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Grade IV Colitis in a Woman of 49

Written by BK Malhotra

Wg Cdr (Retd) B.K. Malhotra shares a case of grade IV colitis in a woman of 49. Carcinocin, Merc Sol, Arsenicum Alb, Silicea and Ferrum Metallicum were all required at one time or another.

This is a 49-year old lady who developed digestive system problems somewhere in 2015. The patient had frequent loose stools with the presence of mucous in them and also sometimes drops of blood. As the condition progressed, she would pass stools 8 to 10 times a day. Of these, only a couple of motions were normal. After some time, she noticed that the expulsion of stools was accompanied with a fluid discharge that came forth with some force. This worsened to a frequency of 10 to 15 times a day of which about 8 times were watery motions expelled with force. A Colonoscopy was performed on 27 July 2016 and the diagnosis pronounced this to be a case of “Grade IV Colitis”. From 27 Jul to Dec 16, both conventional and Ayurvedic  treatment was given to the patient .

In July of 2017 the patient approached me for homoeopathic treatment as she had inconsistent results from the above.

Symptoms as indicated were:

  • Early morning watery stools followed by normal stools
  • Blood in stools every 5 to 6 days
  • Pain in lower abdomen once in 15 days which was relieved by warm application
  • In the evening patient had 2 more bowel movements of which the first was passage of only water and the second was a watery stool.
  • She had lost 6 kgs of weight in the past one year.
  • Pain in shoulders for as long as she could remember (since childhood)
  • Fatigue and weakness all the time.
  • Low haemoglobin

METHODOLOGY OF TREATMENT: I adopted the following approach for treatment of this patient:

# Treat deep ulcers of the colon

# Strengthen the digestive system

# Improve Haemoglobin count and anemic condition

# Stop intermittent bleeding

1. I concluded that the abnormal expulsion of fluid was that which is reabsorbed from the colon for recirculation during digestion. This forceful expulsion was through the ulcers formed in the colon (as diagnosed through colonoscopy). The following remedies in ascending order of potencies were used to attend to the ulcers:

  • Carcinocinum 200 , 1M : A deep and long acting remedy
  • Merc Sol 30 , 200 , 1M : (for watery motion and ulcers (p. 605 and 643 Kent Repertory)
  • Ars Alb 30 , 200 , 1M : ( Prescribed for watery motion and ulcers. Please refer to pages 605 and 643 of Kent Repertory
  • Silicea 1 M: For ulcers ( p. 590 of MM by Boericke )

Ferrum Metallicum 3X was also prescribed for Hb.

The patient and her family showed commendable commitment to ensure the remedies were taken as prescribed. With the above treatment the fluid expulsion gradually converted to drops of white mucus which slowly vanished and stools became normal. The number of bowl movements also reduced from 10 – 15 to 4 – 5 a day. The frequency of remedies was slowly reduced and their potencies increased to achieve cure.

To build up strength in the patient a mix of Flax seeds and cottage cheese was prescribed and this led to an increase in patient stamina.

The patient’s condition has been under my observation since August 2018 when she reported complete cure from the reported condition. She has since stopped medicines and is under my observation.

The patient who was completely confined to home has started venturing out after complete cure and is maintaining good health and strength.

The following documents were used for references:

  1. Guide to Health of the Fr. Muller’s Charitable Institutions
  2. Materia Medica by Boericke
  3. Kent Repertory
  4. Encl : Colonoscopy Reports

Lab work below:


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BK Malhotra

BK Malhotra Wg Cdr ( Retd ) BK Malhotra has served as an electronics engineer in the Indian Air Force for 25 years, retiring in 1992 with the rank of Wing Commander. After his family found success with homeopathic treatment, he decided to learn about it on his own, by reading various M.M., medical books and journals etc. With his self gained knowledge he managed over the years to treat some 6000 patients for free, often with much success. Most were cases which came to him after prolonged use of conventional medicines. His most rewarding one was a cancer case that he succeeded in putting into remission.


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