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Exact Story of Radium Bromatum

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A case of Radium Bromatum analysed by the Sensation Method.

This case was taken and analyzed using Dr. Rajan Sankaran’s method of levels and sensation.

First consultation on 21st October 2008

20 year old commerce student referred by my wife (who also practices medicine). Prior to meet me, this patient tells her that he wants to see a psychiatrist because he needs to talk about a ‘lot of things’. So my wife sends him to me instead of to a psychiatrist. This is his verbatim…

[D: = Doctor, author; P: = patient; HG = hand gesture and my comments are in (brackets).]

D: What do you want to tell me?

P: I have so many problems. First thing I fear a lot is to visit the doctor.

D: What happens when you visit a doctor?

P: I feel that…What will he ask me? What will he think about me? (Pause)

I wish to run away from Ahmadabad, but on another side I feel that I shouldn’t run away. In short I haven’t got the confidence for anything. I can’t accept anything like it happens! So I think a lot and I believe this is the reason behind my all fears. (Observation- He speaks very fast and he flickers his eye lids frequently and forcefully.)

(Let’s collect all “out of context” things and try to find out the commonality between them. This is the first part of interview in which we try to find out ‘core issue’ and then later, in the second part we explore that ‘core issue’ fully. )

D: Speak about ‘I haven’t got the confidence’.

P: So many thoughts are attacking me at once. (HG- he shows the action of attack) The thoughts are like… Do I continue to study or not? Can I take up a job or not? Should I study or take up a job? And lastly I think of running away from here, because so many uneven things happened with me during these last 3-4 years. Then I wish to tell my whole story to anybody, but whom do I tell? If I tell anybody and he abuses me, than what? So lastly I decided to write a dairy but I was not satisfied with that either and I worried that if anybody saw my diary than what would happen? So I postponed it.

D: Suppose if anybody did see your diary than what would happen?

P: I easily put trust on anybody, but peoples are using me. They make their work and then throw you off. Whenever they have work for you so they give full value to you, but when the work is over they don’t even talk with you. In short everybody is cheating me. But still I wish to help everybody. (Pause)

In the college and at home we never talk so much. I can’t be satisfied with anybody, not even at home and nor from college. I don’t like to stay alone either, so I want to run away from here. (HG- hands push outward). But if I run away then what would happen to my mummy-papa and brothers? (Observation- he avoids eye contact, he simply looks down and talks continuously.)

All responsibilities are on me, so I can’t enjoy myself. I think my self is compressed beneath responsibilities. (HG- pressing down) Since childhood I take responsibilities, so now, on one side, I have these responsibilities and another side my life. Sometime I think just live life, but I never live my life openly as my brothers do. I always live within certain limits. In short I believe that this is my boundary (HG-make a circle) and I never cross them. I made some 30-35 rules since this New Year (Hindu New Year) and I want to follow them. In short I’m somewhat idealistic.

D: O.k. I understand, please go ahead.

P: I can’t decide what to do. I’m a little confused, even whilst in the bathroom I get 50 thoughts at a time. I never think about the present, I always think about the past and the future and I have a little anxiety about my brothers, because my father takes drink. My father never wished for my progress (HG- he expand his hands) even more, he wishes that I always stay compressed. (HG- pressing down) I take responsibilities, so sometimes I think, how many loads on my head cam I take in this small age? (HG- lifting load on head) So finally I get confused and I never focus in one direction. (HG- hands flow straight away) In short I’m in the closed environment (HG-compacting both hands), and so many loads are on my head. (HG-lifting load on head) I know that I can do anything; I mean I had all capacities and powers and I can grow in all the directions (HG-expand), but how I can I don’t know. Now I applied for masters degree in three universities at once and I had confidence that surely I could get them all. This is obvious for me because when I focus in one direction I get whatever I want, but because of my responsibilities I am unable to focus in one direction so my energies get spoiled. (HG- move hands in all direction) If I focus in one direction (HG- straight ahead) then I can make the impossible to possible, but now I’m in the centre (HG- make a circle) and all things are pressing me from all the sides. Responsibilities of home, business, study about three degrees, neighbors, relatives… oh my God! I am pressed from all the sides. (HG-compact)

