear in life (pause) Lately may be it is because I fear of death only.

D: Tell me little more?

P: Earlier I have never had…. I was a little bit desperate type of person. I never thought of death. Now, I have become cautions that it may cause death or anything. And suddenly if I die, I have not done anything legal or anything?

D: Eh?

P: Anything [like a] will or anything legal anything to my… that sometimes makes me little worried.

D: Tell me more? The worry part, the fear part? You have not done legal will. So, what’s the worry?

P: Whether these people, my wife, my child will be able to… they will be able to manage everything or not in my absence. That sometimes it takes some of my time. When I find that they do everything themselves, I tell then to go to, you do this, this job you do, this job you do.

D: Why you have not done will? There must be some reason?

P: No. I have no reason. I have nothing. It is everything… will 1 P.F. (Provident Fund) my wife is a nominee. There is my house, block I have taken that is jointly we are owning. My wife’s name is there. Another plot I have purchased is on my wife’s name only. So, some property is there in her name only.

D: Where is the problem?

P: Land I have taken at Lonavala.

D: So where is the problem?

P: The problem is whether they will be able to… that…. I have taken it at Lonavala, she has gone only once. This sometimes creates problems whether to keep it or…..

D: You said fear of death. How you are going to die? If something happen.

P: Yes, something,…… my B.P. is normal. B.P. I don’t have. But, I told you sometimes I have got some chest pain or anything. I go to Dr. he told it is normal. E.C.G. is normal. Then why should it be, as I get the chest pain, sometimes I get…..

D: Your gesture is little interesting, what comes to your mind why are you holding it (chair)like this way when thinking about chest pain.

P: (Gesture) nothing.

D: Just reply what is this holding? You were holding in while saying….

P: (Gesture) Just keeping hands level.

D: What are your hobbies and interests?

P: Hobbies earlier. Now, I remain busy with my job.

D: Tell me about your hobbies?

P: I like reading books. At present I read only newspapers, one paper….

D: Your past is different, something you wanted to say?

P: Past hobbies – few years back I was reader. I used to read too much then (pause) smoking, I used to drink also.

D: Few years back, what were your hobbies?

P: I was interested in outdoor games.

D: Like?

P: Games, I used to play football, cricket. Football was my special liking. Reading, fictions or literature, Tagore literature or Sharatchandra, different literature. Literature, I used to read books. Pictures I used to see but not much.

D: At one point you said, earlier you were desperate, What is desperate?

P: Desperate in the sense – Games, if I am there then I will play games only. I was not thinking about what will happen next. Do it, means do it go. Let us see whatever it happens. We will see.

D: Tell me about your childhood, some typical incident, if you remember?

P: I am the first child of my parents. My mother lost two babies actually.

D: First two?

P: Yes. First two. First two or one, I think, first she lost in the womb only and second one I think was very small. So, naturally they were very protective about me. I was very interested in games and everything. I was a good drama artist also. Very good drama, I used to play. Games also I played, but I was selected in the team, but I was not allowed to go out of Oondhia.

D: Out of?

P: Oondhia, my birth place. Many tournaments we have to go outside, school tournaments and all. I was not allowed to go. Scout I was there. Scout picnics or anything. Picnics I was not allowed to go. I was not allowed to go anywhere. You remain at home. They were allowing my brother to go. He was allowed to go for picnic, from school. I was not. I was never allowed. But I don’t blame my mother. It was because of protection. She lost her child and may be somebody has told that you take care of this child also. So, she was very careful, if I do something or I commit some… may be if I met with some accident or anything. That’s what her psychological force on me was.

D: How does that feel?

P: Many times I felt like many times with my friend we used to go to chat. After school we used to go to some distant place, to tank, we used to have bath  without telling the mother. And I used to fight with others, young or older than me and get angry then whatever I get, I used to bang it on them (HG).

D: Bang meaning?

P: Bang means…. Once while playing Cricket somebody older than me, not giving… not out, I took the wicket and threw it away (HG) and just vanished from that place. I was so angry that I did not go home.

D: What is protecting?

P: Protecting means she was taking extra protection about me. That is she was not allowing me. I was told not to take, food to anybody’s house. Everybody was going from my house, any marriage invitation or anything, any invitation they used to go but I was not going. I was not allowed to eat outside. As if everybody is going to give some poison to me. Same feelings with my wife also. She won’t allow me. Don’t go anywhere. In office, there are lots of invitations You go to attend that marriage. O.K. You go there wish them well and come back. Don’t eat anything. Somebody has told her tell your husband not to eat anywhere.

