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Phosphoricum Acidum in Treatment of COVID-19 Patients Part 2

Dr. Mirjana Zivanov shares her experience with Phosphoricum acidum in treating covid-19 cases. Results were very good in cases with predominantly respiratory symptoms, with exhaustion, headache, fever, loss of senses of smell and taste.

“Phos-ac 1M results were very good in predominantly respiratory symptoms, with feelings of exhaustion, headache, fever, loss of senses of smell and taste.”

(Editor’s Note:  The author uses the Matrix method of case taking which is based on identifying a person’s opposite themes, called the Primes. Certain words in bold below represent the themes of specific remedies.)

In my article in the March edition of this magazine, a few remedies were suggested as the genus epidemicus for COVID-19, with Phosphoricum acidum 1M as the leading remedy. The suggestions were based on the cases of atypical viral pneumonia we had in our clinic in the months before the pandemic.

These were our regular patients with an already established Simillimum, so first we tried to repeat the Simillimum, but we didn’t get much results. This made it clear that we needed to look for the Genus epidemicus.

Now there is evidence of COVID-19 cases in Italy as early as November 2019. There are numerous contacts between Serbia and Italy, with many Serbian nationals living and working in Italy. That is why the first cases in Serbia probably started in early December 2019.

The first part of the article (Corona Cases Before the Pandemic) are the cases before the pandemic officially started, when we were looking for the remedy for this viral infection. It was published in the Part 1 of this article in the January issue.

The second part (Corona Cases during Pandemic), are some of the cases cured with Phos-ac in our Clinic, and the reports of our colleagues who followed us in prescribing Phos-ac for COVID patients. Part of it was published in the January issue, and the rest is in this part.



Man 33 years old, from Netherlands, September 2020  –Our patient urgently asked for an appointment for his friend. We had to move the appointments of our regular patients to make space for his appointment. He arrives in a panic. Doctors told him that he had retinal disease and that he would soon go blind.

When we took his case, it turned out that back in March 2020, he got TERRIBLE (Stram) ventricular arrhythmias, which mostly occurred at night. They used to wake him up in the middle of the night. He felt like he was going to die, so every time he would  get into his car and rush to the hospital, speeding at 180km/h through the city.

After he would get allopathic therapy at the ER, he would calm down a bit and go home, but it would repeat a few nights later.  After cardiological examinations, doctors told him that he has very unusual ventricular arrhythmias for a young man, and that he really would have died if he had not rushed to the ER.

His girlfriend noted that it was all happening at the time of the first wave of the Corona, and that he’d never had a heart condition like this before. Now, the effects of COVID-19 on the cardiovascular system is well documented, but back then there was just anecdotal evidence of that. Before this all began the patient was on a strict Keto diet, trying to lose weight.

Doctors prescribed a therapy, but his condition didn’t get any better, so he asked for another way to fix it. The doctors said he could try heart surgery with cauterization of certain spots in his heart, using catheterization.

He went through this intervention, but his condition persisted, and the intervention was terribly traumatizing for him. These episodes with arrythmia appeared again after the surgery and their intensity even increased.

When he came to our clinic he was still on a strict Keto diet. He lost more than 20kg, and looked exhausted, so we recommended he stop with this diet.

He was first prescribed Opium 1M, because he was traumatized from the surgery, and feeling the GRAVITY[1] (Opium) of this situation. He decided to stop taking all the allopathic drugs.

On the next follow-up, the communication with the patient was LIGHTER (Opium), but he had another episode with arrythmia. Since we suspected his heart condition was COVID related he was prescribed Mancinella 10M.

In the next few days after the remedy, changes appeared on his skin, on both hands. There were symmetrical changes on both arms. Since then, he hasn’t had an episode of arrhythmia, but he still had palpitations from time to time, that he used to have throughout his life.

On the next follow up we prescribed his Simillimum, Argentum nitricum 10M. After the remedy, he regained his good mood, joy returned to his life, and he regained 8 kg. Before he got sick, he started a keto diet and lost a lot of weight in a short time. The state of exhaustion caused by this diet was certainly an additional trigger for the development of his condition.