Important notes…

About confusion

  • He can’t decide what and how many problems he had. He is only sure about they are “so many”.
  • He wants to run (Escape) from Ahmadabad, but he can’t decide to go or where to go. He is only aware that he had “so many” bad things happening in Ahmadabad.
  • So many thoughts attacking him about study, job and life so he gets confused and he wants to escape but he can’t.
  • So many thoughts he wants to share with anybody but he can’t because he feels that if anybody abuses me after knowing my thoughts then what will happen?
  • Observation… he speaks fluently and very fast. He avoids eye contact and he flickers eye-lids very frequently and forcefully.

About abuse and cheating

  • I want to share my thoughts but I fear that if he abuses my thoughts then what will happen?
  • I trust anybody easily, but people have used me and then they throw me off.
  • Everybody cheats me.
  • Instead of everyone’s bad behavior I want to help them.

About compressed, pressed v/s escape or expand

  • I had so many responsibilities or I used to take so many responsibilities, so I feel I’m compressed under them.
  • I didn’t live openly; I live my life with certain limits and boundaries, so I never cross them.
  • HG of pressing down and expanding hands.
  • My father’s wish for me is that I always stay “compressed” and he never lets me go ahead. (expand)
  • Because of responsibilities I feel that I’m over-loaded.
  • I’m confused, so I can’t focus in one direction.
  • I’m in a closed environment.
  • I surely know that… I can do anything, I had all capacities, and I had all powers. I can grow in all direction. (expand)
  • He applied for master’s degree in three universities and he had confidence to pass them all at once.
  • He enjoys doing ten tasks at once, but in one condition… he has to focus in one direction.
  • If I don’t focus then my energies get spoiled spontaneously.
  • I’m in the centre and everything is pressing from all the sides, so I feel compressed. (new story)

(In the above notes we clearly see some common threads running throughout them. The common threads are (1) confusion (2) so many or so much and overloaded (3) pressed or compressed. So in the second part of case taking we try to explore these three common threads and try to weave them into one so that we clearly see the “Exact story”.)

[This is image about “Atomic structure”. Here we can exactly see what our patient talks about centre – periphery and circulation of periphery round and round.]

D: Earlier you said something like… ‘I’m in the centre’ so please tell about it?

P: I’m in the centre and my responsibilities are circulating round and round on the periphery (HG- moving round) and they attack me one after another so I always stay in the centre, so my wish that I want to grow in all the directions are not completed. (HG- expand) I had so much pressure on my head, so I am able to do anything. I feel that at the age of 20 I’m loaded by mountains of responsibilities on my head. (HG- lifting load) Now I feel like all the sorrows of the world come to me only.

D: What’s your experience because of all these situations?

P: Because of this all my life becomes insecure, unjust and hypertensive. My thoughts regarding life are very much negative and so much dangerous, but I didn’t worry because I had the capacity to handle them, but if the same thing were to happen to anybody else then I’m sure it’ll destroy him completely. I had capacity to control them and even I enjoy them. I used to do ten tasks at one time.

D: Please tell me about insecure, unjust and hypertensive?

P: First we talk about insecure… because of so much situations I can’t decide anything, I’m totally confused and second thing I think my life may become like a “ball of fire” (Local term- top no golo) I never know when it will explode but I’m sure it will. What’s next?

D: Unjust and hypertensive.

P: Yes. I feel unjust so I think because of all my progress everybody gets jealous, so I fear some time… May be they will do black magic on me? No. At present I don’t think that I’m under control of anybody! (Black magic is his imagination and I’m sure if I explore it, it’ll also connect anyway with the common threads. But during interview I didn’t give much importance to it and this is my fault.)

