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“I Feel I Am a Balloon”: A Case of Hydrogenium


Drs. Anuraadha and Amol Naik present a case of loss of body sensation in a woman of 48.

This 48 year old woman complained of loss of sensation throughout her body. To describe the case briefly, we are using abbreviations P-patient, and D- Doctor.

Name- Mrs. XYZ

Age – 48 years.


Date- 3/9/2013

D- What is your complaint?

P- I don’t have strength at all. I feel like this body is not belonging to me, I can’t feel my body parts. I am made up of air instead of bones and muscles or organs. Sometimes I feel I am just like a balloon.

D- Please explain in detail.

P- My body is so weak and it doesn’t have strength at all.  I feel it doesn’t have anything to carry sensations because if I touch my foot with my hand then I cannot feel that touch.  Two months back, I got a wound on my left sole, but I didn’t  come to know it for two days till my daughter mentioned it to me.  I was not feeling the pain though it was enough deep there.

D- This problem is only in your foot or in other body parts too?

P- Actually overall touch feeling is decreased. It may be due to my weakness. I feel like there is nothing in my body. My body is empty, vacant, no strength, no weight.  Because of this, sometimes when I close my eyes; I feel like I am floating in the air.

D- Floating?

P-Yes Doctor, I feel, I am just like a feather and will go with the winds. My body is so soft and lighter that even wind can carry me easily from one place to another, to the top of trees and buildings and to the sky from where my home looks small down and my daughter seems very small in that small home. It feels like I am not on this earth and somewhere floating in the sky. It is very dreadful situation for me where nobody is with me and I am far away from everyone here.

D- Please tell me about your other complaints too.

P- Sometimes, I feel that hot air is flowing inside me. I think it is some kind of energy God is sending to me to overcome my weakness.

D- This happens since when?

P- Since last one year.

D- What about your menses?

P- It stopped before 5-6 years. But good that it is stopped. It was very painful. And flow was also so much. Those days were very difficult for me. So much of bleeding with so much of weakness was there. My body used to swell during those days. All joints, especially of fingers used to pain in those days.

D- Please tell me about your hunger and thirst.

P-I never feel urge to eat. It is my habit to eat when there is eating time. Thinking of lunch or dinner actually nauseates me. But if anybody offers me fried food or some spicy food, I love to have it. But I am thirsty throughout the day. Even if I drink water, it not satisfies my thirst. After some time, I again feel dryness in my mouth. I feel like my throat is dried and I again drink water. I prefer cold water over hot for drinking. My daughter says that I talk so much that’s why my throat is dry. I think I don’t feel like to eat because of my irregular bowels. It is not clear. I take laxatives for that also but it is of no use sometimes.

D- How is your sleep?

P- It is less. I don’t feel fresh when I wake up in morning. There are lots of dreams throughout the night and so I feel that I have not slept. It is not refreshing.

D- Dreams?

P- I dream my relatives, and most of the time myself. I see that I am climbing a mountain and I am at the top of it and I am alone there. The world around me seems small from there. I am alone at height.

Sometimes I see that I am flying along with airplane. My daughter is travelling in it and I am outside the airplane. I try to enter the airplane but the doors are closed. I shout for opening the door but nobody allows me to do so. These types of dreams I see repeatedly. Due to dreams I never feel like I have slept peacefully and it gives me headache in the next morning.  I am also suffering from migraine since last two years.

D- Do you have any history of any other disease?

P- Yes, I have hypertension since last 14 years. And whenever my blood pressure increases, I come to know without going to doctor also. My heart starts beating loudly at that time and due to that my body also shakes.  I am also allergic to cold winds. I suffer with cold off and on with lots of watering of nose and eyes. This is since my adulthood. So I avoid going out in evening or in night when there is cold. I like warm weather as compared to cold.

Her daughter revealed that the patient is very kind and co-operative. She is caring to all; not only for her daughter but also for neighbors. She has a habit of feeding street dogs that are outside of their house. She cooks extra food for them every day when she cooks for herself. But she is very forgetful regarding her medicines. She forgets to take her daily antihypertensive also. And if told, she laughs and says “What importance of that is? I will live my life whatever God has written in my destiny. He will take care of me even if I don’t take the medicine because he has written my destiny long back and nobody can change it.”

From the above case, we concluded that, the patient is loquacious and theorizing because she has her own theories for her sufferings. Her behavior with the surrounding pets showed that she was loving to all and kind. Her dreams indicated that she was feeling isolated and has fear to be alone.  There were betrayed feelings in her because she was dreaming that nobody allows her to enter the airplane to go to her daughter.  Her dreams were as if she was on the top of a mountain, which showed her feeling of being at a higher position.  She was feeling as if her body was soft and light and that wind could carry her easily anywhere and also as if God was with her and sending positive energy to her.

While taking her case we came to know that she is talkative and that she has her own theories and stories for her complaints. Even if we asked her a little question, she would offer a detailed description along with the reasons for that and what she was feeling.


Rx  : All these complaints, feelings and sensations were pointing towards Hydrogen. We gave her Hydrogenium 1M.

Follow up on 6/12/2013

She recounted that she had once suffered from loose motion after the last dose of medicine for about two days but she overcame it only with a suitable soft diet and lots of liquids. We did not interrupt the curing process with any other medication.  Patient was more comfortable and confident.  Her feeling of being alone was totally gone. Her appetite and sleep improved.

Tactile sensation was also improving .

Hydrogenum 1M repeated.

Follow up on 3/3/2014

Tactile response was very much improved. Her hollow or empty feeling was gone and she was able to feel the presence of her body parts.

Her appetite was improved.

She regained her health and her neuritis was completely cured.

No more repetition of Hydrogenum.

Only SL was prescribed and case was declared as cured.

About the author

Anuraadha Naik

Dr. Anuraadha Naik, practices at Nandana Clinic in Mumbai. She received her B.H.M.S. from Mumbai University through Vengurla Homoeopathy Medical College and Hospital. After completing her homoeopathic education, she practiced for more than 12 years and published many articles. She was assistant doctor in the well known predictive homoeopathy faculty run by Dr. Prafull Vijayakar. There she received theoretical updates through modules as well practical knowledge by dealing many challenging cases. She was also assistant doctor to Dr. Rajan Dubey, the founder of Medigene Homoeopathy.

About the author

Amol Naik

Dr. Amol Naik, is a foreign expert at Material Science and Engineering department, Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan, P. R. China. He earned his Ph. D in chemistry from University of Mumbai and a masters’ degree in physical chemistry at the same university. During his PhD he worked on a project sponsored by the Department of Atomic Energy, India. After completing his doctorate he worked as assistant professor at M. D. College, Parel Mumbai for three and half years. Dr. Amol Naik received research funding from CSIR, Mumbai University. He has published research papers on material synthesis and characterization in several international and national journals. In the medical field, he is working on the behaviour of remedies depending on their chemical composition and their effects in patients.

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