D: How does that feel all the time this protection?

P: Scientifically there is absolutely nowhere…. No one is going to serve me poison or anything. I don’t believe in these things. That they will feed me something, you will suffer.

D: What’s your feeling?

P: I don’t like it. But what to do for peace at home, I have to keep quiet. O.K. I will not go. Out of 100 marriage cards, I attend hardly 5 of them. I give excuses.

D: Why peace at home is important?

P: Peace at home is important. Naturally, it is a very important thing. My wife and my child go out in the morning 7 o’clock. She goes for class. Then I go at 8.30- 9.00 o’clock and by 7.30 – 8.00 o’clock I go there and bring them home. So, 8 o’clock we are there. So 12-13 hours we are just (HG) separate. We are away.

D: Separate means?

P: Separate means, they are at Chembur. Morning she goes away at night we come back. That is also a problem. One of the problems. It is definitely that I like Chembur that she should be there. Why should she be there at Chembur at her mothers place? Drop her. I will drop her to school, you remain at home.

D: So then? 12 hours.

P: 12 hours (HG). So it may be a reason. What should I say? For my child to…. Away from me. Because hardly how much time, she gets me. At 8 o’clock, 8.30, she comes. ½ hour, 1 hour she will see T.V. & then studies only. She goes for studies. Hardly she gets anytime or anything to talk with me.

D: What’s your feeling?

P: I feel that she should speak to me. Because I was a good storyteller earlier. For children I used to be an entertainer. I was a storyteller – I used to make stories I used to write poems and all, I used to write children poems. I have seen my friend’s children. They used to come to me. Just a flock around me . I used to tell them. All are grown up now. My own child, whenever I try to….. I never got really interested.

D: So you were answering about, why peace is important at home.

P: Yes, peace is important. Now by saying that I want to go at this place. She says no, there are certain compulsions in office or anything and in relations also. But why go there, she will not be happy. 2-3 days she will not talk to me.

D: Then what will happen?

P: At home we are there. 2 hours we don’t try to talk or say a word or anything.

D: So what is the problem?

P: Mentally I get…… mentally it is not satisfying.

D: How is the feeling? Mentally in that situation?

P: I get. This is an irritation I mean. I feel sad. My wife is not talking. My child is not talking. Child also behaves in mother’s fashion only. Child also, she says, she is attracted towards her mother. So she also tries that she should not hurt the mother. I mean if she talks with me much, then her mother will get hurt. “You are speaking with your father now. You don’t need me.” That’s the problem.

D: Overall what’s your feeling about this situation?

P: It pains me.

D: Describe pain?

P: I feel hurt.

D: Describe this hurt? The way you describe to your close friends, the same you describe this hurt feeling?

P: Hurt feeling is (Pause)……… hurt feeling……… (Pause) No child, if you explain to the child….. I have seen that other children tell their experience in the school to their parents. And it is said also psychologically you should give some time for the children so that whatever they want to express you should listen. I feel that this is not the case with my daughter. She comes and tells and I know and I see always, she comes and tells to her mother and not to me. She knows… to all that continuous she will go on talking with her mother.

D: So you feel?

P: Hurt.

D: Instead of hurt, give one more word?

P: I feel actually, I shouldn’t say neglected it is not a neglection… then I keep…. I say O.K., it is O.K. I accept it.  It may be mother and child, mother and girl, they have more subtle talks then she doesn’t want to talk. School result or anything she will tell to her mother, tuition teacher.

D: One more word, not neglected then what it is?

P: But she doesn’t say this to me. Result comes; whenever mark sheet comes when my signature is required she comes to me. “Dad, this is the paper, you sign it.” But I should….. I expected she would show me that papers they come to know, English paper I got these marks.

D: You expect, but she doesn’t come to you. So what’s your feeling when you say hurt?

P: Naturally I feel, she should have come. There is a hurt…. Hurting only. This is hurting only, child should come to parents.

D: Why don’t you talk?

P: I told you, I have tried to but that is limited. I am also a little less talker at home. I don’t talk too much. I prefer…… whatever needed you should talk. But needed you should talk, if they feel needed they should also talk.

D: Any incidence that has a very strong impact upon your mind right from childhood.

P: Worst phase I feel that when I was in 9th standard that time I scored very poorly in the quarterly exam in Math. That time I had a very, very bad feeling. Actually sometimes there is a desperation we can as a student can commit suicide or anything. That time I had this type of feeling with my very poor marks. Because I joined school late. I had a chicken-pox or something type of something in the 8th standard, so I could not appear for the exam at the proper time. When the school reopened that time they took my exam and they promoted me. Then I changed my school and joined 9th standard in some another school. That time they had more than half a portion…. After 1 month joined that school. So within 1 month I could not cope up with 9th studies Mathematics especially Math. In that 1 month I had a very bad feeling. I still remember it … Then after that six monthly exam, I faired better I improved myself consistently in 9th. In the final, I had very good marks. I scored well.

