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Post-Covid Syndrome in a Woman in her 40’s

Homeopath Grace DaSilva-Hill shares a case of post-COVID syndrome in a female patient. Fever, body aches, chill and metallic taste in mouth were among the symptoms relieved after the homeopathic remedy.

A female patient, in her late 40’s, was diagnosed with Covid in late March 2020. Her initial symptoms were: fever, excruciating pains in various parts of the body, heaviness in the legs, her body felt bruised. She then became short of breath, her chest felt squashed, better for lying down very still, but pressure did not help the breathing. She said that she had been very ill indeed.

She received antibiotics 5 weeks into this process at the end of April.

I have known this lady for 2 years; she had received radiotherapy at the end of February 2020.

She contacted me at the end of May 2020 to ask for help. I took the case as an acute, as she was still feeling quite ill, and the UK was under lockdown at the time, so we talked on the telephone.

Her presenting symptoms were:

She has had a fever for 2 weeks, aching in many parts of the body including her feet; she feels dull, heavy, shivery, has tension in her forehead. She feels hot then cold, oversensitive to sound and touch.

Her chest feels bruised, and she has a metallic taste in her mouth. She feels burnt from the inside through the bones, but feels very cold too.

She has extreme emotions – anger, fear, feels abandoned. She has been like this for 2 months and cannot see an end to it.

She feels better some days, does some work, then crashes out, exhausted, sleeps a lot then feels better again – like a cycle.

I asked her to look at her tongue in the mirror, and describe the state of her tongue. She described it as flabby taking the indentation of her teeth.

Analysis: some remedies of choice here would be Gelsemium, Bryonia or Eupatorium-Perfoliatum.

However, the main remedy coming through quite clearly is Mercury, and this was prescribed as Merc-Sol. in the 30c potency twice daily for 1 week, which she had in her first aid homeopathy kit. I told her to report back.

I received a phone call from the patient 48 hours later to report an improvement of 80%. She continued improving and made a full recovery of all the symptoms she presented with at the time of the acute consultation. I saw her again in September 2020 for constitutional treatment.

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Grace DaSilva-Hill

Grace Dasilva-Hill has been a professional homeopath since 1997, with a clinic in Charing (Kent) and international on Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp video. She practises Sensation Homeopathy as refined by Drs Joshis (Mumbai), and Homeopathic Detox Therapy as developed by Dr Ton Jensen. She is also a practitioner of EFT-Tapping.

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