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Hyperviscous Semen and Dysmorphospermia in a Man of 42

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Written by Mamatha L.N.

Dr. Mamatha L.N. shares a case of hyperviscous semen and dysmorphospermia in a man of 42. The sensations of something tightly pulled backwards, tightly bound led to a remedy in the Euphorbiaceae family.


It has been shown many times that homeopathic remedies can do wonders in cases where conventional treatment fails miserably. In this particular case, where the patient sought homeopathic treatment for constipation, the simillimum acted deeply and corrected other major issues faced by the patient, namely hyperviscous se-men with dysmorphospermia and incomplete erections.

The treatment of hyperviscosity of se-men has been of very uncertain outcome with conventional treatment using antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and mucolytic agents.

The outcome is positive only when the underlying cause is an infection or inflammation. In this case the remedy matched the core pattern of the patient and brought deeper transformation.

This particular case required the use of the sensation method. I could hardly find matching rubrics of this remedy when the case was repertorized later.

Case of Mr. Sm Age 42


P: Difficulty in passing stool since a year. Always have pain in the

lower abdomen.

D: When does it hurt?

P: Pain more during stools. Pain in the lower part of back while passing stools.

D: How does it hurt?

P: Pressure going down in abdomen, something drilling from upper to lower abdomen. I also have headache whenever pain increases. Feels like nail is stuck in between abdomen and rectum. rectum does not open. No urge to pass. Must drink warm water and walk for some time to get slight urge. pain becomes more after sitting. I cannot sit for half an hour also.  Feel there are thorns, it feels like sitting on thorns. Feels some worms are there in umbilicus. Not able to concentrate on work.

D: What else you have during pain?

P: Head ache in vertex when abdomen pain becomes too much. In stomach feels nerves contracting, tightly held (HG), squeezing sensation. Feels body is out of control because of pain. not active because of constipation. feel active if passes clearly. Stools are hard, small balls like. Black like sheep. Lower back pains during stool.

D; Please describe the nerves contracting and tightly held.

P: Nerve is not in right position so problem. Nerve tries to be set right but it does not happen.

D: Means…?

P: Intense pain, pain is like rubber band expanding- that expansion is creating pain. Better after walking, surya namaskar, < food like samosa, bhelpuri, spicy food.

D: please try to describe that rubber band like pain in other words…try to describe more

P: Feels like a rope is tied between neck and back, motionless, no control over motion, now have stomach pain, something is pushing from above towards rectum. Itching in the stomach and eyes. Body did not receive it. Itching in the entire body. internally. no free movement, heat in the shoulder region.

D: What is the opposite of what you are feeling?

P: It is somewhat twisted doctor. It has to unwind, or untwine (HG). It should be flexible, become loosen, not stiff.

D: What else?

P: Cannot sit comfortably when sitting, stretching around waist which is making me uncomfortable. Nerves are pulling the eyes back. Pain is killing me to do my work 50%, jaws pain, part which is underneath the jaws, small nerves not in position.

D: Actually, how did it start?

P: Met with an accident 20 years back since then have this problem.  Bone got broken, was putting my weight on left leg after that all imbalance.

D: What else do you have?

P: Late, or no ejaculation, left side swelling, Fear of failure, of late desire less because of low confidence.

D: Low confidence means…?

P: It does not come out, it has happened many times. So, no confidence.

D: What is the feeling then…

P: Feel guilty

D: What about work?

P; Work is routine. I am able to manage because I am experienced in the same field since 10 yrs. Actually, I can learn things and improve. That is not happening because things are not in position.

I am always worried about these complaints and health. Once these things are set right, I can concentrate on my work. Not able to focus on career. Earlier because of loans I could not concentrate on getting updated. Later because of no issues. Now a days absent minded. I am open, honest, present myself as it is.

D: What is the feeling in relation to your career?

P: Feels dejected, anger on myself, not utilized – lost opportunities. not successful in work also, and family also. Feel I am lost, nowhere. Lack confidence.

