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Revisiting: Ailments from an Extremely Loud Noise

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Here is last month’s quiz along with the answer!

To read last month’s full case quiz. Visit – Ailments from an Extremely Loud Noise




Kali carb.-2

Phosphorus -2




Well, let’s see how everybody did this time! It looks like we got a lot of right answers. Does anybody want to take the first swing?

Hi Elaine,

The answer for the quiz “Ailments from an extremely loud noise” is Aconite as it is sudden fright and it is taken under the rubric “Ailments from fright”.




You are absolutely right, Sujatha! Good for you! Who else is here?


Hi Elaine and Shana!

Hello Maria!

I laugh every time with your “Scorpions” conversation, which I recalled when I went for swimming one morning and the beach refreshment bar was playing the WHOLE Scorpions CD!

Get out!

But the WHOLE CD???? After that I changed my swimming spot as you’ve probably already guessed!

(I hope Shana’s not listening!)

And now for the quiz. I am having difficulty to decide, I am among 2 remedies.

Aconite and Phosphorus.

What troubles me is that Phos is a 3 under “Fear from noise” and Aconite is a 1.

Fear with crying is only Phos present in 1 grade.

Ailments from fright, Phos is a 3 and Acon is 4.

Startled from fright, Phos is a 4 and Acon is a 3.
I will vote for Aconite, if I am wrong I will try again.

You are correct! It was Aconite! Ailments from fright. It’s more likely “ailments from fright” than “fear of noise” or “startled by noise”; and then there’s the “sudden onset” thing Aconite is so famous for. The “fear with crying”, crying is normal for kids, so, we don’t pay much attention to that.

PS: we should do a quiz for the Muppet’s Show 🙂

Uh-oh! I hope Shana didn’t hear that!

Too late!–Shana


I also read your article  “Myths About Modern Medicine”, you nailed it!  See you next month 🙂

Thanks, Maria!


Do we have a caller there? You’re on the air with the Hpathy Quiz.

Hi Elaine,

Hi Wayne from Australia!

Looked up Mind: Fear: noise from – the rubric in heavy type is PHOS.
Consulting Murphy’s Materia Medica, we see great tendency to be startled by noises. This would be similar to anxiety during a thunderstorm.
Also we find, Oversensitive to external impressions, noise odors and lights, – fireworks.
There are: however, several other remedies in the rubric.
I tried to find a rubric under terror, looked up Mind: Noise: aversion to, also Mind : Crying: noise, but nothing as strong as Phosphorus.
My vote is for Phosphorus.

Maria was strongly considering Phosphorus too; but, it’s really much simpler than that, it’s merely, “Ailments from Fright, Acute”–Aconite.  Of course, Phosphorus is in that rubric too; but, not in bold as Aconite is.

Enjoyed James Brown!

Oh my gosh!  It looks like I’ve got another soul brother! 🙂  Thanks for voting, Wayne!


Hey, everybody, Vamsi’s in the house!!!


First and foremost, Shana’s funny things were very entertaining ……

Really???? In that case, I’ll have to read them!

Okay coming over to the quiz, Mira was terrified with the sudden noise from a noise-maker…..a “gunshot”….

Startled by different sounds..reminds me of Borax (Sudden noises, gun shots), Phosphorus (Thunder Storm) and Rhododendron (general storms )

I would go for BORAX, if its not BORAX…I would give another try , please let me know.

Well, Vamsi, it’s really much simpler than that. It’s just “Ailments from fright”–Aconite.




Thanks, Vamsi. Oh look, it’s Miroslav and Jitka!

Dear Elaine and Shana,

here are our answers to the September quiz:

Miroslav writes:

As for the quiz, I’d probably give her Aconitum. The reaction was as if the little girl feared for her life, shock … And indeed as fast she responded to the remedy within 15 seconds, it is quite fantastic….Jitka says:I also thought of Aconite in the first moment, but then I wanted to confirm my idea in a repertory. To be able to select rubrics in English, I used the demo version of Open Repertory that was once possible to download on the Hpathy com. According to selected rubrics Borax came out (7/18) and Aconite was with his values 5/10 far behind Borax. Therefore I vote for Borax.Open rep.
Mind, fear, noise, from, sudden, of
Mind, noise, agg.
Mind, sensitive
Mind, sensitive, noise, to
Mind, sensitive, noise, to, slightest
Mind, sensitive, oversensitivefrom Murphy:Mind: sensitive: noise: sudden shots(I translated this, I do not know whether it is the same in the English version of Murphy)

Best regards Jitka

Well, Jitka, it looks like Miroslav does it again!  It was Aconite!  “Ailments from fright, sudden onset”.

Thanks for voting as always!!!  Who else is here?


Elaine, I am a hobby homeopath taking care of my family with homeopathy. Here is an experience I’ve had with this month’s winner, Aconite:

During Deepavali (Indian festival of light celebrated with sparklers and firecrackers and many other fireworks), my dog Pixie barks, shivers, abstains from food and does not leave my lap. Can you believe it? She even barks from the lap! But a dose of Aconite calms her down and I generally follow it with Rescue Remedy.

Sujaya Rao

Thank you, Sujaya! Very useful information for people with frightened pets on noisy holidays!  Anybody else?


The girl frightened and terrified from sudden loud noise, foremost remedy for frightening is ACONITE.

Dr. Parshant Singla

Thank you, Dr. Singla!  Anyone else?


The child was terrified.

“Ailments from fright”.

I think it should be Aconite.

Dr. Amit Aggarwal

Thank you Dr. Aggarwal. I see we’ve got one last contestant!


Hi Elaine

I would probably give Aconite for terror and oversensitivity to noise.

Mati Fuller

You are correct, madam!  I think we have a straggler, hold on a minute….


Elaine, in response to all the votes for Borax, I think Borax would be a great choice because of the ‘fright from loud noise’ ……….but Aconite would certainly help in this situation also, sudden event, very intense, terrified reaction….and who carries Borax around in their pocket? The mum said she had the remedy in her pocket, she had it at hand. I’m thinking Aconite was used seeing I would have to dig deep to find Borax myself.–HOMNZ

Good observation, HOMNZ, I would have to dig deep to find Borax too!  Thank goodness Claire had Aconite with her!  How many of you carry remedies in your pocket?  This is an important lesson to you.  Do you see the value in that now?  They aren’t much use to you at home in your drawer or in your shoe box.  This is the true value of homeopathy: an incident happens, you take a remedy, and you don’t miss a step, you just keep on going!  It’s like you carry a magic wand with you and zap troubles away while others in your situation suffer and spread their suffering to others.  Remember the quiz where Gabi had an “attack of almonds” and because she didn’t have Apis in her pocket or backpack, her throat was nearly swollen shut by the time she got home, and then her kids couldn’t find Apis?  A near disaster finally averted at the last moment!  OK, let’s congratulate our winners now!


Dr. Amit Aggarwal

Mati Fuller


Dr. Parshant Singla





Congratulations!  And thanks to all who voted!  Don’t forget to try and solve this month’s quiz, and I’ll see you back here next month. Bye-bye!


Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.

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Elaine Lewis

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