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Revisiting: Polio Party!

Written by Elaine Lewis

They used to have “Chickenpox Parties” back in the day before the vaccine became available. Maybe they had the right idea because Little Baby “Morty” seems to have gotten Polio from the vaccine! What remedy did you come up with?

Hi, Mom!

Here we are with another Hpathy Quiz!


I read about two deaths in this past month that really depressed me, but first, the good news! Apparently Disney+ will be streaming a new documentary sometime this year about Elton John’s “Farewell Yellow Brick Road” tour—

Oy vey!

which I saw on November 9, 2019, my last show before Covid made concert-going impossible.

This is the good news?  I thought the good news was going to be my birthday on June 20th!

Mom, I’m sure your birthday will be … somewhat …. .

What?  And where is my present???

I ordered it!

Oh.  Well, that’s different.  Never mind!

In the same news article I read that the final show of the tour will be live streamed, it’s at Dodger’s Stadium (where Elton famously played in 1975).  I did kind of want to see the last show he’d play in Philadelphia before retirement (to say goodbye) it’s at the Phillies Stadium on July 15th but every time I go to Ticketmaster, it shows re-sale tickets are running at $200.


No fair!  I guess the cheaper ones went fast.

Yes, I’m sure they did.

OK, on to The Death Report.  I was absolutely shocked to read that Alec John Such…


died.  The original bass player and founding member of Bon Jovi!

Left to Right: Hugh McDonald (bass player), David Bryan (keyboards), Jon Bon Jovi (vocals), Tico Torres, Alec John Such, Richie Sambora (original guitarist)

He died at age 70.

So young…. Can we do the case now?

Tico Torres (the drummer) revealed it was a heart attack that killed their former bandmate.  He left the band in 1994, but I’m not exactly sure of the reason.  However, he should be talked about.

He should?  Did you know that I was a bass player too?  But does anyone want to talk about me????  Noooooo!

He reunited with the band in 2018 when they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  By this time their original guitarist Richie Sambora had been gone for 5 years, but he came back just for this.  Richie’s last tour with the band was in 2013 and I’m still not exactly clear on the reason as to why he left the group.

You’re not sure???  Well, when I start to care, I’ll let you know. 

Guess who else died?

OK, don’t tell me…I’m usually very good at this.  Um……..Don’t tell me…..

Oh Mom, just give up already!  It was Jim Seals!


You know, from Seals & Crofts?

Ohhhhh……. That Jim Seals!

Yes! He was 80.

Which one is he?

The guy in the hat!

Oh.  You mean the cat in the hat?  Ha-ha!

Mom!  No one’s gonna get why that was funny!  Some news outlets were reporting that the cause of death is unknown but apparently he had a stroke in 2017, so who knows, maybe he was having ill effects from that.  You know the song “Summer Breeze” famously covered by the Isley Brothers?  That was actually by Seals and Crofts!

I knew that!!!!

Well the ezine readers might not have known!  They recorded it first in 1972.  The Isley Brothers’ cover is, of course, well known but I still had no idea.  I like their version better.  My favorite Seals and Crofts song is “Get Closer”.

Apparently this song also has a former Honey Cone member on it; you know, “Gonna put it in the Want Ads”?  I looked it up and the singer’s name is Carolyn Willis.  She’s in the video above.  Edna Wright, Darlene Love’s sister, was also in Honey Cone but she’s not on this song.  Edna is the one singing lead on “Want Ads”.  I didn’t know that.

You didn’t????  We had a big announcement about that when she died!  It’s in the November 2020 ezine!

Revisiting: Tearing My Hair Out!

It is? Well excuse me for not remembering things!  So, to play us out, Bon Jovi …


will be performing “Livin’ on a Prayer” from 1992.  This was an Acoustic show for MTV called “An Evening with Bon Jovi”.  This song was the band’s most famous hit during the era Alec John Such was bass player.

He’s an “era” now?

That’s it for my announcements, though the O’Jays are retiring, but I had no room for it.

What?????  You had no room for the O’Jays????  Are you insane???  But you had room for some strange bass player I never heard of?????????  The O’Jays were the greatest soul group of all time!!!

I know that Mom, we’ll get to it next month!

No, we have to get to it right NOW!!!!!!  Here are the O’Jays live on “The Midnight Special” with a very rare performance of the under-played and under-appreciated, “Sunshine”:

Eat your heart out, Bon Jovi!  Eddie Levert just killed!

O’Jays, we will miss you!  Enjoy your well-deserved retirement!

And now for the Quiz!

Do you remember Yael from Israel?  Remember she just had a baby?  (We’ll call him “Morty”.)  She took him for a polio shot and all heck broke loose!

