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Recurrent Cold and Cough in a Girl of 4

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Written by Disha Chheda

Dr Disha A Chheda presented a case of Recurrent Cold and Cough in a Girl of 4.

Name: Baby ABC, aged 4 year old comes for homeopathy treatment of recurrent cough and cold for the last two years. The complaints start when there is exposure to dust, pollution or any sort of coloured foods. It starts with cold followed by sore throat and fever. Cough is aggravated at night. Once the fever starts she has to be treated with the full course of antibiotics and this occurs each month. After giving the antibiotic medicines her appetite diminshes tremendously.

Physical generals:

Appetite: decreased

Thirst: will drink water at frequent intervals

Stool: no complaints

Urine: no complaints

Sleep: refreshing, 10 hours in the night

Perspiration: profuse over the forehead

Thermals: Desires to be fanned in summer and winter. Will want AC as well in summers.    Bathing – warm water in summer as well as winters.  Covering: no covering needed in summer as well as winter.

Birth history: Her birth weight was 2.5kgs and she is one of the twin siblings. She was born full term by Cesarean Section.

Vaccinations: given with no obvious reactions

Mothers history during pregnancy – no complaints

Mentals: She is the girl and the other twin sibling is a boy. She is very intelligent and has a very sharp memory. The mother says that she will observe each situation very keenly and cannot be fooled. She is very choosy for her preferences of food and clothes. She will decide what clothes to wear when she goes to the garden and what pair of shoes would match them well. She loves to dress up well with matching pins and jewellery each time. She imitates her mother and demands a small purse with sanitizer. She is very good at drawing and colouring.  The mother says the girl is dominating and will want things her way only. In school the teacher said that she will obey but will not follow lines. She has good leadership qualities. She will mix easily with others.

Case Notes:

We observe that the girl is very domineering and intelligent, loves to dress up well and loves attention and feeling important.  As we select the rubrics we come across the following remedies:

Remedy given: Lachesis 200, 1 powder and SL 30 tds for 2 weeks

Date Follow up Status Remedy given
12/08/2017 Was better, cold and cough was lesser >> Sl 30 tds x 4 weeks
20/9/2017 Sore throat due to cold food and drinks Ailments from cold food

Mental state was very irritable and cranky.

Appetite was less

Lachesis 200 1 dose was given, SL x 2 weeks
23/10/2017 Cough>

No fever

>> SL x 4 weeks
25/11/2017 No cough..

Patient eats all foods

Allergic sensitivity is much lesser


SLx 4 weeks
3/01/2018 Vaginal discharge and itching since a week Lachesis 200 (1) dose ,

SLx 4 weeks

5/02/2018 Patient is much better physically and mentally SL continued x 4 weeks


Lachesis always likes to be the centre of attraction.They will try to look the best and will always dress up in a very attractive way. They are domineering and very possessive about their belongings. They will take revenge in subtle or severe form if you try to harm their image. They will be suspicious and very loquacious also but these qualities are rarely seen in children. Precocity in behaviour and imitating adults are important indicators for Lachesis.

About the author

Disha Chheda

Dr Disha A Chheda has a BHMS, MD in Pediatric Homeopathy and is a Certified Lactation Counsellor. She practices at Navkaar Clinic at Ghatkopar West and sees many Pediatric cases for acutes as well as chronic complaints. She has also treated numerous lactating mothers for mastitis and thus prevented operative procedures. She is attached to Arya Samaj Trust at Chembur and KKT Trust at Vile-Parle.

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