D: That 1 month was your main feeling, when you said, I couldn’t cope up?

P: 1 month my feeling was….. Why…. Immediately I told them that I would not study math. I want to change the school again. I won’t be able to do math.

D: Why?

P: Very badly I failed. I could not understand the method.

D: Why have you been so badly impacted by this incident?

P: Student if he is unable to cope up with the studies, such a bad….. Then naturally….. And I was not a bad student. I was an above medium. I can say, not a brilliant, but not a bad student. I was passing every year. So that had….. That’s partly because Science. I had got good marks, in literature….

D: If you are a bad student then?

P: If it continues then we are not bothered. I am poor student throughout I am passing, just passing, its O.K., I am passing. When I am…….. in the school, with the class….. I was a rank holder. Then suddenly I find in the 9th that I am unable to do anything in math, and math was my favourite subject throughout. And after that also I continued Physics and math.

D: How do you react to T.V. channels?

P: T.V. I like to see. Now we have removed the cable we are seeing …. Just only news I see.

D: Any favourite channels?

P: I see only news now at present.

D: Before.

P: Earlier, cable we had, cable the soap operas and all soaps, serials I was not much interested in serials.  Some serial means some detective serial, I used to see. Detective serials I like. Detective stories also I like. Sherlock Homes and all these old type of serials then. Vyomkesh Bakshi’s all stories, I liked.

D: Exactly what is very fascinating in the detective stories or Vyomkesh Bakshi?

P: Vyomkesh Bakshi, that is using the Science and detecting that complete.

D: One example?

P: Many times, many stories he has came and (pause) there are different uses of Science. By using science he helped to prove this is not the case. That is detective stories I like. I like Sharatchandra stories. Now if someone will tell me to read Sharatchandra stories, I will not read. I cannot see any movie, any serious type of movie, I will not see. No putting business in the serial, I just stop. I feel that you should laugh only, that’s all laughter things.

D: Why no crying?

P: I don’t like. That’s why I said Sharatchandra was my favourite story teller, but I don’t like to read now. Somebody gives it….. And one of my favourite characters in Sharatchandra’s Shrikant and Vyomkesh Bakshi.

D: What do you like about Shrikant?

P: Helping others. Nature of helping others. Selfless person. I also naturally… my nature I don’t expect anything from you. I never expected anything from anybody. I never told my parents to give this or that and today also I don’t expect much from my wife or my child, from the office also. Things whichever I like, I do. That Union activities I like I am there in the union and to help others in other way.

D: At one point in very beginning you said, that once you remove that thing, your body becomes free with gesture. What is free?

P: Free means, now I am able to move my body. Previously I was unable to move my body. Neither my hands nor my body. I was unable to move. As if something is there on my body (HG) I have just thrown (HG) it that weight. That weight or anything I have thrown it. Now I can move. I can move my body. It has become free.

D: Little more about free? Disconnect everything what is free?

P: Free means the freedom to move. I was unable to move my body. I was unable to do normal breathing and all. Now after doing, after this, I found that I can breathe properly. I can move my body. I can just have…. This (left lateral) side I can sleep, on this side (right lateral) I can sleep, that freeness.

D: Anything else, you will like to add?

P: In this relation only.

D: Apart from that. Anything about you. Any important aspect, if I have missed.

P: I have told you. Last time also I had told you, during summer I was feeling very tired. Remember, because you told me to take some iron capsules and everything. In summer I am feeling last 2-3 years or severe summer I am feeling very vicarious position it becomes. I don’t get energy. I cannot walk much. I feel like, I don’t like to go out in Sun, that is one thing. Earlier it was not used to be. Earlier I used to like the summer season only. Now I feel summer, I don’t like the summer and these certain food like this snacks and all I eat, this may be causing acidity and the gas problems. That is causing.

D: I will take care.

P: Yes, My legs.  I have got this.

D: you did sonography for that?

P: Yes.

D: Deep vein thrombosis.

P: yes, yes. This portion has become, this is blackish. Earlier I used to get pain, but I don’t get pain now. I don’t have any pain in this.

D: How do you react to animals?

