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Insomnia in a Woman of 49

Written by Hemesh Thakur

Dr. Hemesh Thakur presents a case of insomnia in a woman of 49.

A lady aged 49 yrs visited my clinic for acute hoarseness in June 2016. She is an interpreter by profession. She has to speak a lot in her profession as she interprets different languages, which is her official job. Understanding the case as overuse of voice, I prescribed Argentum Met 30C. She responded well to this medicine.

However, she was also taking homeopathic medications for her sleep problems for the last 4 years. She responded well off and on but still had to take sleeping pills 2-3 times a week, along with homeopathic treatment. To my surprise she had no headaches at all, even though on some occasions she couldn’t sleep. She wanted to be totally off of the allopathic medications.

She was also taking medicines for hypothyroidism for a long time. She periodically had hair fall issues. After getting benefit for her hoarseness, she decided to start homeopathic treatment for sleep problems. Prior to this she took Nux Vomica from other homeopaths, which partially helped her.

I started inquiring about her family and personal and professional issues. To my surprise, there was not a lot of stress in any areas of her life. Whenever she visited me, she looked active, well dressed, alert and vibrant as she enjoyed her job.

Understanding this, I prescribed Coffea 200C which helped her to get good sleep but that didn’t last long. Then I started asking more depth questions and learned that her job required more mental exertion. On this basis, I prescribed Kali Phos 200c and 1M infrequently which helped her more than Coffea. This medicine helped her for a couple of months but again she had to take sleeping pills.

I again started observing her while she explained her sleep problems and her son’s problems. She used to visit my clinic with her son or her spouse or both. She spoke constantly about her professional and domestic problems. She always interrupted her son while shared symptoms.  While talking, she used to jump to  unrelated topics.  Then I started understanding that her hoarseness happened due to her loquacious nature. She would get irritated due to her sleep problem and took sleeping pills to get going next day for her job.

Based on these observations I prescribed Lachesis 30C and to my surprise, she responded wonderfully. She could sleep perfectly well that month and a couple of months thereafter. Her husband also reported that she was less irritated. He confirmed that she didn’t take sleeping pills at all in the last 2 months. After a couple of months her problems started relapsing gradually. I prescribed Lachesis 200 C with confidence and again she started sleeping soundly. It’s been 5 months with no meds and just placebo. She is doing perfectly well since then. This case reminds me again to treat the patient, not the symptoms.

About the author

Hemesh Thakur

Dr. Hemesh Thakur ( BHMS, CCH, CRC, RS(Hom) graduated from Nehru Homeopathic Medical College in 1993 and started practicing in 1994. In 2007 he moved to Florida (US) and worked as clinical research coordinator in group of Gastroenterology physicians (2008-2011). He also did CCH from the Council of Homeopathic Certification and practiced with various specialty practices, such as psychiatric, acupuncture, chiropractor, assistant homeopathic physician. Then in 2011-2016 he worked as Senior Consultant in Dr. Batras Positive Health Clinic, working on hair and skin cases. Dr. Thakur is also pursuing counseling and family therapy from IGNOU University, Delhi. At present, he is further exploring homeopathy to unravel the real cause of ailments.

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  • Hi Hemesh,
    I hope you can help!
    I am a 50 year old female who has been having trouble sleeping since going through an early menopause in my late thirties. I have tried various things to help me sleep but for instance Ylang Ylang under my nose at bedtime worked the first night but stopped then. I was diagnosed as having M.S when I was 15. I manage without any medication for secondary progressive MS now. I take 175mg Hypo thyroxine daily and use a Seretide 250 Evohaler morning and night and a Salamol 100mg reliever as needed during the day.

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