D: Under control?

P: Under control means you are become under control of anybody and they play with you, then you must follow their orders. Finally you become like a robot. Don’t think about this matter, I believe these all are my imaginations only. In reality it’s not true. I never fear anything, not even death. Death is nothing but only change of the form; you travel from one body to another body. If somebody dies then I never cry because I believe this is a very obvious thing.

D: Now we do something new, forget whatever you said. I give some words one after another and you tell me whatever comes to you spontaneously without applying your mind. Are you ready?

P: Yes, I’m ready.

D: Close environment.

P: You’re closed in one box. You’re packed from all the sides. (HG- compact)

D: Pressure.

P: Pressure is something like all the way you’re overloaded. (HG- pressing down) You had very much pressure and there is not any single space remaining.

D: Past, present and future.

P: All your situations are changed in every minute. I mean whatever you’re at this moment you are not remaining the same and at present my body is here but my mind is in the past. Sometime I am lost completely in the past and future so I forget the reality and I don’t trust that I’m here so I confirm by pinching myself.

D: O.k. now, can we talk about something else? So tell me about your dreams.

P: I get so many dreams and all are wonderful. I never get sad dreams, but one thing doctor, my dreams get true sometimes.

D: Your desires and aversions?

P: I like to make food instead of eating it. “To make different dishes” is my hobby.

Important notes…

  • I’m in the centre and everything pressing from all the sides, so I feel compressed.
  • I’m in the centre and my responsibilities are on the periphery, the responsibilities are circulating one by one automatically. My responsibilities are so-many so they circulate and come on me one after another and I’m staying in the centre only. So finally I didn’t expand in all the directions.
  • I had so much pressure that’s why I didn’t do anything.
  • I’m overloaded totally.
  • I feel in me I had all sorrows of the world.
  • “So many” things make my life ‘insecure’, ‘unjust’, ‘hypertensive’.
  • My thoughts about life are very negative and dangerous.
  • I had capacity to tolerate these “so-many” things, but if it would go in to another’s life, I’m sure it’ll destroy their life completely. I had capacity to control them and even I get enjoyment from them.
  • Because of “so-many” situations I can’t decide and I get totally confused.
  • Because of tremendous progress I feel that everybody gets jealous of me. They can’t tolerate it so I think they do black magic on me. I mean I’m under-control of them.
  • Under-control? My body becomes theirs and they play with me and I’m following their orders, so now I’m becoming like a robot. (This is only one expression and it’ll be explored at a deeper level sometime if we can.)
  • I don’t fear anything, not even death also.
  • Death is nothing but change of the form.
  • If anybody dies I can’t feel anything because I believe its an obvious thing.
  • Past, present and future.
  • In every minute your situation would be changed, I mean what you are at this moment and you are changed to something else the next moment.
  • You can travel anywhere in you life without bothering about time.

Here he automatically weaves our three threads into each other and provides us a beautiful picture and he added some new threads, so now let’s see my analysis and how I translate source into substance.


(A) Kingdom:

  • He describes the beautiful story of his life like… how it becomes over-loaded, how it becomes pressed from all the sides and how he wants to expand.
  • Clearly we can see how he describes the structure of his life, so the issues are related to mineral kingdom.

(B) Sub-kingdom:

  • His story had main issues related to “over-loaded, pressure and expand”, so the Actinide series is obvious.

