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Lack of Concentration in a Boy of 10

Written by Chetna Rochani

Dr. Chetna Rochani treats lack of concentration in a boy of 10. His strong desire to belong to a group, fear of being expelled, anger from being dominated and low self-worth lead to a Lac remedy.

First consultation May, 2018.

This is a 10-year old boy who was brought by his mother. She is asking for help for her son who is failing in school exams and was asked by the school teacher to repeat the same class. He is lacking concentration in studies. He remains silent or suddenly gets angry and his mood keeps changing. His confidence is extremely low. He gets hurt easily. He cries during sleep.

During consultation he started answering my questions without any hesitation:

Q: What do you want to become? (I asked this to know if he interested in something other than academics)

A: I want to become a pilot. I like to watch movies, play guitar, tabla, drum.

Q. Which subject do you like the most?

A. I love math, but I can’t understand, maybe the teacher is not good.

Q. Tell me more about you.

A: I like Animals –especially the giraffe, elephant, camel. A camel can walk in hot desert.  He doesn’t get dust in his eyes, because of plastic-like covering over eyes that prevents it.  The giraffe is tallest one and elephant walks very nicely. I like birds – especially peacock, parrot, bulbul.

Q. What dreams do you get?

A:. Ghosts without hands, with 3 faces, people stabbing my family members, mad people who are beating me.

Q.What do you do in dreams?

A: I take beatings. I have to bear it because I can’t do anything. I cry. I get scared. No one comes to help me. I get angry, but I can’t do anything.

Q. Fears?

A: Ghosts. I start crying in my sleep when I see blood. I do get scared of snakes, lizards because these are poisonous one.  I like to share everything…I share my tiffin with my friends.  I don’t like my team leader because she does backbiting, she reveals others’ secrets, she expels me from the group.

Q. What group are you talking about?

A. We are in the same group of friends where we plan for meals, outings and playing games, then our moms also join with us. All people are good in team except her. She tells me this is wrong, this is right. She is very dominating. I am scared of being expelled from group, scared of being alone.

Desires – Daal , rice , burger, paneer, chhas , milk with chocolate powder

Aversion –garlic, spinach

Case Analysis:

This patient belongs to the mammal group. He expresses a strong desire to belong to a group. Fear of being expelled from the team is the main issue that is very clear and repeatedly stated by the patient. Conflict of receiving and giving – love, food, care, attention. Anger from being dominated. Low self worth.

There is a theme of victim and aggressor. A theme of hierarchy –superior / inferior. Words like dominated, dictated, under someone. The patient is dependent on his group for sharing food, outings, for love, care and attention.  He has a strong desire to belong to a group, feel safe and secure within the group. The stability of a group provides him with a sense of security. This indicates the mammal group.

His group leader expels him from the group, ignores him, yet he still gets her favorite breakfast to please her.  He is trying to please, to be liked, cared for and accepted because he is feeling left out and rejected. There is a feeling of low self-worth… I’ m not good enough, I’m ugly. Dominance is the main theme in Lac caninum. Here the patient has submitted, finds himself weaker, bears beatings,

blames others for his suffering and gets angry with them for treating him badly.


Mind- Concentration – Difficult

Mind – Confidence , Want Of

Mind – Delusions, Dirty

Mind – Delusions, Ugly

Mind – Delusions, Looked Down Upon, He Is

Mind – Delusions, Worthless

Mind – Delusions, Imaginations – Faces, Sees

Mind -Dreams , Attacked Of Being

Mind- Fear, Alone, Of Being

Rx- May 28, 2018 – Lac Caninum 1M – one dose followed by Sac Lac for 1 month.

Follow up:  June, 2019

This year the patient is passing with 65%. His mother is very happy. This time she didn’t complain about anything regarding her son. She said that his relationship with his younger brother and friends had improved a lot.  He is much calmer and more focused now.

His teachers are also surprised to see his improvement.  He doesn’t get scary dreams and his sleep is sound. He has started learning the French language now, along with his studies. He can concentrate very well. Whenever this child sees any dull student in his class, he asks them to take homoeopathic medicine (stated by tuition teacher to his mother.)

I have not needed to repeat the remedy. I have been in contact with his mother and teacher and he is absolutely doing well. He can focus on his studies and he is not aggressive now as he used to be earlier. Rather he has become more calm and mature.

Follow up January 2020:

I have not repeated remedy after the first dose. He is doing well. I get updates from his mother as well his teacher. He can focus on his studies and he is not aggressive now as he used to be earlier. He has become calmer and more mature. He is not getting into conflicts with friends and instead has started making new friends.

No new physical complaints, or any negative remarks from school have been received. Now things are going smoothly for him as well for his family members.

About the author

Chetna Rochani

Dr. Chetna Rochani has been practicing homoeopathy since 2009 at Baroda, Gujarat, India. She received a B.H.M.S from Baroda Homeopathic Medical College in 2009 with internship. She got her MD (Materia Media) from R.K. Anand Homeopathic College and Research Institute. She also received an N.D.D.Y. (Diploma in Naturopathy and Diploma in Yoga) from Gandhi National Academy of Naturopathy. She as conducted monthly camps on thyroid and diabetes and health awareness programs with the help of the Lions Club of Ajwa regarding homeopathy. She is currently working as visiting faculty at Gujarat homeopathic Medical college, Savli, Baroda.

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