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Ovarian Cyst in a Woman of 25

Drs. Zubair Mustahid and Azmal Hossain share a case of ovarian cyst in a woman of 25.  Jealousy, lascivious and tumor in right ovary were among the symptoms leading to the simillimum.

Abstract: Formation of a fluid like pouch in the human ovary is known as ovarian cyst. Both ovaries may have the cyst. When the cyst breaks open or twists, it produces lower abdominal bloating, pain, and vomiting.

Many cysts appear in both ovaries in polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). They are related to ovulation. Women of reproductive age develop small cysts in every month. In general, an ovarian cyst is harmless. Homeopathic medicines, in certain cases, can cure the cyst, fibroid, and many abnormal growths.

Key Words: Ovarian Cyst, PCOS, Ultrasonography, Ovulation, Menopause, Metrorrhagia, BRCA1, Libido & Apis Mellifica.


Nowadays development of ovarian cyst, uterine fibroid, and abnormal growth in different parts of the human body are common. Females are more affected with the extra growth in the genital organs. Genetic and environmental factors are held responsible for the matter. It essentially produces missed period, mood changes, decreased libido, hypertension, infertility, and obesity.

Simple ultrasonography of the abdomen diagnoses the disease. Sometimes MRI and CT Scan help to get the accurate diagnosis. Sometimes, a woman has an abnormally high level of androgens, or male hormones. PCOS can interfere with fertility.

In most of the cases homeopathic management can cure the condition. Sometimes, surgery is needed.

Symptoms and signs

Fullness in the abdomen.

Pain in lower abdomen during menses and copulation.


Difficulty in bowel movement

Headache and asthenia

Nausea and vomiting

Weight gain

Facial hair growth and acne

In some cases, it produces infertility

Types of cysts

They are of different kinds of cyst viz. Follicular cyst, Theca Lutein Cyst, Corpus Luteum Cyst, PCOS, Chocolate Cyst, Dermoid Cyst, Hemorrhagic Ovarian Cyst, Ovarian Serous Cystadenoma, Ovarian Mucinous Cystadenoma, Para ovarian cyst, Cystic Adenofibroma, and Tumoral cysts.

Accompanying disorders

PCOS includes the development of numerous small cysts in both ovaries due to the elevating ratio of LH to FSH, typically more than twenty-five cysts in each ovary. Elevated level of HCG during the fertility treatment also produces the bilateral ovarian cysts.

Diagnosis & Histopathology

The diagnosis of ovarian cyst is made simply by abdominal ultrasonography. In some case, it needs MRI and CT Scan of the pelvis. For definitive diagnosis a doctor needs histopathological test.


In most of the cases, the cyst can be cured with conservative treatment. In homeopathy, there are lots of medicines which can dissolve the cysts in a specified time. A few are unmanageable because they are huge and unresponsive to the indicative medicine. They require surgical intervention but it’s the last option.

In 1976, my great grandmother, Ms. Robijan Bibi, 58/F, had an occurrence of a huge ovarian cyst weighting 13 kg. To see the massive swelling of the abdomen it seemed she was pregnant at the postmenopausal period. In fact, it was a giant ovarian cyst.

The family tried homeopathic management, but it did nothing. Finally, she needed surgery, for the painful discomfort was unbearable. Surgery was fruitful. She lived twelve years more after the operation with good health. The surgery was successfully done by two distinguished gynecologists viz. G K Das MBBS, DGO and Naren Pramanik MBBS, DGO.


Ms. F.K., 25, presented with right ovarian cyst on 2 February 2022. She had one child aged ten years. Since the first delivery she was on contraceptive pills. Severe burning pain in the lower abdomen during menses. The pain was so severe that she had to take some pain-relieving medicine in every month.

She had taken different types of medicine with no result. The quantity of blood was too small and it continued for three days. She had right sided pain of the genital organ during sex, but her libido was strong. Sometimes, she had leukorrhea.