A month after the case taking, he went for a regular check-up with the allopathic doctors. The cardiologist said that his heart was much better, with the heart capacity of an average person of his age, while a month ago it was like a heart of an elderly person. The ophthalmologist said that his retina began to improve, even though a month ago he was told that it was only going to deteriorate further, leading to blindness.

While he was on allopathic drugs, he felt depressed all the time, and he couldn’t feel happy even for a moment. After he stopped taking allopathic drugs, and got his Simillimum, his joy of life returned. His girlfriend said that he is much CALMER[2] (Arg-n), and now they rarely have any quarrels.


Female 35 years old, Simillimum is Argentum nitricum, November 2020.

Dying, runny nose, sneezing, a little cough, malaise, a few times she felt dizzy, hot breath… She takes Phos-ac 1M. The next day she writes that her temp is 37.2, that she sleeps less today, but that her head hurts terribly, like her brain is pulsing, especially when she bows her head. She stayed at home to rest.

Yesterday she could still sense the smells, and today she can’t smell anything. Also, she can only sense the salty taste. He husband came for her remedy Mancinella 10M. She took the remedy, and after half an hour he wrote to us that she feels just a light headache.

She said: ”It’s amazing!” The next morning her temperature dropped to 36.7oC. The headache is much better. She only feels it when she gets up, and she is fine when resting[3] (Arg-n) and walking[4] (Arg-n). It only hurts when he changes position, but even then, much less than yesterday. “This remedy really helped me! I feel much stronger today!”

In the evening she stayed in bed. Her head was only a little sore with some movements, but the pain slowly faded. If she does anything, her heart starts pounding, she gets flushed with heat and her lungs hurt a little.

Her breathing is fine and she can breathe deeply, and she does not cough. The next day she said the headaches and fever were gone. She gets a little tired, and her heart beats like crazy even when she tries to tie up her hair, with a slight pain in her chest and flushes of heat. In her mouth she can only sense warm, cold and salty, and no other taste. The sense of smell is also gone.

We told her to rest and take the remedy Phos-ac 1M. Next day the fever was gone. She felt better. “There’s still fatigue, but I’d say it’s getting better, although I’m not doing anything, so I can’t really check. The latest is that I cough up a little mucus in the morning, and the rest of the day I’m fine. No more headaches, just the feeling that I’m tired, and I get a little dizzy in sudden movements, like getting up, so I try not to get up too much… Ha, ha… ”

The next day she reported that her sense of smell has returned, and that she went outside to walk.

The next day she sent us a picture of herpes simplex coming out above her upper lip on her left side. She said it is happening to her quite often, and that she feelt like this when she had smallpox. After a few days her sense of taste and smell  returned.  She feels fine now, but she still gets tired easily.


Man 60 years old and Man 58 years old, Novi Sad November 2020

Our patient came to a regular follow up, and told us how after he and his family took Phos-ac 1M for COVID, he told a family friend about the remedy. His family friend had pneumonia for a week and a half with fever.

“We offered him the remedy! And at first, he was like, “No[5] (Phos-ac)!”, but when he realized that he was not getting better, he accepted[6] (Phos-ac) to take the remedy. The next day he called us to say that his temperature had dropped and that he feels no symptoms at all. Nothing!

Then my uncle heard about it, and he immediately wanted[7] (Phos-ac) to take the remedy, as well. He also coughed and had a fever… And it helped him immediately! Two people who had Corona! They have both been tested positive on COVID! ”

When we asked if they were taking other medications, the patients told us that he assumes that they did, because they first went to the allopathic doctor, but they were not getting any better. After our remedy Phos-ac 1M they did not take anything else.


Man 53 years, University Professor, November 2020

Our colleague has complete kidney failure, so he has to spend 4 hours in the hospital every day for dialysis. He has been taking allopathic medicines regularly for years because of his chronic condition, and he still is.

He asked us for help, for a remedy, because he had tested positive for Corona. He feels exhausted, coughs and has a fever.  We’ve sent him Phos-ac 1M. He took the remedy and so did his whole family, as they also started coughing and feeling exhausted. After the remedy they’ve all felt better.

However, because of the pandemic he was forced to go for dialysis to a state institution, instead of a private one. He DID NOT LIKE (Phos-ac), but there was no other solution, because he was COVID positive.

He stopped coughing, and his temperature dropped, but a terrible nausea started and he couldn’t eat anything. Because of his difficult chronic condition, he was then admitted to hospital.

