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COVID -19 in a Man of 35

Homeopath Stavroula Pervolaraki shares a case of COVID-19 in a man of 35. Intense dryness, pain in chest and frequent cough were among the symptoms leading to the simillimum.

A 35 year old man, was diagnosed with Covid-19 on 19th October 2020. Five days after the beginning of the symptoms and a positive PCR test, he contacted me by phone, being in isolation in his home. Both his father and brother are in hospital because of Covid, the first being in the ICU.

The patient is 115 kilos, has chronic bacterial infection in the prostate and α fatty liver. Fifteen days before the start of the intense symptoms he noticed pain in the back during deep breathing.

Now he reports nausea and has no appetite for food. He feels intense dryness in his mouth and increased thirst. He craves water and drinks a lot. He often coughs.

He feels a weight in the back and pain in the chest. He has loose stools once a day.

He feels weakness, especially in the legs, especially when fever rises. He has fever every day since the beginning of the illness. He uses paracetamol every time the fever goes up. His oxygen levels with a pulse oximeter range between 94-96%.

The patient was advised to take Bryonia 1M every 4 hours and to avoid the use of painkillers for fever.

Follow up was taken every 24 hours.

24 hours later
The patient no longer feels the weight in his chest
Less dryness in the mouth
Nausea persists
Fever 38.3

48 hours later
The fever subsided without paracetamol
Oxygen levels 95-96%

64 hours later
The patient feels more energy.
His voice is louder now.
Fever 38.2 in the morning and in the afternoon

As there was general improvement but the fever persisted, the patient was advised to take Bryonia 10M every 3 hours.

24 hours later the patient reports no fever. Normal temperature 36.6 C

It’s the first day without fever after eight days.

Medication was stopped

48 hours later he remains without fever
He still feels weakness
Oxygen levels 98%

One week later the patient feels much better.
His energy levels have increased greatly.
His appetite has increased. No nausea

A few days later he went for a Covid test to confirm the improvement.
Test is negative
The patient remains well till today.

About the author

Stavroula Pervolaraki

Stavroula Pervolaraki graduated from the School of Pharmacy, University of Athens in 2008. She graduated from the National Association of Homeopathic Medical Cooperation in 2011 and from the Academy of Ancient Greek and Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2012, in Athens, Greece. Meanwhile she attended the e-learning seminar “Wednesdays with Rajan”, held by Dr. Sankaran and after that an Advanced Course in Sensation Method in The Other Song Academy in Mumbai, India. She has also attended seminars with Dr. Sankaran as well as with Dr. Jayesh Shah and Dr. Misha Norland. She runs a private practice in the city of Heraklion, Crete.

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