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Homeopathy – The Best Answer For Dysmenorrhoea

Written by Khyati Vora

Dr. Khyati Vora presents a case of dysmenorrhoea in woman of 22.

Right from school-going girls to ladies in their twenties or early thirties we see many females with some or the other discomfort in relation to menstruation (dysmenorrhoea is just one of the numerous other menstrual problems). This not only disturbs the female emotionally but also incapacitates her in her daily activities.  In today’s modern world of cut- throat competition between males and females to achieve results in a limited period of time, it takes a large toll on the female economy and psyche to get incapacitated with this problem**.

The worst part is that the female cannot tell this to her male boss very openly, or any professor or her father in law. I have seen so many of my own friends facing such problems and it really hurts me to see them popping in so many combiflams and cyclopams every month and still not getting relief from pain. Hence I feel homeopathy is the best treatment, for cases such as dysmennorhoea are nothing but the disturbance in the delicate PNE axis of the individual constitution**  Here is such a case where the correct constitutional remedy has freed one of my patients from these monthly nightmares.


22yr old female came to me on 4th Feb 2015. She was working as an HR manager in a firm at Worli. She had irregular menses with severe dysmennorrhea since puberty. Earlier treated for PCOD by several allopathic gynaecologists.  She also had Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding since 6 years for which she was taking OC pills since 2 years.


She came to me mainly to get treated for the pain as the irregularity in menses was somewhat controlled by the hormonal pills. She had severe pain in lower abdomen and back mainly on the first and second day of menses. She had to take Meftal Spas tablets during menses. And if she had exams or some other important day at work she required it twice a day or even sometimes Combiflam tablets to get rid of the pain. She had lot of weight gain since she started the hormonal pills.

  • ASSOCIATED COMPLAINTS: Migraine, Hairfall

FMP at age of 13years

Menstrual cycle was irregular for first two years , thereafter it was a regular 28- 30 day cycle for another one and half year.

Since 6years cycles are again irregular.

Periods come after 2 to 3 months.

Flow used to last for 10-15 days followed by spotting of blood going on for almost a month.

Spotting of blood < during passing urine or stool.

Blood was bright red and spotting was painless.

  • Craves: all junk and continental food
  • Stool and Urine : no complaints
  • Sleep: Difficulty in falling asleep.
  • Sweat: Occasionally perspired
  • Severe mood swings before periods
  • Hairfall and acne
  • Stools and urine normal
  • FAMILY HISTORY – Nothing Significant
  • PAST HISTORY – Nothing Significant
  • MIND:

Stays with parents, an elder sister and a younger brother.

Not very attached to family members these days, but very social and emotionally close to her friends.

Very lazy at home. Loved going out for movies and dinners with friends but couldn’t go often as was restricted by parents.

Very intelligent in childhood but lost interest in studies during 9th std. Completed Bcom and currently working as HR manager.

Fear of insects. Gets frustrated easily and takes a lot of time to make even minor decisions. Cannot go out often these days because of the menstrual problems. Before she started allopathic medicines for periods, she had to take a pad every day because of the spotting of blood occasionally and sudden unannounced start of periods.  Her mother says she has many friend groups and she wants to go out with each one of them. Never helps in doing any domestic chores at home, only concentrates on her clothes, mobile phone and make up. Keeps on chatting on her mobile whole day. Many times she is sad but never tells us the reasons.


Most of her complaints began around the age of 17-18 years when she joined a degree college. She mixed very easily with the new crowd but started being aloof from parents and sister. She had many friend circles but couldn’t go out frequently because of family restrictions.  Started lying at home to go out with friends.

On repertorization Natrum Muriaticum and Phosphorus were coming close to the case. As taught by Dr. Farokh Master, Natrum Muriaticum and Phosphorus both are Row 3 elements of the periodic table where the problem of developing identity arises and here we see that it corresponds to the patient’s phase of developing identity and increasing sociability. Normally the need for care and nourishment is already provided by parents, so you get this without asking for it. But, the moment you establish your identity you start seeking from the outside (in the form of clothes, friends, food ,etc). You start being more attached to friends which was clearly seen in her case.