He continued to take the remedy Phos-ac 1M, in addition to allopathic therapies.

After two weeks, he told us that he was out of the hospital. Gradually he got better and in the end, he completely recovered.

The nausea, because of which he was admitted to hospital, was a symptom of his underlaying condition, that surfaced after the acute illness COVID was cured with Phos-ac 1M. This symptom was showing that it’s time for the constitutional Simillimum treatment.

As soon as he got out of hospital, he wrote to us that he wants to make an appointment to treat his basic problem homeopathically, the complete kidney failure, as well as to improve his general health, because he was convinced by how the medicine Phos-ac 1M worked for him. He says we saved him.

Male 37 years old, Simillimum Opium, November 2020

Husband of the woman in the previous case. He had sore throat, weakness, and temperature of 37.1oC.  He was prescribed Phos-ac 1M.  He was immediately well. The next day he went to work, as he was perfectly fine.

That evening he also took Mancinella 10M, fearing not to get infected, because his wife was taking it. The next morning, he had a temp of 37.2oC. He stayed at home to rest. He was better, but he just felt tired. He and his wife came to the conclusion that the first remedy (Phos-ac 1M) suited him better! He took the first remedy Phos-ac 1M again.

The day after the remedy he felt quite well, so he went to work. The next day he reported that he was fine, and that he had not lost the sense of smell or taste. The following day he reported that he felt only a little weaker than usual, but that everything else was fine. The day after that he reported that he lost the sense of taste and smell, and a dry cough has started. We told him to repeat the remedy Phos-ac 1M. The cough stopped right after the remedy, and a few days later his sense of taste and smell returned as well.


Boy 6 years old, Simillimum Thuja, November 2020

Our patient had a runny nose, coughing and low fever. His mother told us that he had a runny nose for about a week, and then he started coughing. We prescribed Phos-ac 1M. The next day the mother wrote that he feels better, he no longer coughs, and he has no fever.

Case male 53 years old, November 2020

Case male 62 years old, November 2020

A woman who used to come to our Clinic writes to us that her brother-in-law has been coughing heavily for several days. The cough is so strong that he feels like he is choking while coughing. We prescribed Phos-ac 1M.

The next day, she wrote us that the cough is much better, but that now her husband has a temperature of 38oC.  He is a diabetic on insulin for the last 30 years and takes allopathic heart medications, because he had a heart surgery.

He had never been a homeopathic patient before. We told her to give him Phos-ac 1M, as well. His temperature didn’t go down, but even after two weeks of fever, he didn’t get pneumonia. He was taken to the hospital. After two days his temperature  dropped, and he is better now.  She and her children also took Phos-ac 1M for prevention.

Female 65 years old, Simillimum Apis mellifica C200, November 2020

Male 67 years old, Simillumum Formica rufa C200, November 2020

The two of them were our regular patients. She wrote us that he caught a bad cold, because he was changing a flat tire on his car, on a freezing cold weather by the river, for an hour.  Now he coughs, and he got a runny nose. He stayed in bed and had no fever. She says that she also has runny nose and coughing. We prescribed them with Phos-ac 1M. She got better two days after the remedy. He stopped coughing a week later, and he didn’t get pneumonia.

Our patient came to a regular follow up in December 2020 and he told us:

“Well done! My mother gave your remedy for COVID to a friend on Sunday, and his temperature dropped on Monday. He’d had 10 days of fever. He took two pills of Phos-ac 1M.

Our regular patient, Simillimum Lycopodium, December 2020

The patient had a temperature 37.1oC, sore throat and she felt very anxious and exhausted. She was prescribed with Phoc-ac 1M. The next day she told us:

“When I took the remedy Phos-ac 1M the anxiety stopped! The next day when I got up,  my throat was just a bit dry… Now my throat is good, my nose is a little runny, I’m still weak… ”. She was fine after a few days.

A man from Belgrade and his family, December 2020

The man heard about the remedy from our patient who had COVID. She was prescribed Phos-ac 1M and she was cured. He contacted her over the phone, and  said that everyone at his home are Corona positive, except his wife, who is in the hospital.

