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Erysipelas in a Man of 90

Written by Naaz Kazi

Dr. Naaz Kazi shares a case of erysipelas in a man of 90.


A friend called on 18-07-2016, at night stating that her father had some skin infection, and she was afraid as the lesion appeared too red, and it was increasing. She sent me pictures over the phone and requested I give a remedy which will help quickly as she didn’t want to go the allopathic mode of treatment.

Case history

Elderly male patient – aged 90 years old. Skin rash on left leg shinbone with redness, swelling, blister formation.  No itching, burning or pain.

No fever. He was not complaining at all.  In the daytime, he was working in his outdoor home garden- [probably exposure to dust and dirt as a causative factor]

[This was the only information I could get]


The only peculiarity in the case was the anesthetic kind of effect. Despite so much inflammation, the patient had no sensibility of pain, burning or itching.

The Complete Repertory was used to find the exact symptoms of the patient.

I took the following rubrics:

skin; NUMBNESS, insensibility




generalities; OLD people, in

Repertorial working


Prescribed over phone on 19-07-2016:  Anacardium 30, 4 doses

Reference from Materia medica

On reading Anac, Lach, Puls, Sec. I found Anacardium very close to the peculiarity – no skin sensibility. Most Materia medica including Boericke and  Phatak write that Anacardium produces weakening of senses, touch, smell, hearing..

Follow up

19-07-2016 – 8-10 hours after the remedy – redness, swelling, blisters started to reduce.

22-08-2016- Almost after 4 weeks later, the lesion healed with negligible scarring.

About the author

Naaz Kazi

Dr Naaz Kazi (DHMS, CCAH, FCAH, DNHE) qualified as a homoeopath in 1997 from a college in Mumbai. She has been practising Classical Homoeopathy and Diet/Nutrition for the past 23 yrs. She is also trained in Advanced Homoeopathy from TOS- the other song – International Academy of Advanced Homoeopathy.

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