Sensations of Actinide series…


  • “So-many” problems
  • “So-many” thoughts
  • Applied for three universities’ masters degrees
  • Used to do ten tasks at once
  • Fifty thoughts come at once
  • At a small age how many loads are on my head
  • HG – takes a load on the head


  • Because of “so-many” responsibilities I live my life according to certain limits and boundaries, and I never cross them.
  • My father wishes that I always stay compressed.
  • I’m in a closed environment and there is so-much pressure on me.
  • Because of so-much pressure I am unable to do anything.
  • Pressure? Pressure is compressed from all the sides.
  • Very, very-much pressure and there is not any space.
  • HG – of compacting and pressing down

Reaction after compression

  • Escape (because of “so-many” things happening with me, I want to go out of Ahmadabad)
  • I want to go ahead in all directions
  • My energy gets spoiled in all directions
  • I want to progress in all directions
  • HG – expanding


  • I had all kinds of capacity, I had all powers and I can grow in all directions
  • I had lots of energy


  • My thoughts are very negative and dangerous
  • It can destroy you

Explosive energy

  • It can destroy you completely
  • I had explosion in me and it can be exploded at any time
  • Images… ‘ball of fire’
  • HG – expanding and moving in all the directions


  • Past, present and future
  • Travels through time
  • In every minute you are changed
  • At this moment what you are is changed at the very next moment and you become something else


  • I can’t fear death
  • Death is nothing but changing of forms


  • Dream, which becomes true afterward

(C) Source:

Doubtful and confusion

  • I didn’t get confidence in anything
  • I didn’t take decision to go and where to go
  • I’m bit confused
  • I can’t decide
  • I can’t focus on one thing
  • Observation – He avoids eye contact

Some thing related to radiation

  • I want to expand in all directions
  • I want to progress in all directions
  • I am unable to focus in one direction; if I can, I can do anything, I had all powers and I had all the capacities.
  • Because I can’t focus my energy get spoiled (HG – hand moving in all directions)
  • I’m in the centre and my responsibilities are circulating round and round around me. They come one after another so I can’t progress in all directions.

About other elements (brom)

  • I trust anybody, but they abuse me or cheat me
  • Fear of abuse
  • Injustice
  • Others get jealous of me because of my tremendous progress

Restless and dissatisfaction

  • Observation – He speaks very fast and fluently, with rapid and forceful flickering of eye-lids
  • I can’t be satisfied with anybody
  • I want to speak with anybody, but I can’t
  • I can’t speak much in college and at home
  • I don’t like to stay alone


Reference from materia medica

Murphy’s materia medica:

  • Apprehensive, depressed.
  • Great desire to be with people.
  • Fear of being alone in the dark, wants to have someone near.
  • Tired and irritable. Cross. Easily vexed.

References from repertory:

  • Complete – Mentals ; LOQUACITY (161) 1 rad-br
  • Complete – Mentals; RESTLESSNESS (116) 1 rad-br
  • Complete – Mentals; DREAMS clairvoyant (14) 1 rad-br
  • Complete – Mentals DREAMS fire (76) 1 rad-br

References from internet:

Image of radium

  • Radium is an almost pure white alkaline earth metal, but it readily oxidizes on exposure to air, becoming black in color.
  • All isotopes of radium are highly radioactive due to such instability, radium is luminescent; it gives off a faint blue color.
  • Like other alkaline earth metals, radium reacts violently with water and oil to form radium hydroxide and is slightly more volatile than barium.
  • Radium is the heaviest alkaline earth metal; its chemical properties mostly resemble those of barium. When exposed to air, radium reacts violently with it, forming barium nitride,[1], which causes blackening of this white metal. Like other alkaline earth metals, radium reacts violently with water and oil to form radium hydroxide and is slightly more volatile than barium.
  • Radium is over one million times more radioactive than the same mass of uranium.
  • All isotopes of radium are highly radioactive, with the most stable isotope of radium-226, which has a half-life of 1601 years and decays into radon gas. Due to such instability, radium is luminescent; it gives off a faint blue color.
  • Radium has no stable isotopes; the most abundant and the longest-living one is radium-226, with half-life of 1601 years.
  • To date, at least 12 nuclear isomers have been reported; the most stable of them is radium-205m, with half-life of between 130 and 230 milliseconds.
  • All radium occurring today are produced by decay of heavier elements, being present in decay chains. Due to such short half-lives of isotopes, radium is not primordial but trace.
  • Radium preparations maintain themselves at higher temperatures than of their surroundings.
  • These also produce three kinds of radiation – alpha particles, beta particles, and gamma rays. More specifically, the alpha particles are produced by the radium decay, whereas the beta particles and gamma rays are produced by relatively short half-life elements further down the decay chain.