P: I like cats, cats I like. Dogs also we have. Only once we had a dog. But suddenly one day we find that where it went God knows. After that we did not get any more dogs at home. Only once we had. The cats are there always in our ancestral house. Cats are always there. My mother she feeds them. She feeds them milk and rice and everything. My father was really fond of fish. So everyday we used to prepare fish at home.  So, they had a good food at home. So the cats they used to remain. And it is actually a small town. Rat menace is there. Rat menace, cats are at home. That rat menace is gone.

D: In your whole case, can you tell me at your own home, when your daughter is more involved with your wife. What’s the feeling? Apart from hurt, something more.

What is missing? Compared to other parents, what is missing in your relationship?

P: The thing is my wife was working. My wife was working in her childhood days. My child mostly she was grown up with my mother-in-law. And from the beginning I have seen that they wanted to shield her. They wanted to shield her from me. I used to tell, I will take her. But No, don’t take her, she will get cold. This, that! So much of restrictions! I said, let her go outside, let her play little, ‘No, no, don’t allow her to play with other children. This, that.’ So there is always restriction they put on her. So that has made her…. Her nature has also become little. Naturally they have shielded her from me. I felt that it has…..

D: How is the experience of that? If own daughter is shielded away from you.

P: Naturally now you may be remembering her food habits. She used to take milk. I used to tell that you give her some other things also. But no, milk only, milk only, milk only. Then you sent her to Dr. Anand. Then Dr. Anand explained. Dr. Anand explained to her the importance of eating everything. Otherwise the child up to the age of 7 she is surviving on milk only, what will be her condition? So this has……. Our relation was soured because of this.

D: Umm?

P: My relation with my wife is always used to be tensed. Every time she takes to her mother… she was…. both have become dependent on that old lady only.

D: What’s your opinion?

P: So, naturally I am….. I used to dislike it. But what should I do? What can I do? At certain point we feel that husband and wife relation, a husband has to keep quiet.


18 Feb 06 [2 months after the remedy]

D: So, how are you?

P: Feeling little better. I came last time 10 days ago. 7th or so I came here, to take medicine. I had a main complaint of sneezing. I can say today that in last 10 days I have been taking this medicine. I didn’t have this problem at most I didn’t face it. But cough it is, slight, little cough is there sometimes it comes in morning time then also it has reduced. I think more than 60-70% it has come down.

D: What other change you can appreciate compared to December and today when I retook your case? Compared to that day and today.

P: Definitely, there is vast change in it. Because those days I had…. Almost every 7-10 days I was having this sneezing and all. Then, night sleep also I was not getting. I had told you some…. Actually night what type of…. I used to suddenly …. I used to wake up that now I am not feeling that.

D: That someone is sitting on the chest? Not able to breath and all those things, How is that sensation?

P: That feeling I don’t have. I have not faced it for the last 7 days. That I think after last medicine only after that I have not had that experience. Now these 10 days especially I had these sneezing and lot of coughing. That experience last time also it was almost reduced.

D: How is your overall mood?

P: Mood has also improved a lot. Food intake is also O.K. But, some gas problems sometimes I do feel. May be because I take some times outside food.

D: I will take care.

P: Little acidity. And otherwise even relations and it is O.K. I behave normally with my family.


6 July 06 (7 months after the remedy)

D: What are the changes?

P: Changes actually last I have been taking type of fear psychosis had kept into me during night time I use to get bout of feeling as if something is sitting on my chest, as if something is pressing my chest, after taking this medicine it has completely gone off, or has not repeated after that, almost about 5-6 months, it has not repeated, I don’t have any other feeling in this sense.

D: What about your nose block, choking feeling.

P: Yes, nose block, that cold, bout of cold every 7 to 10 days cold, sneezing and everything, now that also definitely very much improvement in that and I got relief in that also.

D: You got any choking feeling?

P: No. that choking feeling, I am not feeling, that is completely cleared, that night time what I use to feel is completely cleared, I use to sneeze, at night time I use to snore actually that is also reduced, may be it has, I don’t know, any relation to that, that snoring is also reduced, may be, my wife says I use to snore too much, that has come down.

D: Any dream?

P: Dreams, I don’t have, that’s the problem with me, I don’t have feeling of the dreams, I don’t dream, once I sleep, I get very sound sleep, once I sleep around 11, 12 o’clock. I get sound sleep.

D: In December you said, your wife said you used to say (chor, chor) thief, thief.

P: Yes, yes, I used to say, but after that I haven’t repeated, few times I have said that, but after that I haven’t repeated it.

D: How is your overall mood?

P: Mood has changed, I am now more optimistic, I have better relations with my family, my daughter, my wife, I don’t have any grudge or anything, I feel my mood is even better in my office. I have better relations with my office colleagues, my mood has also changed.

