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Homeopathic Success in Treating Sensory Processing Disorder

Written by Usha Shah

Dr. Usha Shah presents a case of sensory processing disorder in a boy of six. Desire to jump and climb, intelligent and curious, desire to eat fruits, especially bananas, were among the symptoms leading to an animal remedy.

A six-year-old boy came to see me with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD).

His main complaints were involuntary and frequent urination, involuntary stool, hyperactivity and extremely restless, lack of concentration, frequent cold and cough, constipation for which he has been given laxative frequently.

Past history

 Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) which got better on its own.

Mental Temperament

Mother’s description of the child

  • Jumping like a monkey and kangaroo.
  • He is very short tempered and in anger throws things.
  • Cries when he is hungry. Even when he does not want to do something, he cries.
  • Inability to read and write.
  • Nowadays he has learned to spit.
  • He has a habit of biting.
  • Though he communicates and the speech is neat and clear, family does not understand what he is saying, so he gets irritated.
  • He likes singing, in my clinic and he sung very beautifully.
  • He likes to listen to music. His response to musical instruments is very positive.
  • He has good memory for rhymes and songs and can recite them by heart.
  • He imitates everyone. He gets along with every age group.
  • He has fidgety hands and wants to continuously keep the hands occupied with some activity.
  • When he is excited, he starts flapping his hands. This behaviour was observed throughout the consultation.
  • When he is excited, he laughs loudly.
  • He is very mischievous, whenever he is told not to do something he will do it and then he starts laughing. He laughs even after spitting.
  • He wants his hands to be touched and tapped frequently.
  • At times he jumps like a frog with his pawns and hands.
  • He is very good at gymnastics.
  • He loves swimming once he is in water he does not want to come out.
  • Fears being shouted at, he closes his ears, especially when someone shouts at him from behind his back, he feels threatened as if someone is coming to beat him. He starts crying very loudly.
  • He is afraid of darkness but is not afraid of horror sounds.
  • Previously he was afraid of loud noises in the kitchen especially of whistle of cooker and noise from the mixture.
  • In past he would wake up at 3 am and talk to himself and start jumping, for which he was given risnia and flunil syrup.
  • He plays with food items. He does not open his mouth to eat.
  • He does not allow to brush his teeth.
  • He does not allow to cut the nails.
  • He has echolalia (means repeating the noises and phrases they hear)
  • He has delayed speech.
  • He can follow commands of many languages.
  • He thinks and understands very quickly.
  • He likes change.
  • He likes vigorous physical activity like climbing a tree, walking like an animal, or jumping on a trampoline.
  • Once he even went and talked to a rabbit.
  • He likes to get pressure on in hands, legs and body.
  • He is sensitive to different surfaces. He would not sit on grass or mud easily.
  • He has a habit of smelling everything given to him like food, colour, stars on hand. At times he even tastes them.
  • He likes to tap people on back of their head.

 According to his teacher

  • He is super intelligent.
  • He loves to sing a lot.
  • He memorises what he hears quickly.
  • He self-talks.
  • He is good with shapes and colours, but sometimes gets confused.
  • He likes playing with pencil, puzzles and blocks.
  • He gets very cranky when he is hungry.
  • He jumps a lot most of the time.
  • He does hand fidgeting when he is very happy.


  • Craving for crispy, crunchy food items.
  • Likes dry food.
  • Likes ice cream, rice, chocolate and pastries.
  • Likes fresh lemon water.
  • Carving for apple, banana, and plums.
  • In vegetable he likes okra, potato and paneer.


He was prescribed Lac Rhesus 1m based on the following:

  • Desire to jump and climb.
  • Mimicking and teasing others.
  • Loves singing.
  • Loves to tap.
  • Intelligent and curious.
  • Desire for eating fruits, especially bananas.

Follow up after four weeks.

  • Tapping and jumping have reduced.
  • Constipation continues.

 Follow up after eight weeks.

  • Constipation continues.
  • Tapping and jumping at same level as after four weeks

 Follow up after twelve weeks.

  • Constipation has reduced.
  • Better tolerance for hunger.
  • Tapping and jumping is better.
  • Continues singing.

 Follow up after twenty-four weeks.

  • Fidgety is better.
  • Showing improvement in concentration.
  • Constipation has reduced.
  • Better tolerance for hunger.
  • Tapping and jumping is reduced to 50% of original.
  • He is not overeating now.


He is still under the treatment and getting better.

About the author

Usha Shah

Dr. Usha Shah, (BHMS), studied homeopathy at CMP Homeopathic Medical College, Mumbai. She has had an independent practice in Mumbai, India for the last 21 years and has successfully treated many serious chronic cases, including psoriasis, hypothyroidism, PCOD, nephrotic syndrome, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety neurosis and varicose ulcers.


  • If someone resonates with the milk of a Rhesus monkey, it makes me think he was vaccinated—and that the vaccine was made from the pus of a Rhesus monkey. Interesting article and thank you for sharing it.

  • Yes. Unfortunately there is lots of animal matter in vaccines. Also human foetus cells. So if a male baby has a Vax with female foetus cells it could make him feminine and vice versa. Would explain a lot!

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