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Primary Amenorrhea in a Woman of 15

Written by Nikisha Harwani

Dr. Nikisha Harwani presents a case of primary amenorrhea in a woman of 15.

(Clinical Application of Inter-current Remedies )

This patient is a girl of 15 years who presented with the chief complaint of primary amenorrhoea (Homeopathy Treatment for Amenorrhea).  She is very lean, weighing just 28 kgs. No appetite. Would not eat even when pressured to do so.

Past History

Tuberculosis at age 10 – had taken AKT

No family history as such


Appetite – Diminished

Cravings- Non veg- chicken, fish, fried rice and sweets

Aversions- Vegetables

Thirst –  Thirstless

Urine-  No complaints

Stools- Constipated, hard stools

Perspiration- On head and scalp

Thermals- Chilly – Can’t tolerate cold weather

Sleep- sound, salivation during sleep


“Grandfather passed away a few years back. He visits my dreams and tells me that I am not dead, someone killed me and you need to take revenge.”

Nature and Temperament

  • Very sensitive girl, will weep on small things; will weep when mother scolds her
  • Gets very nervous before exams- “If I get less marks, friends will tease me that I got less marks and they scored more than me.”
  • Very very scared to go on stage—will get trembling of legs before any stage performance or examinations.
  • She likes to be with her friends, likes to dance and play sports.
  • Fears – cockroaches, lizards, rats

Observations –  Nail biting, blue line on Gums

Case Analysis-

First Prescription

Calcarea Silicata – 200 bd for 7 days

Rx – Calc Silicata

Calc Silicata from Dr. Sankaran’s Soul of Remedies:

Calcarea silicata is a salt and represents a combination of feelings of both Calcarea and Silicea. Like Calcarea the person feels insecure, with the need for protection and like Silicea he feels the need to maintain a particular standard.

The need to maintain a certain standard gives Calcarea silicata its sensitivity to reprimands. Here it compares with Staphysagria in this that both drugs have a high sensitivity. This sensitivity to reprimands keeps him from confrontation and getting fired and hence maintaining the standard that his superior sets for him. He also becomes timid, bashful, yielding, irresolute, hesitant, since this will help him. Also, he has a lot of anticipatory anxiety before exams, interviews, meeting people or before beginning a new job.

He can have pleasant dreams of being with his family or talking to dead relatives.
    Physical symptoms:
    Physically they are lean, chilly patients.
           o Sweaty palms and soles, especially cold, sweaty finger tips.
           o Blue line on gums.

          o Delusion, voices, hears and answers.
           o Delusion, talking, dead people, with.

           o Sensitive, reprimands, to.
           o Timidity, bashful.
           o Yielding disposition.

Follow Up after a Month-

Her appetite improved – weight gain – 3kgs

No salivation from mouth during sleep

Menses- didn’t appear yet.

State of mind

Had exam stress – “Would I pass in exam or not- what will happen?”

She was very sensitive. Whenever her mother or some elder would scold her, she would weep.

Generals –

Thirst- would not drink unless encouraged- very thirstless

Cravings – Meat +, Chocolate ++

Sleep- sound- position on abdomen

Thermals- Hot agg

Hobbies and Interests- dancing , painting, art and craft work.




Carcinosin- 200 – Bd for 2 days

Follow up after a Month-

  • Menses appeared- normal cycle
  • Appetite improved further- weight gain further
  • Overall doing good

She is now getting regular menstrual cycles and her general health improved.

Second Follow Up-  ( May– 2017 )

  • Menses appeared- normal cycle
  • Appetite improved further- wt gain further
  • Overall doing good


Now, it’s almost 8 months and she is on placebo, getting her regular menstrual cycles, her overall health is good, she is gaining weight gradually, and doing good in her studies.


It is important to make keen observations of minute changes in the state in the follow ups and not being satisfied even when we see slight improvement. Studying the follow ups as a new case is the key.

Also, nosodes are not given as intercurrent but when indicated, when the whole state indicates them. Then they act beautifully.

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About the author

Nikisha Harwani

Dr. Nikisha Harwani ( BHMS ) graduated from TSHM College and Hospital, Amravati and did internship from CMP Homoeopathic Medical College, Mumbai. Now doing MCAH from The Othersong Academy, Mumbai, where she is working and learning under Dr. Gaurang Gaikwad, Dadar (Mumbai).

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