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Digestive Issues Treated Using Levels of Health Methodology

Written by Mansoor Shafi

Homeopath Mansoor Shafi shares a case of a man of 27 whom he treated successfully for chronic digestive issues. Weakness of memory and slow digestion were among the symptoms leading to the simillimum.

The case:

A 27-year-old male presented symptoms of gastric distress. Symptoms included slow digestion, constipation, bloating, acid reflux, and inability to eat meat, which he loves—Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). He had consulted two gastroenterologists; the findings were unremarkable.

He then, over a period, consulted two homeopaths sequentially, both of whom prescribed mixtures of remedies. The mixture comprised three to four homeopathic remedies in the 30C potency taken one, two or three times daily. That treatment was not curative, offered minor symptomatic relief, to the detriment of his mental and emotional state.

 July 14, 2022. Initial Patient Intake.

The patient described his condition, placing all the emphasis on his stomach ailments. He reported that the GI specialists could find no abnormalities. With previous homeopathic treatment acidity did reduce, but he still could not digest meat, and the uncomfortable feeling in his stomach remained.

With such prolonged treatment (three years) yielding no results, the patient was distraught and hopeless regarding his recovery. On query, he responded that his last fever was about nine months ago. I realized that his problem lay elsewhere at a deeper level than the physical symptomatology.

Using the methodology described in the book, Levels of Health, by George Vithoulkas, I placed him in Group B, Level 4 or 5. Patients in Groups A and B are curable if treated according to strict principles of classical homeopathy, and if remedy selection is precise, they should be cured with the use of one or two remedies, given in the correct sequence and at the right potency level.

After asking him questions regarding his main complaint, I focused on his mental and emotional state (M&E) as I realized this to be the essence of the case and what the organism is seeking to be cured. A total of 19 rubrics were recorded at various intensity levels, 1-3.

The following symptoms were recorded: slow digestion, rectum pain during stool, meat aggravates, sugar desires. Sleep restless, unrefreshing. I saw a lot of anxiety in the patient, and recorded anxiety—night, about future, about health, and fear of being alone. Pimples on forehead, vison slightly weak, lumbago.

Irritability, weakness of memory for proper names, words and forgetting what he was about to do. I noticed a want of self-confidence, and this was factored in. To ensure that the totality of symptoms was addressed, I asked him if he had problems performing sexually. The patient reluctantly admitted to incomplete erections, and premature ejaculations.

Repertorisation: All the symptoms were recorded in Vithoulkas Compass, (VC), a software program that aids in diagnosis and remedy selection (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1. Repertorisation of symptoms at first consultation

Although it showed Lycopodium as the top remedy, it did mention that the result was unclear. I asked a few confirmatory questions such as his energy levels at various times of the day, and he gave the classic symptom for Lycopodium, 4:00-8:00 PM weakness. This confirmed Lycopodium.

Prescription: Lycopodium 200C. Single dose.

Follow up

Date Symptoms Interpretation Prescription
August 19, 2022 Patient is better on all counts. New symptoms recorded: nasal catarrh, extends to frontal sinuses. Also included were symptoms that were not included earlier, such as aversion to company, better when alone, shy to speak in front of others, timidity, and noise bothers. I also added mental depression which should have been added the first time around. I adjusted the rubric strength as this time the patient was more forthcoming and was not placing all the emphasis on his stomach ailments. Moderate improvement / effect.

This time VC returned Lycopodium as a clear first remedy, covering 16 out of 19 symptoms; followed by Sepia 14 out of 19; and Arsenicum Album, 15 out of 19 symptoms.


Lycopodium 200C. Single dose
September 29, 2022

(Online consult)

Received a text a day earlier that the patient was not doing well. A detailed investigation revealed that he had suffered a homeopathic aggravation which was quite severe but was now feeling better. Being a hypochondriacal person he had overreacted to homeopathic aggravation. Homeopathic aggravation is the best possible response Wait
October 10, 2022 The patient had a high fever lasting a couple of days. He did not take any allopathic medicines as I had advised him at the start of the treatment that if this happens it will be a good sign and not to intervene. He also had a slight sore throat that settled. His constipation was much better. I also found him to be more relaxed and not worrying so much about his health as before. According to him his energy was much better. The patient’s condition was improving. Wait
November 26, 2022 Patient was happier and comfortable. Confident and optimistic that his condition would be cured.