They all took Phos-ac 1M. After seven days, he wrote her that they are all well, that they no longer have any symptoms. He tried to give the remedy to his wife who is hospital, but he wasn’t allowed to. Now, they are waiting for her to come out, and they plan to bring her to our clinic, to help her recover.

Man 56 years old, Simillimum Ignatia amara, December 2020

Our regular patient writes that he feels like he is getting a flu, that he has chills, and feels tired and torn, temperature is around 37.2. He asks if he should take our COVID remedy Phos-ac 1M, which we gave him to have just in case.

We told him to take it. The next day he writes that he is feeling well, that he has no temperature. After a few days he writes that he still feels quite well, but that he has lost his sense of taste and smell. A few days later he got back the sense of taste and smell.

Woman 26 years old, from Aleksinac, December 2020

Our patient from Belgrade who was cured from COVID with Phos-ac 1M told her aunt about the remedy when she lost the sense of taste and smell and had a mild temperature. She sent her aunt the remedy. The aunt went to sleep and the next day she was fine.

A 23-year-old woman and a one-year-old daughter, Belgrade, December 2020

Our patient from Belgrade who was cured from COVID with Phos-ac 1M, told her friends, a mother and daughter who were tested COVID positive, about the remedy. They took the remedy and recovered almost immediately! When she was tested for COVID a week later, she was negative.

Brother of our patient, 30 years old, December 2020.

Our patient told us, that a week ago, his brother got Corona, with high fever, lost the sense of taste and smell. He felt totally broke down. That was how he felt the second day after the first symptoms. On the third day our patient brought him the remedy for COVID we gave him to keep just in case – Phos-ac 1M. His brother took it in the evening, went to sleep and when he woke up in the morning – nothing, no symptoms whatsoever. “His sense of taste and smell got back, and everything got back to normal. He felt just a little exhausted for one more day, and then moved on with his life. We were both amazed.”

A letter from my dear colleague homeopath Dr Bhupendra Nath Rasaily M.D. (Hom), November 2020

Respected Dr Mirjana,

Congratulations for your unique application of homoeopathy in the treatment /prevention of Covid19 by the medicine which you identified after exhaustive research work and clinical trial as Acid phos 1M. Here are a few cases successfully treated and used as preventive medicine for Covid-19 cases in India as per your teachings. My sincere regards and gratitude to you for serving mankind in this crisis.

Dr Bhupendra Nath Rasaily M.D. (Hom)

Ex co-ordinating officer homoeopathy

Darjeeling district, West Bengal



In August 2020 end the officer in charge and whole police personnel Mekhli ganj police station in West Bengal were exposed to a Covid19 positive case. They were sent home to quarantine and they were all given one dose each of Acid phos 1M. None of them tested positive after 14 days.

A Police officer and international athlete of Patiala Punjab tested Covid19 positive in August 2020 and he was given Acid phos 1M which put him promptly to his normal health. His wife was also given Acid phos 1M one dose and she stayed safe throughout.

An Indian Air force personnel Mr. P. 35 years old was exposed to a Covid19 patient and he was sent home for quarantine in October 2020. His whole family was given Acid phos 1M one dose each. At the end of the quarantine period they tested negative for Covid19.

A Gas station manager Mr I.K.V. tested positive for Covid19 and died during treatment in Siliguri hospital. His whole family of six were given Acid phos1M one dose each and they stayed safe throughout.

My dear colleague Jelena Vitorovic Pavićevic, followed my suggestion to prescribe Phos-ac 1M for Corona cases, and here are the results (sent in November 2020):

A woman about 45 years old has developed a severe condition, with sweating, temperature of 38.5oC and coughing. After she was prescribed Phos- ac 1M, the next day she no longer had a fever and the cough decreased a lot. There was fatigue and tiredness with sweating, so she repeated the remedy, and in the next few days she recovered.

A woman 44 years old, was exposed to a group of people who were COVID positive. She also tested positive for COVID. She had chills, shivering, temperature of 37.5oC. She was prescribed with Phos-ac 1M. After the remedy she felt much better and all symptoms stopped. She repeated the remedy a few more times because she felt she needed it, and then reported that she feels great.

