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Low Blood Pressure in a Woman of 26

Homeopath Ton Jansen presents a case of low blood pressure that he treated with his special method of detox therapy.

Since the beginning of my practice, in 1987, I have searched for deeper and more permanent healing of my patients. In the early 1990’s I developed Homeopathic Detox Therapy, using homeopathic remedies made from allopathic drugs to undo the harm these drugs can do and to revitalise the Vital Force.

I had homeopathic remedies made from vaccinations, contraceptives and other hormonal medication (these are very damaging to the endocrine system), statins, blood pressure medication – you name it. The results were remarkable, much better and faster. I have first described this method in detail in Fighting Fire with Fire.

As time went on, I began using remedies made from eg. bodily substances, like hormones and neurotransmitters. These (and others) I described in ‘the Sequel’ to Fighting Fire with Fire, in the book Human Chemistry, Integrated Therapy. In this book I also write about supporting the homeopathic treatment with orthomolecular supplements, healthy diet and daily exercise.

With an unhealthy lifestyle, health cannot be restored for long, even with the best treatment. I always make a ‘Timeline’ in a consultation, asking the client to tell me about their life from the early beginning to the present day.

Added to this, I have found that reading a blood test reveals many imbalances in a person’s system that can be corrected with this method. And this correction can be measured in a subsequent blood test.

Please find below one of my cases from my latest book, Human Chemistry, Integrated Therapy, from a homeopathic perspective, dealing with low blood pressure.


A slim, gentle, blonde woman of 26 has had sepsis during peritonitis caused by  untreated appendicitis. In the ICU she’s given a lot of medication, including antibiotics and anaesthesia for the appendectomy. After this her blood pressure is suddenly low (98/60).

The timeline reveals that she had epileptic attacks as a child, for which Depakine was given. She has had all the children’s vaccinations in her youth, and the epileptic attacks started after the MMR vaccination. She has had antibiotics frequently for recurrent eye infections.

From the age of 15 she has taken the contraceptive pill to alleviate the horrible days before her period.  She now needs a lot of care and attention from the people around her, and, she tells me, she gets this through a certain mild manipulative behaviour: she withdraws and moans.

I tell her I can only help her if she stops taking the contraceptives. She agrees and I prescribe a course of Poly contraceptives, of Antibiotics and of Poly Bowel Plus. I open the case with one dose of Medorrhinum 10M.

Medorrhinum is indicated here as it fits her miasm and because of the frequent use of antibiotics in the past. I have experienced that one dose of an opening remedy in a high potency makes the treatment work faster and milder. Pulsatilla 200 I prescribe as a weekly remedy.

A course is formed by 16 globules, 4 from each potency. Usually I start at 30K, then 200K, M ending with 10M. The first week the client takes a globule 30K on (for example) on Monday and Thursday, the second week again. The same is done with 200K in the next two week, and so on. This way a course takes 8 weeks.

Example 4 x 4 Course Timetable

Potency: 30K 200K MK 10MK
(Date of intake) Mon Week 1 Mon Week 3 Mon Week 5 Mon Week 7
  Thurs Week 1 Thurs Week 3 Thurs Week 5 Thurs Week 7
  Mon Week 2 Mon Week 4 Mon Week 6 Mon Week 8
  Thurs Week 2 Thurs Week 4 Thurs Week 6 Thurs Week 8

During these 8 weeks other courses also can be given, if needed.

1st Follow up:

After 8 weeks she is livelier and feels better. However, her blood pressure is only slightly higher. I continue the treatment with a course of Poly anaesthetics, as the low BP can also be caused by the anaesthetics. As she is still tired, I also prescribe a course of Cortisol to support her adrenals. As she tells me that her deepest wish is to be able to enjoy life like her friends, I give her Nitricum acidum 200 as a weekly remedy. This time an opening remedy is not needed, as covers all miasms. Disturbances of the heart are very syphilitic, so the remedy (here needs to address this.

2nd Follow up:

When she returns after 8 weeks her blood pressure is 105/60, much better, but she still gets dizzy from standing up. So, I prescribe a course of Vasopressin, together with Chimaphila umbellata, as she has had cystitis the last few weeks. This finally solves her problems: her blood pressure increases to 115/70 and all other complaints disappear.