Anorexic. She had hard stool leading to fissure-in-ano. Bleeding from the rectum. No urge to take water. One to two glasses of water would suffice her for a day. Automatically, she developed constipation. Recurrent UTI. Urine scanty; it came out after defecation.

Sometimes, involuntary urination when coughing and laughing. She said she often bit the tongue. She used to take lemon juice with dal at lunch and dinner. She was fond of tea with milk.

She was always irritable and restless. Unable to tolerate anyone in the house, particularly women. Suspicious about the sanctity of her husband. The man had moderate sex and he was busy with assignments. He was unable to cope with her, as she was indomitable, and it made her think that her husband was involved with another woman. So, the family became inferno.

No peace in the house. Quarrelling was the rule. The woman sometimes became childish and would pinch her husband’s nose. She had the notion of being poisoned anytime. She was fastidious. As the gynecologists suggested her operation, she feared the outcome. Finally, the woman reached to our clinic.

 US Whole Abdomen

16 September 2021: Rt ovarian complex cyst.

04 October 2022: Normal kidneys, urinary bladder, uterus & right ovary.

Diagnosis: Right ovarian complex cyst.

Evaluation of symptoms as rubrics:

  1. Jealousy, women, in 2. Obscene, lewd 3. Conscientious about trifles 4. Lascivious, lustful 5. Suspicious, foolishly
  2. Tumor, ovaries, right. Pain, uterus, menses during.  3. Sexual desire increased.  4. Thirstless.  5. Rectum, fissure.

Repertory Sheet

Remedy :

Apis mellifica


200C, 1M, 10M


After Treatment

After taking the medicine on 2, February 2022 she  started getting relief. The pain became gradually less. Other discomforts were significantly gone. In the first week of June the pain and headache restarted. She was weeping when she came to our medical hub. That time we gave her the 1M potency of the medicine. Within a few days her condition was almost normal.

On 6 September 2022 She came to our clinic with lower abdominal pain. She had leucorrhea and loss of appetite. Her condition was good. As it appeared the action of the medicine remained stationary, we prescribed the same medicine in 10M potency.

Since then, the woman did not have any symptoms. The ultrasonography on first week of October 2022 showed the pelvic organs were in normal condition. No trace of right ovarian cyst.


All the related symptoms of ovarian cyst and the concomitant were recorded accordingly. As homeopathy depends on the potentized medicine, the mind symptoms are more important. So, one after another we recorded all the mind symptoms.

Most of the time we need not ask any mind symptoms because all objective mind symptoms are visible in the face, tone, and activity of the patient. Weeping, irritability, moaning, laughing, anger, sadness, Feigning and the likes are easily detectable without asking questions of the patient.

In this case we noted down the important symptoms. We assembled all the symptoms according to the paradigm of homeopathy. Then only one medicine came to the picture. It was Apis mellifica. The medicine includes some rubrics like ovarian cyst, ovarian tumor, uterine fibroid etc. in the homeopathic repertory. In daily practice it validates the statement in making the tumor or cyst dissolve.

Before giving the medicine, we counselled the patient that the condition was curable. No need of any operation. Now people are afraid of diseases like tumor or ulcer or inflammation. They think surgery is only option in such cases. Homeopathic medicine has the power to cure most of the abnormal growths in the initial stage.

Some people think if a tumor remains active in the body for a couple of years it may turn into cancer. Some people are fascinated to the genetic screening. If she knows, she has the mutation of BRCA1 gene she goes to the surgeon and has her mastectomy or hysterectomy done, although she does not find any symptoms at all.  It is done for a preventive measure. How far the removing of a certain organ or organs can prevent the cancer growth is still shrouded with mystery. But studies show tumors, cysts and fibroids are curable through the homeopathy.

In the pre-cancerous stage we start getting the multiple symptoms. Genetic screening can confirm the precancerous state that is yet to develop. If anyone starts the homeopathic treatment at the precancerous stage, there is a possibility of cure. For the state, we have many deep acting miasmatic medicines.


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