Digestion was better too. His anxiety about health reduced.

Itching in the body aggravated when warm and in the evening. Itching in the thigh, near genital organs. Extremities-pain-joints (mild),

New symptoms had appeared and required attention. Repertorization of symptoms at this point (Fig. 2) yielded a remedy that follows lycopodium well Sulphur 200 C one dose


December 11, 2022 The patient emailed me stating that he was doing well. Did not have any issues. In the email he sounded upbeat and happy. Also said that his parents with whom he lives, say he is much better, and they think he is recovered from his depression. His capacity to work using his mental faculties had improved and he now looked forward to going to his family business and perform. Patient is well Wait
February 2, 2023 The patient had a shock from the death of a cousin with whom he had been remarkably close. This led to a regression in his condition.

Added symptoms such as ailments from grief, stomach thirst, mind-fear-opinion of others, extremities-coldness-foot-one cold, the other hot.

Repertorization (Fig. 3) returned a clear result for Lycopodium. Though canonically lycopodium is not given after Sulphur, it is also true that a sudden stress can make a person relapse to the previous remedy picture. In any case, it is best to go by what the organism is asking for instead of following dogma. Lycopodium 200C one dose
March 17, 2023 Patient reported a large improvement / effect. In his words, “I am recovered. Nothing is bothering me. I can eat meat without suffering any adverse effects. My bowel movements are regular, sleep is refreshing, my energy is good. I am doing well at work, and now I do not have the afternoon weakness that I used to, but I still do like to rest for a little while in the afternoon. I feel much more confident, and sexually I am OK.” Good response Nil

Fig. 2. Repertorisation of symptoms as on November 26th 2022

Fig. 3. Repertorisation of symptoms as on February 2nd 2023


When last checked on May 25, 2023, he was doing well. He feels he is fully recovered and did not need any remedy. His family feels he is a different person altogether, not the depressed fellow he used to be. I advised him that he did not need further treatment and to call me in six months to give me an update on his condition.


In this case, prior treatment with the two other homeopaths using remedy mixtures was suppressive in that although his digestive issues did somewhat palliate, the disease was pushed to the deeper mental and emotional level, making the patient sicker. As homeopaths we must look at the bigger picture and know where we are leading a patient.

The case in general followed Hering’s Law of Cure. His mental and emotional symptoms got better first, and only later did his physical symptomatology improve. During his treatment, we saw a fever returning, a curative reaction, and then itching on the head, followed by itching in the groin area. On reflection, Sulphur probably was not necessary at that time. The direction as indicated by the law is top down, inside out, and most recent symptoms to the older issues.

Can we state with confidence that the patient is cured? An honest response would be that at this point we cannot state this unequivocally. If a year goes by and there is no return of the original complaints, only then we can say the patient is cured. Till that time all we should say is that yes, he has been treated and is continuing to do well.

In my opinion the treatment has improved his general level of health, and at this stage I will place him in Group A, Level 3, up from Group B, Level 4 or 5, where he was initially.

I would like to state, without any reservation, that the principles and strategies I used in this patient’s treatment come from my Classical Homeopathy training at the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy in Alonissos, Greece, (IACH).

I owe gratitude to the Teacher of Teachers, the world-renowned Classical Homeopath, George Vithoulkas, whose teachings have and continue to influence homeopaths the world over.

A special thanks to Dr. Latika Jaggi, Homeopath, who is my go-to at IACH whenever I have questions. Thank you to Homeopath, Viraj Shah who was instrumental in convincing me to register for training at IACH. And finally, thanks to all the wonderful people at IACH who host webinars in which respected homeopaths such as George Vithoulkas, Dr. Seema Mahesh, and others impart teachings through case presentations.

Yes, homeopathy, Samuel Hahnemann’s gift to humanity, works. The proper application of classical homeopathy offers the best treatment schema!


Vithoulkas, George. Essence of Materia Medica. 2nd Edition. B. Jain Publishers (P) Ltd. 1990.

Vithoulkas, George. Levels of Health: The Second Volume of The Science of Homeopathy. 3rd Revised Edition, International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, 2019.

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