D; Could you tell me about your nature since childhood?

P: Very shy as a child. Was good in studies, good chess player, it’s a relaxation game, to get diverted from daily worries. While speaking if someone is shouting, I cannot tolerate, feel irritated. Like calm. Cannot control anger if repetitively someone repeats mistakes. Eyes red, nerves will contract, severe headache after anger, Blood rushes to head suddenly.

D: How about appetite and thirst?

P: Thirst ok. Not able to eat because of constipation.

D: Any other habits or food that you like…

P: Take tea twice, like brinjal, greens, potatoes, cabbage and Gobi, spicy, chilly chicken. Dislike bread. And I am worse by spicy and outside food. Get itching inside the stomach. pass flatus sometimes.

D: Urine?

P: Have pain in the penis when passing.

D: Sleep?

P: Good, sometimes less.

D: Any dreams?

P: In childhood used to get a dream everyday of some person coming and hitting with some weapon. Scary feeling.

D: Any other fears?

P: Fear of water and rains, ghost, dark, fear of losing job because of lack of competence. Sneezing if goes in to water. Lack of confidence. underestimate myself. only few friends. Not very social.

Could not learn cycle because once I was hurt. Family background is low profile. Father used to get very less salary. Do not express feelings thinking someone would say something negative about it.

D: Which weather/season do you prefer?

P: Prefer summer, tendency to catch cold in winter.

D: Any illness in the past?

P: Typhoid very severe at 20 yrs. had become very lean. Mumps at the age of 21-22 yrs.

Semen analysis as on 19th Jan 2016:

Liquefaction time:    > 1hour, => Hyper viscous

Progressive 27%

Count/ml- 142 millions

Agglutination – 55% head to head and tail to tail and linear.


Who is the patient?

Software engineer doing routine work since 10 yrs.


Not able to do his routine due to health problems.

No competence in work

Lack of updating

Lack of confidence

Sustaining job

Not able to expand family

No or delayed ejaculation

Astheno-dysmprphospermia with hyperviscosity

All the above were suggestive of the Calcarea line of development. When we study the periodic table from the homoeopathic perspective, we find that the elements which have been arranged in rows and columns are evolutionary in their pattern and they represent and correspond with the different stages of development of human beings.

As we come from above downwards the first row represents conception, the 2nd row of elements, or the lithium line, represents intra uterine life and the process of birth, and the 3rd row or the natrum line corresponds with issues of childhood like food, care, nourishment, development of the ‘I’ etc.

The 4th row or the Calcarea line represents issues of man with family/work/society/money/security etc. The 5th row corresponds with creativity, guidance, performance and fame, and the 6th row or the gold series represents, leadership, taking responsibility of others, working and organizing for the larger masses.

In recent years, research by Michal Yakir, Jan Scholten and Mahesh Gandhi suggest a similar evolutionary development of plant families which can be compared with the periodic table and we can classify families corresponding to their similarity in issues of different rows. In this particular case the issues dealt with by the patient were similar to the calcarea line of development.

Lots of hand gestures may suggest the Plant kingdom. There is no particular hand gesture to suggest a plant family. However, when patients narrate their complaints, if they are moving their hands and fingers along with verbal expressions, they are more likely to respond to plant remedies rather than minerals.

This has been explained by Michal Yakir in her seminars and Dr. Mahesh Gandhi also endorses it in his lectures. As I am learning and applying this method of practice, I felt it was a point worth mentioning.

Important families which correspond with the Calcaria line of development or 5th subclass include Rosales, Myrtales, Fabales, Malpighiales, Geraniales, Violales, Euphorbiales, Sapindales, Cornales, Rhamnales, and Apiales.


Tightly pulled backwards

Not in position- twisted

Tightly bound, must move

Severe drilling like pressure towards rectum, nails and thorns from as if

Rubber band like expansion, pain because of expansion

Opposite sensation- Nerves untwine, Unwind, Coming to normal position.