The process of Radiation

  • In physics, radiation describes a process in which energetic particles or waves travel through a medium or space.
  • In the radiation the energy radiates (i.e., travels outward in straight lines in all directions) from its source.
  • Radiation with sufficiently high energy can ionize atoms. Most often, this occurs when an electron is stripped (or ‘knocked out’) from an electron shell, which leaves the atom with a net positive charge.

According to Dr. Rajan Sankaran (Structure in Homeopathy)

  • The feeling is, ‘I have to save myself from disintegrating, run for it’
  • It is the beginning, and they are clingy.

(Fears in Radium are close to Baryta and Stramonium)

  • Uranium and Plutonium can not hold anymore, breaking, much more than radium.
  • Radium belongs to the 7th row after the Baryta.
  • Radium: beginning. It has fear close to Baryta.
  • Complete R: Fear, alone of being, light and company, wants.
  • Dreams of fire, dreams of suicide

Feeling of Radium brom

  • Strong sense of being cheated, betrayed, of doing something wrong and being accused of a crime.

According to Dr. Divya Chhabra (One seminar)

  • Radium shines in dark, luminescent, wants to do special creative things WITH someone else’s help.
  • Radium has NO explosion.
  • Radium bromatum has more of guilt.

My comment about radium

When we examine radium regarding its physical property it has something very special compared to other actinides. The properties are…

(1) Instability (2) Radioactivity (3) Luminescent. These properties elucidate the radium picture very clear homeopathically too. Now we discuss these qualities in detail.


In the periodic table radium is in second stage as like calcium and barium so instability is obviously expected. Instability expressed in our patient as a confusion, indecisiveness and shyness. You can see that when radium is overwhelmed, he feels hurried and restless. In short radium has so much hurry to “disintegration”.

  • If it can not burst out, then restlessness comes. -Dr. Divya


Radium is only element in the actinide series which has maximum radiation. The theme of radiation is expressed in our patient in the following ways…(a) Want to expand in all directions (b) Want to progress and go ahead straight (c) Want to focus in one direction (d) If I can’t focus in one direction my energy gets spoiled all around. We observe in our patient that he talks throughout his interview about pressure/ compression and escape or expand.

  • If the quality of this substance is controlled then it’s constructive. – Dr. Divya Chhabra


Luminescence is a unique quality of radium. Homeopathically we see this quality as a great desire to perform and show it to others. Like our patient tries to help everyone inspite of their bad behavior and wants to show his talent by appearing in three master degrees at one time.

Plan: As we discussed above he had come to me only for “talking” not for treatment. He feels that he did not have any problem but had so many things within him that’s why he wanted to emit out on some reliable person. So after completion of his interview I made him understand what homeopathy is and how we deal with disease. Then he was ready to take some doses but not much, so I gave him one dose of Radium brom 1mk.

Follow up

After three months

This time also he came for a casual meeting, but his purpose is changed. He came to simply give his “thanks”. I noticed that his restlessness was reduced to a great extent and he started to make eye contact with me. Let’s see some extract of his verbatim…

“Now I feel calmer than before”.

“I made friends with two people at my college, one lady and one boy. Now we talk a lot.”

“Earlier I was so anxious”

We clearly see here that now he has become less restless and more calm.

After one year

After last meeting he never came to me and I only give him one dose of 1mk, but one morning he came to me for complaints of severe acute gastritis since one week. He had so much pain with nausea and fever and whenever he ate he had to run for defecation. He had severe sensation about vomiting but he never did it. Since complaints started he had so much restlessness with so many thoughts about past and future and he had one same dream twice in one week. In the dream he saw his college fall into fire and everyone running here and there. This is the story so I selected following rubrics and give him three doses of radium brom 1mk by dissolving in water each day.

