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Menstrual Complaints in a Woman of 42

Dr. Sharan N. Kanthi shares a case of menstrual complaints in a woman of 42.  Profuse menses and fear of the dark were among the symptoms leading to the simillimum.

Chief Complaints: Profuse menstrual flow since 6 months.  Menses fluid and also clotted. Clots are large and bright red.

Agg daytime and on average exertion. She felt very weak as hemoglobin was reduced.   Earlier, menses were short and scanty. Before m hardly ends on 3rd  day with little flow, but since 6 month all of sudden heavy menses started. Menarcheat at age 11. Regular cycle that time, but later menses were short and scanty.

Knee pain since 1year  Right > Left / Sore feeling in limbs. Pain agg after long standing and at beginning of motion. Better by warm application .

She was married at age 17. Now she is a widow with 2 children . She lost her husband at very early age and was exposed to serious responsibility of bringing up the children and maintaining financial setbacks. She did everything courageously but since last two years started to develop anxiety about what happens to children if she dies of heart disease. Her family has heart disease. She is very anxious and has panic attacks at night. Now she is afraid uterine problem could turn into cancer. She feels lonely and with no one to help her.

Obese and tall

Thirst – increased. Drinks often

Appetite – Decreased

Bowels –  Constipated

Thermals – Chilly

Perspiration –  Decreased; dry skin ;

Sleep – Dreamy, superficial, not refreshing  Cannot recall her dreams.

Family history

Father – Diabetic/ Hypertensive / Heart disease underwent CABG twice .

Mother- Diabetic / underwent hysterectomy on account of fibroid uterus.

Weight 82.5 kg

Bp 135/ 85 mmhg .

Was taking tab MPA 1-0-1  ( Medroxy Progesterone Acetate)

Advised to stop it completely

Investigations ;

Recent USG Abdomen reveals

  1. Bulky Uterus of size 10.5* 6.0* 6.8 cm .
  2. Endometriosis ; thickening 30 mm .

3.Right and Left Ovarian cyst

4.Nabothian cysts . .

Final Remedy

Calcarea carb 0/1 ;  3 stroke / 2 teaspoon daily morning empty stomach .

Fraxinus q 15 drops bid . in one cup of water after food.

40 size globules morning 4 after food.

60 size globules night 4 after food

For   * 1month

Reasons for Calcarea carb:

  • Chilly remedy.
  • Indicated for profuse menses especially at climaxis.
  • Always insecure and fearful
  • Fear with palpitation
  • Fear of heart disease.
  • A glandular remedy.

Fraxinus q. acts at pathological level and its main sphere of action is on uterus and it has fibroid dissolving properties.

08.10.2020 .

No menses since 1 month

No more bleeding. but since 2 days slight lumpy bleeding, burning sensation during urination which disappeared once this bleeding started since 2 days .

Left sided abdomen pain  / No more knee pain this time .

50 % better in anxiety and panic

All complaints were better, but since 8 days, since the indication of this menses, complaints returned.

Weight  82.3 kg .

Bp  130/80 mmhg

Rx:  Continue Calcarea Carb 0/1 3 stroke / 2 teaspoons  alternate days

40 size globule morning 4 .

60 size globule night 2

Fraxinus q 15 drops bid . *  1 months

10/11/2020 .

Menses appeared on  2.11.2020  only for 4 days

Bleeding much under control / No more clots

Pain abdomen – took  Belladonna 200 c emergency 5 tab

Burning sensation in abdomen .

Anger – intolerant  for silly things .

Mental symptoms much better

Weight 83.4

Bp 135 / 80 mmhg .

Continue Calcarea Carb 0/1  Fraxinus q 15 drops bid .

Investigations ;

Uterus  size  9*5*5 cm .

Endometrial core 10 mm .

No more Ovarian cysts

No more Nabothian cysts .


15/12/2020 .

Much better . No menses this time. It was due since 2.12.20202 .

Feeling better in mental sphere.  No more fear to be alone in the dark.

Rx:  Continue Calcarea Carb 0/1 40 size globule morning 4 .

Fraxinus Q was discontinued as no more indication for it .

20.2.2021 .  Menses on 17.1.2021  Only for 3 days. Uneventful .

Otherwise no more complaints.

Weight 81.6 kg .

Bp 125/ 80 mmhg .

Sac lac sachets weekly one dose .

Endometriosis has been cured.

Advice – Repeat scan after one year .


Much better .

No more complaints .

She attained menopause .

No menses since 9 months .


No Endometriosis / Cysts seen


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Sharan Kanthi

Dr. Sharan N. Kanthi, BHMS, MD (Organon of Medicine) -B.H.M.S in 2008 from HKE Society’s Malakraddy Homeopathic Medical College Gulbarga. Doctor of Medicine (Organon & Philosophy) in 2014. Presently practicing as a Chief Medical Officer at Dr. Kanthi’s Nandi Homeo Clinic since 15 Years. Worked as Consulting Homeopathic Physician at Bangalore, Raichur, Udupi, Bellary and Shahapur of Karnataka. Founded Homeopathic Doctor’s Association of Karnataka (HDAK) in 2011 and also serving as a Founder Secretary. Organized 6 Homeopathic National Level Seminars in Gulbarga. Conducted CME’s on 3 Occasions in Gulbarga. Conducted more than 75 free homeopathic health camps in Gulbarga. Freely distributed more than 10,000 homeopathic immune booster doses during the COVID 19 pandemic. Conducted academical classes for internees on setting up a homeopathy clinic. Have written numerous articles in the daily newspapers.

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