MM Vasopressin

It is a hormone synthesised as a peptide prohormone in the hypothalamus. There it is converted to AVP (arginine vasopressin). It then travels down to the posterior pituitary, and is released from vesicles into the circulation (regulation of blood pressure) in response to extracellular fluid hypertonicity (tonus of the muscles).

Vasopressin is also made chemically as an anti-diuretic medication.

Function of Vasopressin:

•    it increases the amount of solute-free water that is reabsorbed into the circulation from the filtrate in the nephrons of the kidneys

•    constricts arterioles, which increases peripheral vascular resistance and raises arterial blood pressure

•    important role in social behaviour in general, balances blood pressure and stress response during pregnancy, sexual motivation (erectile function) and pair bonding

Organ or organ system: Cardiovascular system, kidneys and liver

Theme: Not able to express creativity

Picture: They feel dizzy and are not able to think clearly. They are creative, want to do things but are physically incapable. They are very thirsty, because they are quickly dehydrated as they often need to pee: the kidneys excrete the urine too quickly.


  • Fatigue with a low blood pressure eg. in older people with dry mucous membranes, dry skin. They drink a lot, but pee it out right away. I advise using Lo Salt (containing more potassium and less sodium) and kelp for iodine or iodine as a supplement. There’s a lack of response to their environment (this is due to the fact that they need all their energy to survive with their low blood pressure: DD Arg.nit, Arn,, Op, Tab,). This low blood pressure can be caused eg by pregnancy, prolonged use of Viagra Or Depakine
  • lack of amniotic fluid
  • sepsis
  • after general anaesthetics; if delirium occurs after an operation first give Morphinum, if it comes back give a 4×2 course of Vasopressin, one dose in the morning, one dose in the evening
  • after damage to the kidneys caused by high blood pressure medications. Also: dryness of the cavities, especially eyes, mouth, salivary glands)

School Of Human Chemistry

Ton Jansen International Online Postgraduate Courses 2022

We are continuing our online program of Human Chemistry training courses, covering its principles and how to apply them in the clinic.  Webinars are held bimonthly using Zoom in Meeting format.

We are offering 3 course levels:

  • Basic Level: this is for those who are beginners in this method. You can begin studying the basics by purchasing the recordings of the Basic Level webinars made in 2021, plus reading the book Fighting Fire with Fire by Ton Jansen.
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  • Advanced Level: for those who have already completed the intermediate level in 2021;

A certificate of attendance can be provided on request at the end of each webinar for the purposes of showing your hours of continuing professional development.

A Certificate of Proficiency may be provided after the student has attended at least 60% of the intermediate course and taken a test which will be given towards the end of the year. An Advanced Certificate may be awarded at the end of the Advanced year to those who have also submitted some cured cases and a small project of their choice in connection with Human Chemistry.

About the author

Ton Jansen

Ton Jansen (1956) studied ClassicalHomeopathy in Den Hout (the Netherlands) at the "Antroposofische School voor Homeopathie". In addition to this course he has followed the training for "Antroposofische Geneeskunde" in Zoetermeer and Arnhem (the Netherlands). In 1987 he started his ownpractice "Centrum voor Gezondheid in Beweging" (Centre for Health in Motion) in Den Hoorn (the Netherlands, near Delft). Over the years Ton specialised in the treatment of 'modern' diseases, like MS, rheumatism, fybromyalgia, Lyme'sdisease, cancer, migraine, epilepsy, asthma, PMS, depression. ADD, ADHD, Asperger, phobias, autism. He has been developing a method to treat these diseases which is called Homeopathic Detox Therapy. In his practice Ton achieves many positive results with this therapy. Ton Jansen teaches the Homeopathic Detox Therapy both nationally and internationally. Website:


  • After a quarter century as a classically trained homeopathy, i began my trainings with Ton, in the third year now. His webinars are live not recorded, and interactive. I’m so grateful for our international community, for Ton’s innovations in new remedies and methods, and all the personal and professional growth that comes from this. I’m often up until early hours of the morning here in Melbourne, and enjoy every minute of the sessions, several hours long. And two nights running at a time. I have found my “tribe”! And yes, certainly results which just did not come with other remedies. Further, I’m inspired to come up with new remedies in this way, to ask the local lab to produce. So, it’s not just taking in information, but being inspired to look even further. Grateful! To the “Ton and Roger Show” (referring to Roger who coordinates everything!)

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