  • Complete – Mentals DREAMS fire (76) 1 rad-br
  • Complete – Stomach NAUSEA vomiting difficult, inability to vomit (41) 1 rad-br
  • Complete – Abdomen INFLAMMATION, peritonitis, enteritis Umbilicus (4) 1 rad-br

After one week from last dose

He’s become all right now and had no complaints regarding gastritis. His restlessness and worry about complaints also recovered. So I didn’t give any dose.

2 years after first dose (7th December 2010)

He came to my clinic for his wife (recently married) regarding her complaints of recurrent UTI. I noticed that he had changed completely. Now he had no issues regarding ‘so much’ responsibilities of his family. He believed that his brothers are now grown up so they could take care of themselves. He passed all his three masters degrees and recently joined a private limited company as a manager. (He does not flicker his eye-lids excessively even once in my office.)

This is an exact story of Radium brom, but not “The exact story”.

About the author

Ghanshyam Kalathia

Dr. Ghanshyam Kalathia, is a practicing homeopath with a busy local as well as online clinic based in Ahmadabad/India. His articles and cases have appeared in world various journals including Homeopathic Links, Homeopathy International UK, Similia-Australia, and He passionately teaches students from all over the world with his current four international video master courses and his “Journey with Dr. Kalathia Series”. His systematic approach regarding the understanding of case studies merges the spiritual and practical aspects of homeopathy into a synergy of true and lasting healing. He is well known teacher and mentor for Indian as well as western homeopaths. He is the first person to explore kingdom sarcodes in-depth. His work includes the study of mammals and birds. He is author of the book “Invertebrates in Homeopathy”.
His published articles are available at and and homeopathic software like “Radar Opus” and “Synergy homeopathic software” (Formerly known as mac-repertory)


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    • Dear Prasad

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  • Dr. Ghanshyam really studied and presents the case in more peculiar deep form of understanding. His followings of Dr.Sankaran’s or his attendance to discovery forum for a decade might helped him to touch the depth. It is really very interesting and committed way of presenting the case study recently i gone through apart from the the analysis of Rhumatoid Arthirites by Dr.Prakash Rao – a research scholor of JIPMER, Pondicherry, in Bengaluru on Birthday of Hahnemann.
    my hearty congratultions and best wihes to Dr. Ghanashayam and expects more this type of articles.

  • Dear Ghanshyam Kalathia , thanks for sharing information but i am not satisfied with the way the case has come up,
    there are so many Questions I will go one by one
    1] if the pt is having an issue of confidence then why do you ask the Q regarding diary; for me confidence is more closer than a diary , diary it’s just a tool or object to tell about the confidence
    2]when you asked ” what happened if someone see your diary, pt told you some of his thoughts which is not connecting to the issue of confidence or diary
    3]Then again from the issue of confidence –diary pt come to the issue of confusion
    4]Pt is still in the limit of I or self, he is not dissociated form self, so how can anyone connect to any kingdom
    5]when you asked about ” I am in center….” pt told you about the description which is still in the field of mind not an experience [ in a case you can count pt every time describe about ” I ” LIKE I’m in the centre ,I am able to do anything,I can’t decide AND SO MANYYYYYY]
    6] when you asked about the experience , pt told the issue not the experience, he told you the insecurity and again he went to his compensation state and said ” if same thing happens to anybody then i am sure it will destroy
    7] When you asked about insecure, he didn’t speak about insecurity rather he again went to confused issue , AND IF U SEE VERY KEENLY ,YOUR PT SAID WHAT’S NEXT, it shows pt is answering by the intellect not by the deeper level
    8] When asked about UNDER CONTROL , he told you his imagination like an robot but imagining a robot and experiencing like an robot is totally diffident issue
    9] Differentiation from other kingdom is not convincing as pt is not dissociated from self
    please share your understanding on my Q
    sanket taldevkar

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