After repertorization the remedy given was Phos 30 once a day starting on 4th Feb.

Follow ups:


25th Feb 2015 Pain >20%,  lmp -24/02/2015

Took only one tab. Meftal Spas.

mood swings SQ

Migraine SQ

Anger and irritability SQ .

Phos 30 o.d

Advised to stop hormonal medicines

15th April 2015 Still not got menses.

Reduced frequency of migraine attacks.

Leucorrhoea better

Phos 30 3pills b.d


May 2015 Lmp-04/05/2015 . no pain killer required.

Pain > 50%. Mood swings >>

Spotting of blood during micturation.

Phos 30 3pills b.d.
June 2015 Lmp- 21/06/2015.

Patient  was getting monthly periods without any hormonal pills and also pain was much less as she never required pain killer. But spotting of blood lasted for 10 to 15days <during passing urine or stool.

Phos 30 3pills tds x 3 months
Sept 2015 Menses every month , no pain killer taken. Bleeding in between menses decreased. Mood swings > Phos 30 3pills tds x 3months
Dec 2015 No pain during menses. Spotting in between menses started again . Painless bleeding <during micturition. She changed her job in November. Phos 200 3pills od x 3 months
April 2016 Regular menses till date. No complaints SL


George Vithoulkas says in the first stage of the phosphorus pathology, the physical symptoms usually predominate. Diffusion is the theme which runs through the phosphorus pathology. Menses may be profuse and prolonged. The bleeding tends to be bright red in colour. The “bleeding tendency is symbolic of the general essence of Phosphorus. What warmth and brightness the phosphorus patient possesses diffuses freely outward , with little sense of barriers*.

The patient’s mental nature also corresponded well with Phoshorus which not only helped her for dysmenorrhoea but also her dysfunctional uterine bleeding.


Here we see that, correcting the internally deranged vital force not only brought her relief from the excruciating pains but also got rid of the artificially induced menses as she has regular periods now without any medicines. Being an extremely acute ailment (though it does not require hospitalization), it requires utmost care and attention to understand the psychodynamic aspect of its etiopathogenesis.  Hence, this problem has to be managed by the physician very tactfully.

Thus, Homeopathy can surely and definitely bring back the lost vitality and vigour of these suffering women and constitutional prescribing will put them back in action immediately and able to face not only day-to-day activities but the challenges ahead in life at work as well as on the home front.

Homeopathy is the best answer for Dysmennorhoea especially when a number of pain killers taken every month do not provide any relief.


* Essence of Materia Medica by George Vithoulkas

** National journal of Homeopathy Volume 10 of January 2008.

About the author

Khyati Vora

Dr.Khyati Vora is practicing homeopathy in Mumbai since 2 years after completing BHMS from CMP homeopathic medicial college and completion of CCH ( Certificate in Child Health) and CGO(Certificate in Gynaecology and Obstetrics) from Bai Jerbai Wada Hospital for Children and Nawrosjee Wadia Maternity Hospital for Children respectively.

She is a Consulting Homeopathic Physician at:
V Care Multispeciality Clinic - Matunga
Lion’s Club of King’s Circle Medical Centre - Dadar
Dr.Savla’s Homeopathic Clinic - Byculla
Bhai Joga Singh Charitable Homeopathic Clinic – Sion
Senior Associate with Dr.Farokh Master at
-Nawrosjee Wadia Maternity Hospital
-Bai Jerbai wadia Hospital for Children
-Homeopathic Health Centre.


  • Dr. Khyati Vora,
    I am sad to learn how you have been repeating the same medicine in the same potency so frequently.
    God forgive you must be creating a bad case of drug-disease complex.
    When there is relief why the medicine was repeated?
    Please reply giving reference from old literature of Drs. Hahnemann, Kent, Boeninghausen, Allen or else.

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