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A Cured Psoriasis Case

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Written by S. Arul Manickam

A cured case of psoriasis documented with photos.

A thirteen year old girl came with Psoriasis of upper body since one year.  The eruption affected especially the head, face, chest, back and upper extremities with excessive whitish scaling, intense itching <night and burning after scratching. Scaling – more during summer. The scaling on head had a very offensive odor.


Due to her condition she felt rejected by her classmates and teachers. In the classroom she was not allowed to sit with other children or to touch them. Her classmates treated her badly. The teachers made her sit in a separate place in the classroom.

Basic nature


She is well adjusted and gets along with everyone in her home.  She would easily burst out crying when scolded by her mother.  She liked to go outside and play, even when others didn’t want to play with her. She is a very pleasing, lovable and kind-hearted girl.

State of mother during pregnancy

When she was in her mother’s womb, her mother decided to terminate the pregnancy because she already had two children, but the attempt ended in failure.

Physical generals


Thermal—Can’t tolerate summer, eruption <summer, fanning was desired in all seasons.

Appetite -normal

Thirst—1-2 lit/day



Sweat—absent, inability to perspire.

Sleep—sleepless due to itching and burning at night.

Food and drinks- desired : spicy, fish, potato.  Aversion: sweet, hot food and drinks.



Forsaken feeling

Weeping easily




Hot patient

Inability to perspire

Desire: spicy food, fish, potato

Aversion: sweets, hot drinks

Sycotic miasm



9/5/10 –  Rx  PULS 200/1PILL/1D.

20/6/10  – Mentally she feels well.  Eruption almost 75% reduced.  Itching reduced, sleep better. Offensive odor of head reduced



30/8/10 – She was happy. Eruption almost gone.  No offensive odor in head.  Itching mild. Sleep-normal

Rx  SL


17/10/10 –  Fully recovered from eruption. Mental and physical state is good.

Rx   SL




The forsaken feeling was an inner core of this case, her mother wanted to terminate her pregnancy while she was in the womb, so the theme of feeling neglected imprinted in her fetal life was reflected in her later life. Pulsatilla, the sycotic remedy, covered the central theme and remaining parts of the case. She was very much improved in a short time with the single, similar, anti-miasmatic homoeopathic medicine . She improved first from the head, face, then trunk and extremities, so the cure was from above downwards according to Hering’s law of cure.


Before treatment

During treatment

After treatment




About the author

S. Arul Manickam

Dr. S. Arul Manickam Bhms, DFN, DGC. Velumathi Classical Homoeo Clinic, Koothanallur
Dr.S. Arul Manickam BHMS, DFN, DGC, 26, practices in Koothanallur, Thiruvarur-dist. Tamilnadu. He graduated with degrees in homeopathy, food and nutrition and guidance and counseling. He practices according to the true classical principles and methods of Hahnemann.


  • I loved your article, I congratulate you for what you did with that girl, without which I do not know what would have been her present and future.
    I hope you will continue working so well!!!


    Celia Steiman MD

  • Congratulations!
    good work. your case analysis was excellent.
    In my experience usually such cases require a nosode too
    to remove the miasmatic stigmata.
    my best wishes for the wonderful homeopathic journey you have ahead.


    Sai Vinay Kumar MD

  • good case ya. but to say she is completely cured we may have to wait for another 1 year and if there is no recurrence we can say she is completely relieved, and recurrence for 5 years completely cured (According to WHO psoriasis can only be considered cured if there is no recurrence for 5 years). But appreciate ur great work. good luck. Dr Srikanth

  • The case of psoriasis is obviously very well taken, analyzed & evaluated providing full justification for prescribing Puls, which happened to be an absolute similimum The way the cure was seen establishing following Herring’s law, looked, out & out an ideal cure a perfect Organo-Hahnemannian cure. There cannot be a better example of proving the veracity of principles of Organon & Homeopathy. Dr…. no doubt, deserves all appreciation for dealing with this case so intelligently.
    I would only like him to confirm whether he administered I pill of Puls 200, one dose once only, as his prescription indicates (Rx Puls200/1pill/1D) ?

    • Absolutely Dr. Kuldip Singh I gave only 1 pill of puls 200 because it is optimal minimum dose, if more than 1 pill is given I have experienced an aggravation in many cases. So I gave only 1 pill –one time only because after 1 dose the amelioration in all level, so I avoid repeating the dose again in subsequent visits. If the medicine is similar the minute dose is sufficient to boost our vital force.

      • Thanks Dr. Arul for your reply. You proceeded all according to classical homeopathic principles and was able to establish an ideal cure. It proves you could find the exact similimum it thus suited like hand in glove.

  • What a wonderful result ! Could any medicine other than a Homoeopathic one produce such a result? Case well taken.

  • Nice case where most prominent ailment was the inner unconscious feeling of being rejected which approves Mr Sankaran methods of case analysis.

  • Hello Dr. Manickram,
    That was really good..just wanted to know, what does SL mean (didnt understand that)?
    Also, the puls 200 every visit 1 dose? So it is like every 2 months? It was really amazing?
    I hope you have more cases to share with us.
    Congratulations and hoping to read more of your success cases!!!

  • hi doctor, congratulations,
    My doubt is whether you are using same method in acute cases as in this case one dose one pill or repetition?
    please reply

  • hi arul
    i wanted to know even in acute case you use method as single dose and one pill?
    please reply

  • Hi doctor,

    Good treatment. I am very impressed with the potency u have given and time u have taken. Truly Hahnemanian.method.

    Sivacharana sastry
    A Homeo lover and amateur

  • Congrats, your effort is lauded As told by some body, only homepathy medicine only can treat such cases with success. Your application of mind is apprecaited.
    I would like to know your email and phone no.

  • dear Arul sir im last 10 years suffering from head psoriasis with unlimited hairfall problem ur contact number pls………….

  • Hi Dr. I’ve been suffering with head and nails psoriasis for 5 years. I loved this treatment and would like to get a way to contact you. Thanks in advance

  • Dear Dr.S.Arul,

    Congratulation and hearty wishes for your splendid job. I am very much thankful for your devoted service for mankind and I feel like to have treatment for my complaint.

    Thanks for your great service of challenge

  • excellent job dr plz post more cases and core feelimg of other remedy remedies ….respected sir how you are understanding core feeling in case taking and remedy please guide me …..good morning …

  • I am not a doctor. I don’t understand a thing from the above. but when i read all the comments i do understand one thing is that you have done a great job. I have my friend who is been affected by the same problem. will you be able to help him with this. can you please give me your Phone number and adress?? so that i shall ask him to come and contact you.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Franklin Joseph Francis.

  • HI, Congrats Doc. for discovering the cure. I myself am a patient of severe psoriasis , suffering does not have words as of which we suffer. I am a resident of delhi would like to visit your clinic to get treated . kindly e-mail meyour add. eagerly awaiting response from your side. THANKS

  • Hello. Im 21 years feemale. Could be living my best days of my life but psoriasis keeps me sad. Cure to psoriasis is something that is too good to wish for because it gives false hope. So i ask You dear person can you share your treating methods and help many many sad people? Thank You.

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