D: How can you definitely say my medicine has helped you?

P: Definitely this case I have come to you, this are all very old case, I was feeling this for last, but I use to feel how to tell a doctor about it, once I discussed with you, you said tell me. You encouraged me to tell, I told you, because I never felt, this dreaming or this feeling at night time that somebody is pressing my chest with any medicine it can be cured, I thought it’s a case of some psychosis or it’s the case of some mind or something, may be I have to carry it all my life, but after this medicine, I solved this case.

D: Anything else about you?

P: Definitely, my food habits, my food intake is also changed earlier I use to take little less, now I feel hungry, every 2-3 hours, I feel I should take something, sandwich or anything else, whatever I get, I take this, then family friend also I had very interlinked relations, whatever feelings I had for my daughter. I don’t have now, I am good friend now she is also good, I feel she was good already also. May be there may be some lacuna in me; my whole character changes might have affected that.

D: What was that lacuna?

P: Lacuna in the sense, strict, I was very short tempered sometimes with very small things I use to get irritated that irritation has come down, very small thing I use to get irritated on my wife, my daughter, so anything against my opinion, I use to feel that is not good. So that I have tried to reconcile my self, that I have tried to accept it. That I should also accept their views, and their views also have some value. So this tension also reduced.

D: Any thing else?

P: Last few days I couldn’t take the medicine, again I am feeling some cough problem, esp. I had another thing, during summer, summer use to be horrible for me.  I am OK in all other seasons, but during summer after 12 o’clock, or 1 or 2 o’clock I use to sweat, I could not walk in the Sun that was also problem with me, that had also changed. This year, again last 15-20 days I have same feeling may be. I couldn’t take the medicine. I couldn’t come. I had some appointment, I was busy, I had some family problems, I couldn’t come again this last 10-15 days.

D: Is it as severe as before?

P: Not so much as before, I don’t say much, but again it started, it may go up again, this feeling may arise, otherwise being summer last 2-3 months I felt better this time. I definitely felt better.

D: I will take care.

Remedy Given: OXYGEN 1M. [1 M was prescribed because we see more of imagination and delusions.]


• His main problem is that he is unable to breathe due to lack of oxygen and fears he might die.

• He feels there is some overpowering force pressing, choking, not allowing him to breathe and he is unable to move. He needs courage, full force, lot of strength to push this force away: this would give him complete relief, freedom to move, can inhale the oxygen now and breathe.

• This complaint has made him very desperate, put lot of restrictions on him and reduced his working capacity.

•His state reminds me stages of development stuck at the end of the birth process where baby takes first independent breath. He emphasizes a lot on “Coming out “(lot of energy). He used source word Oxygen several times.

• Fish out of water – out of normal comfortable atmosphere.

Reference from Vital .Quest. of Dr.Sankaran:

• Oxygen is at the meeting point of series 2 and column 16.


Understanding of Series 2:

There is an issue of separation.

• He is an entity, but is he a part of something or is he separate?

• When we study the development of the above understanding along the series 2, in the initial elements like Lithium, Beryllium, Boron we see no separation and there is an intense dependence on the mother figure. He feels insecure to have an independent existence.

• From Carbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen onwards the separation starts and develops further up to Fluorine where the feeling is ‘I must break this attachment and be completely separate.’

Understanding of column 16:

The structure is in ruins.

• The structure has lost its utility completely. Everything that is of usefulness has been taken out.

• In human terms the feeling is of loss of capacity, loss of energy, loss of ability to pursue things

• Alone to face it.

Understanding of Oxygen and Sulphur:

When we study the elements of the periodic table in vertical columns they show some similarities in the problem of their structure. This holds true till column 14. In column 15, 16 and 17 you see some different behavior in the elements of series 1, 2, and 3 (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Oxygen, Sulphur, Fluorine and Chlorine)

• When you study the Homeopathic understanding of Series 4, 5 and 6, starting from column 1, you see gradual development of the structure reaching its peak at column 10 and then gradual loss of function and degeneration of the structure by column 17. But in Series 1, 2 and 3, the development of the structure is not complete at 10 and it continues to develop further in columns 15, 16 and 17.

So from this, understanding of Oxygen could be:

He is separated and takes his first breath.

For e.g. In the remedy Ozone you see- desire to breathe deep, dreams of breathing under water.

Ozone (Proving by Anna Schadde):

GENERALITIES; BREATHING, inspiration, expiration; desire to breath deep

Dreams: childbirth, of.


End of the case.

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