A woman about 50 years old got a strong cough and a temperature of 39oC. She was prescribed Phos-ac 1M and after the remedy she felt much better and her temperature decreased significantly, as did the cough. Soon, she stopped coughing. She repeated the remedy for the next few days and the temperature went down to normal. Her cough also stopped and she reported that she feels great and reborn.

Another COVID case treated by Phos-ac 1M by my dear colleague Mirjana Medic, December 2020:

“I have another patient who was helped by Phos ac 1M.  I am writing to you immediately about him so that you can include him in your article.  A 60-year-old man had a temperature of 38.7 for 2 days. When he took Phos ac 1M, he slept all day, it was 37.9 at night, and the next morning he woke up without fever. He feels great, “like new”.

A letter with a few more COVID cases by my colleague Jelena Vitorovic Pavićevic:

“Messages from patients who got Corona and took Phos acid 1M as you told me”

“I feel good. My taste and smell returned two days ago. Should I take the remedy again? Thank you so much! ”

“We are better, we don’t have a temperature, sometimes children have a runny nose, but they are so good and happy. Stefan and I lost our sense of smell the day before yesterday, but we are great now!”

“They no longer have a fever or cough, and they got better in just in 1 day.

“Feel free to add it to your article, this remedy works wonders for COVID.”

“Also, my godmother got the COVID  2 weeks ago and she immediately took the remedy Phos-ac 1M and the temp dropped the next day and she was without temperature all the time. She had no symptoms other than fatigue, but now that fine too. Literally the temperature dropped the very next day.”

Another COVID case treated by Phos-ac 1M by my colleague Jelena Vitorovic-Pavicevic, December 2020

“Another case of success with Phos-ac 1M: My godfather got Covid and had a temperature of about 37.2 and a severe headache. He took the remedy Phos-ac 1M and the temperature dropped the next day. The headache decreased and soon stopped.

A letter from my friend Avinash, an Engineer from India

Dear DrMirjana,

In the whole Covid-19 scenario I was traveling in an 8-seater car, with my team members, doing engineering projects. All were coming from different areas of town. I gave them Phos-ac 1M doses and everybody stayed fit. One of my assistants got running nose and cough. Also, his oxygen level started dropping below 92%. I immediately gave him Phos-ac 1M  as suggested by you and in a single day he got cured.

You’re a real Godly personality!

Warm Regards

Avinash, India

A friend of mine from Nepal, Sushil Aryal, followed my recommendation to take Phos-ac 1M for COVID, and here are the cases of people to whom he gave this remedy:

  1. A 45 years old accountant working in a multinational company from Kathmandu, Nepal was suffering from Covid-19 in November. He was suffering from cold, high fever, headache, muscle pain, respiratory problem, cough and nausea. After PCR test his report was positive. He was given Acid Phos. 1M next day. After 2 days his fever was down and he was feeling better day by day. All his health problems were cured in 7 days. After 2 weeks his PCR test report came back negative. He did not used any allopathic medicine. He was only taking hot tulsi+tumeric boiled water. He is totally well now is doing his office work.
  2. A 21 years old Girl from Birgunj, Nepal in November was suffering from dry throat, difficulty swallowing any food, sneezing, running nose and cough. She was given her Acid Phos. 1M After 4 days she was normal.


In our experience with the COVID cases, Phos-ac 1M results were very good in predominantly respiratory symptoms, with feeling of exhaustion, headache, fever, loss of senses of smell and taste.

Mancinella 10M helped in resolving the cases with predominantly cardiovascular or gastrointestinal symptoms, especially long-lasting diarrhea, headache and fever.

I wish to thank my colleagues from the Matrix team, Dr Stojan Primovic and Dr Andreas Kelemen for their work with the COVID patients, and my colleagues who followed our suggestion to prescribe Phos-ac to COVID patients and share the results: Mirjana Medic, Jelena Vitorovic-Pavicevic, Dr Bhupendra Nath Rasaily M.D. (Hom), Dr Rajendra Patel.

Also, I wish to thank my friends, who shared my recommendation to take Phos-ac 1M for COVID with their family and friends and reported the results to us. Thank you especially to Avinash from India and Sushil Aryal from Nepal. Last but not least, I would like to thank my patients who shared the remedy and information about it with their friends and families.

