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Homeopathic Treatment of a Patient suffering from Deep Neurological Disorders

The author describes a case where the right homeopathic remedy helps a stroke victim recover.

Introduction: Strokes result from ischemic infarction or bleeding into part of the brain (over minutes) with focal CNS signs and symptoms. It is the major neurological disease of our times (10/1000/yr, rising with age to 15/1000/yr at 75 yrs). Causes: *Thrombosis in situ or heart emboli. **Atherothromboembolism (e.g. from carotids).*** CNS bleeds ( increased Blood Pressure; trauma; aneurysm rupture).**** Failure of cerebral auto-regulation of blood flow.

Analysis of the patient: A 58 yr old woman suffering from this disease for three years was referred to me on 26TH of Jan., 2010. Her chief complaint was numbness, paresthesia and paresis of upper and lower limbs following an ischemic cerebrovascular accident. She was alert and cooperative and had a blood pressure of 160/87mm/hg. She had been suffering from weakness of memory, fears of being late, passing bridges, violence and quarrelling, narrow places or claustrophobia. She would faint if her groom quarreled with her. The force of her left lower limbs had decreased. The tips of her toes were cold.

Modalities: Her symptoms were worse during the day, by walking, by standing and by motion. She became better by sitting. She would lose her balance during walking. She used to walk fast before experiencing the CVA. During the last three years, she had been referred to different Neurologists, but got no effective result. Her brain MRI which had been taken on the 3rd of Nov., 2009. revealed : 1- Small high intensity foci on T2,PD & flair images in subcortical peri and paraventricular white matter, related to ischemic changes. 2 – Enlarged sella filled with CSF could be indicative of partial empty sella turcica. After taking the case thoroughly and converting the main symptoms to standard rubrics with radar software, Arg-n. was found to be the most similar remedy. Ten drops of the remedy in 30c were prescribed and taken by the patient.

Report of course of treatment: Prescription: Arg-n 30c in liquid form. As instructed, she called me seven days after dosing with the remedy. She reported experiencing an inner calmness and was sleeping better. I told her to repeat the remedy every three days and increase one drop each time up to 20 drops. She was instructed to succuss 12 times before each dose. The second time she called, she said that her upper limbs’ paresthesia had improved up to 80%, but her lower limbs had not changed. She was told to continue the remedy and add one drop each time up to 40 drops. The last time I talked with her she reported feeling very well. Her lower limbs had become more powerful and the numbness, paresthesia and weakness in her lower limbs had improved such that she could take daily walks. The tips of her toes were no longer cold. Her fears, mentioned above, had vanished.

Discussion: I prescribed 10 drops of the remedy and instructed her to call as soon as she experiences any changes. She did not take any allopathic drug. She had been suffering from symptoms of a chronic CVA for three years. After taking Arg-n. 30 c for less than 3 months, she feels much better and can now walk daily without experiencing the previous problems. She is feeling very hopeful.

Conclusion: The results of this case report, as an observational study, reveals multi-potential characteristics and capabilities of the prescribed homeopathic remedy, Arg-n. It not only improved her upper and lower limb symptoms, but also her mental state. The remedy has effected changes in the totality of her symptoms.


1- Dr. Kamran Jalali case reports, November of 2009 in the site
2- Boericke’s Homeopathic Materia Medica, 9th edition,2000 by William Boericke
3- Radar Repertory, version 8.1

About the author

Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi

Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi M.D., Hom.: Graduated from Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Health Services and Iran Homeopathic Learning Center. He is a Certified medical doctor in Iran, and Official member of the Iranian Homeopathy Association, and was granted RIHA certificate and LMHI certificate of membership. He also writes a health page as a journalist in the Tehran Times daily newspaper. Visit his website:


  • Dear Sir,
    The article was very good and effective.I (35 yrs /f)am also facing such type of problem.last 1 year
    Laziness,not intrest in doing work,lack of confident,mens irregular.Taking homeopathic medicine feeling well but not at par.