Reaction- Must move.

The above sensations are found in Euphorbiaceae family. And the drug Croton tiglium has the very same kind of pain in head and abdomen.


Rx- Croton tiglium 200 thrice daily for 3 days.


Pains > 60%, stools improved slightly. Had an outing, ate outside but no itching in stomach after outside food. Now having pain since morning.

Rx- Croton tiglium 200 1dose


Constipation > 70%, Appetite improved. Headache and pulling

> 60%, eye pain > 80%. Rectum opening more easily. feels nerves

are setting right.

Rx placebo/2w


> . Feels something is moving in the stomach, Upper abdomen fine.

lower abdomen pain slightly persists. Headache > 80%, feels stomach  and back towards lower abdomen is compressed. Eyes itching and  stomach itching > 90%., Constipation > 80%. Neck pain > 70%

Is able to move with less pain. Back pain > 70%. Feels there is some kind of air gap/blockage /vacuum which is not allowing se-men to come out. Delayed ejaculation.

Rx Placebo/3weeks


Headache < since 1 wk. Stomach pain > 90%, Constipation > 90%. Not getting sleep once or twice a week. Goes to bed at 10.30 sleeps well till 2.30, feels thirsty, wakes to drink water, then cannot sleep up to 4.30. Did not get back any complaint even though medicines got over 1 week back. Tied sensation >80% Forgetful since a year.

Rx Croton tiglium 200 thrice for 1 day


> 90%, slight constipation because of change of food habits. Back pain is almost gone. Heaviness of head if takes sweets and sugar. Especially sweets dipped in syrup.  All nerves pain when takes sugar. Then gets urge for stools but unable to pass, feels as if there is vacuum.

Erection and ej-aculation > 60%. Is able to focus on his career. All things coming in position.

SEMEN ANALYSIS- 7. 05. 2016

VISCOSITY – normal


SPERM COUNT- 67.0 millions/ml



DEAD- 10%

MORPHOLOGY:  normal-85%


11.06.16        Almost all complaints >, feels something enlarged and now contracting, in thighs earlier it was stiff and now loosened, constant.

Rx Placebo

20.06.16       Erection failure with profuse perspiration. Feels exhausted, cannot perform.

Rx Croton tiglium 1m 2doses for 1 day

11.07.16      > further. I feel lower part of abdomen getting loose, 5% pain remaining. Erection improved, but does not remain long, Ejaculation delayed still. Not sure whether se-men has come out or not.  Wife also says she cannot feel anything in vagina.

Rx Placebo

01.08.16    Had viral fever, with cold cough. Now has headache. Lot of gases, eructation and uneasiness in the stomach while attempting coition. Had lot of perspiration also.

Rx   Croton tiglium 1m thrice for 1day

11.09.16    Headache < slightly, erections improved a lot. Ejaculation okay.

Rx   Croton tiglium 1m twice for 1day.

16.06.17   Had lot of travelling and had lot of food variations, but did not have much trouble.  Rarely nerves stretching. > walking. Now having slight headache, all going well.

Rx   Croton tiglium 1m twice for 1 day.

Later patient visited only when he had any acute problems.

About the author

Mamatha L.N.

Dr. Mamatha L N is a practicing homeopathic physician from Bengaluru. She did her BHMS degree from GHMC Bengaluru in 1994. She completed her M S in Psychotherapy and Counseling in 2006 from Kuvempu University. Dr Mamatha has been associated with the Other Song Academy since 2014 and obtained her CCAH from Maharashtra University of Health Sciences in 2015. She has been successfully treating a variety of cases in her practice. She is also sought after for counseling behavioural disorders and adolescent issues. She has written several articles in various periodicals on homeopathy, philosophy and general issues. She has been a resource person for discussions on the small screen shows and has presented cases in CMEs and other platforms. Dr Mamatha is also trained in Hindustani and Carnatic classical music.


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