PART I can be found here:

[1] GRAVITY – LIGHTNESS the Code for Opium

[2] CALM – RESTLESS the Code for Arg-n

[3] Keyword Arg-n

[4] Keyword Arg-n

[5] Keyword for Phos-ac

[6] Keyword for Phos-ac

[7] Keyword for Phos-ac

About the author

Mirjana Zivanov

Dr. Mirjana Zivanov DDS, Registered homeopath, graduated from Faculty of Medicine, University of Novi Sad (Serbia) and London International College of Homeopathy. She has 20 years of everyday clinical practice in classical homeopathy, at the Homeopathic Clinic in Novi Sad, Serbia. She is the founder of this Clinic. She is an associate member of Hahnemann College of Homeopathy, UK. She is the author of the books: “Homeopathy in Practice”, "Homeopathic medicine - Principles", "Homeopathic medicine - Invisible Influences", and many published articles. The books published by BJain on her Matrix Method in 2018 are: "Matrix Method with Tetractys Model in Homeopathy" and "Opening the Secret Door with Matrix & Tetractys in Homeopathy". Dr. Mirjana is the creator of the "Matrix Method" in homeopathy, and she presented it at international congresses: IHS London 2015, IHS London 2016, IHC Bangalore, India 2017, lecture at SLD Novi Sad, Serbia 2017, and at the IHC London 2018, IHC London 2019. She was awarded with the HCH “Star of Homeopathy” in London, 2019. and in 2020 with CoA CORONA WARRIOR by SYSI, New Delhi. In 2021 Dr. Zivanov developed the Karmic Labyrinth method. More information: and Dr. Mirjana Zivanov’s contact: [email protected]


  • Great work. Very interesting results with Acid Phos. I read many other articles which seems that they have just tried to suppress the illness of Covid-19 either by using Opium or Camphora-1M. I think Acid Phos is a big remedy for the prevention and cure of Covid-19 cases. I have used it for my family and also for me. All are ok. Thank you for such great discovery.

    • Thank you for your kind words! Phos-ac is a big remedy for COVID cases, and I am very happy that it helped you and your family.

  • Thanks dr Mirjana Zivanov for this discovery. It seems that the Phosphoricum Acidum is the remedy that covers the totality of symptoms in these cases so it could be the Genus Epidemicus. It works instantly without suppression of the disease. Great Job!!!

    • Thank you very much! Phos-ac is an important remedy for treating COVID cases, especially with respiratory symptoms, and it is one of the remedies of the Genus epidemicus for this illness.

  • Very great work done for the suffering humanity. May Allah the almighty bless you for your this glorious contribution.

  • Dear Dr,Thank you for the informative article! If we were to use Phos Acid 1M as prophylactic for covid, could you please suggest the dosage for it? Would 1 dose of 1M every 15 days suffice?

    • Dear Preeti, thank you. One dose Phos-ac every week is ok, and if there are some early symptoms of respiratory infection, like sore throat and/or feeling exhausted, then it should be repeated more frequently.

  • Dear Dr Mirjana Zivanov,
    Would it be fair to say the reason Phos-ac is well-indicated is because Phosphorus matches the coughing and loss of taste and smell and is so well-known for pneumonia, while the acid element covers the weakness and exhaustion so prevalent in these cases?

    • Dear Elaine,
      It’s all true, and more than fair to say. But, apart from the totality of physical symptoms, there is also something about the Zeitgeist in the period before the pandemic, that showed a lot of deep mental and emotional Phos-ac symptoms. That is what made so many people susceptible to COVID, and of course, why many of them reacted very well to this remedy. As the Matrix method is primarily focused on the emotional and mental symptoms, we have been coming across Phos-ac as a situational remedy so often in so many different people, that it was clear we were dealing with a much larger phenomenon.

      • Thank you for answering so quickly. I also have a question about Mancinella. I was shocked to see it being used for covid–for cases pertaining to stomach and intestinal involvement, heart complaints as well. Why any of this would make you think of Mancinella, I don’t know, when there are so many heart remedies and so many digestive remedies–Veratrum, Arsenicum, China, Nux v., so many others; I seriously doubt that many people even have Mancinella, and especially in the 10M potency, I just find myself scratching my head. When I think of Mancinella, I think of fear of evil spirits, fear of demonic possession, fear of going insane, fear of ghosts, great fear after watching horror movies and so on.

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