    No doubt what u have treated by Arg-n. 30c excellent. I sallute you.

    • Dear Madam

      Thank you for your kind regards. i wish you complete health and success.

      My Best, S.Sadeghi M.D.& CCH

  • Sir,
    I am much impressed with your treatment of stroke with Arg.nit,.you certainly
    deserve ungrudged appreciation.

    • Dear R.C.Tamilselvan

      Thank you so much for your Kind regards.

      My Best, My Best, S.Sadeghi M.D.& CCH

  • Dear Author,
    I wish compliment with You for this article very focused on clinical practice, further addressed toward very important and serious pathological conditions.

    warmest regards

    Salvatore Piraneo

    • Dear Dr.Piraneo

      Thanks a lot for your warm regards.

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  • Nice article,glad to read this but i could’nt understant the way of dosing (add 1 drop each time upto 20 drops and 40 drops).What did it mean?plz tell me,i am confused about it.If you’ll briefly describe it then i’ll be very thankful.


    • Dear Marium

      Thank you very much. According to the method of increasing the dose and

      potency in chronic cases, I added the dose by one drop each time and

      instructed the patient to shake the remedy 12 times to increase the potency.

      Repeating proper remedy is not allowed in solid form because it can cause

      severe aggravation and related disorder, according to the sixth edition of

      the “Organon of Medicine”.

      My Best Wishes, S.Sadeghi M.D.& CCH

  • dear sir,

    I am 38 years old and very lazy to going my office and sites always think that i will do this work not now but tomorrow or day after tomorrow all the day i resist to do my works also hesitates for the meetings with my clients but not fond of sleeping i am a smoker only and dibetease plz give me the solution i am worried thankful to you .


  • Dear Sameer

    Salam. Since a thorough case taking is needed in chronic conditions, I propose you to reffer to one of my colleagues in your location. I hope you will select the best one and recieve the most accurate remedy leading to your complete health.

    My Best, S.Sadeghi

  • Dear sir,
    I understand about the use of Arg n in 30 c potency for neurological disorder,
    but what about the internal bleeding and ischemia? What is treatment for that? What about pathology of this case,
    sir please guide, me I am final year student

    • Dear Dr.shoaib

      Assalamo Alaykom. Hi. As you know totality of symptoms should be considered to achieve a better therapeutic result. General mental and general physical symptoms much more important. Of course patient’s chief complaint can be another prominent symptom or sign, objective or subjective. There are various remedies other than Lach, Phos, and Arn, to name a few.

      Good Luck, Sadeghi

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    This is Prasanth. My mother is having a health problem wth similar to the above symptoms. I want to contact you for an appointment. I can contact you and solve my mother’s.
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  • Dear Doctor Sadeghi,

    I read the details about treating instability & paraesthesia through Argentum Nitricum 30c.
    I had a mild CVA ( right parietal lobe infarction )that left my left foot ( near ankle )affected.
    After sitting for a while, I take time to regain balance after getting up.Instability is a problem
    waist downwards, but walking in brisk pace helps in maintaining balance, Neurologist has
    prescribed Vitaming B12 -1500 mcg and Calcium with Vit D3, daily.
    I have faith in Homeopathy and would like to take Argentum Nitricum 30 C.
    Please advise the dosage. I am 78 years of age and had CVA on April 2,2008.

  • Dear Sir,

    can you please share your phone no. or any mail ID, i want to send some MRI scan reports to you, its very urgent sir please share.

  • Salam, My son is 6 years old with magalencephaly with subcortical cyst. He was walking with difficulties and balancing problems. But since 3 month he cannot walk due to fall down and hit his head on floor and he was unconscious with fits and recover from that condition but cannot walk and his occupational therapy is going on but no recovery. kindly suggest him homeopathy medicine or can i give him same medicine Arg-n as you mention in above article?

    Qamber Ali Jaffri

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