Yael and I were casually talking about a virus that “Morty” had just gotten over for which Yael had given Bryonia.  She ended by saying,

“Now poor thing, he’s got a fever (2 days) after a much needed polio shot.  He’s apathetic, his smile is gone.”

I nearly dropped my coffee mug!  “He’s got a what after the what??????

I did a google search for polio in Israel and here’s what came up:—israel

The “polio” is Vaccine-Derived!  It’s not wild polio, it’s vaccine polio!  Dear God!  I suggested she give Morty a dose of ________200C.  A few hours later, she replied:

“He’s back, Elaine, his mentals are back!  I gave him one dose about 2 hours ago but nothing happened (by one dose I mean I put a bit of liquid remedy on his lips/mouth).  Then I couldn’t take it anymore, so I went for another dose.  He nursed and I tried to make him smile and lo and behold, he smiled back at me (which he hadn’t done in over 24 hours), he raised his eyebrow in his signature charming style.  Thank goodness.  I owe you!”

So, listen to this, Yael tells me that after this horrendous incident, she went back to the clinic and told the “lady” that her vaccine had nearly killed her son!

“She went in the file to look it up, Elaine, and she told me it wasn’t just polio, it was a five-in-one vaccine!!”

OMG!!!!  Well, that’s what they do nowadays, they don’t give just one vaccine anymore, it’s always many vaccines at once, which is completely insane!  Because in nature, you never get viruses that way, numerous viruses all at once, it must throw the immune system into a complete uproar!

So, being curious, I said, “Yael, what exactly did you say to the lady at the clinic when you went back?”

She said, “I told her that my boy was almost dead after taking her vaccine, that it was a very scary thing to see.  She said ‘You should have taken him to the doctor’.  I said, ‘That’s what I did.  I got a very good homeopath in the States, and within a few hours he was saved.'”

“Ha!  Good one, Yael!  She tried to put you on the defensive, suggesting it was all your fault for not going to the doctor, but, you turned the tables on her!”


OK everybody, now it’s your turn!  What remedy saved Morty?  Write to me at [email protected] and let me know.  The answer will be in the July issue.  And oh, by the way, here is a picture of Yael and little “Morty” after the remedy.  He’s smiling alright!

Bye, see ya next time!




Vaccine In Potency


How did we do this time?

Hi Elaine, it’s Lori D from PAZ!

Yo, wazzup?

My guess is Thuja.

I bet Carcinosin could also work since it clears aliments from combined vaccines which this “5 in 1” was.

Lori D — soon to be on the road again!!

Yikes!  Well, Lori, we will be extremely anxious to hear all about that!  But, actually, when I heard that Morty had gotten the “Polio Vaccine”, I opened Murphy’s Repertory to the Vaccination chapter, scrolled down to “Polio vaccination, ailments from” and there were 10 remedies listed with 3 in italics, none in bold, and the 3 were Causticum, Gelsemium and Rhus tox.  Well, I had no trouble choosing the correct remedy because the mother used a Gelsemium word, and that word was… Apathetic!  “He’s apathetic”, she said.  They also call Gelsemium “the great paralyzer”, it’s one of our two main remedies for polio, the other one being Lathyrus sativus.  So, it was a fairly easy decision for me.  Thanks for being the first to answer the Quiz though!

Is anybody else here?


Hi, Elaine, Thuja for vaccinosis is my guess.

Debra Hartman

A reasonable guess.  Debra, my mind went to a remedy for Polio.  Do you know what our 2 big Polio remedies are?  Gelsemium and Lathyrus sativus.  When Yael blurted out a Gelsemium “word”–Apathy–that was all I needed to hear!  Are you aware that “apathy” is the essence of Gelsemium?

The Gelsemium patient with a virus has only one wish: sleep!  They don’t need company, they don’t ask for food, they don’t ask for water…in fact, they don’t ask for anything!  They don’t complain.  They don’t call you.  If you try to engage with them to find out how they are, they can’t even finish a sentence!  Even baby Morty was uncommunicative.  Compare that with Arsenicum, who’s tossing and turning, pacing, worrying, asking for water and hand-holding and constant reassurance….  It’s a stark difference!

And Belladonna is absolutely frantic, probably with head pain as all the blood rushes to the head causing a pounding headache, leaving the feet and hands cold. 

So, yes, in this case, we had a 2-day fever with apathy, I didn’t need to hear anything else, and since it was a baby, I doubted strongly that I would ever find out anything else! 

Listen, you know what you should read, what would be very educational for you and for everyone here, for that matter?  One of my Quizzes called:

“Kelly’s Mother’s Flu”

Revisiting: Kelly’s Mother’s Flu

I did such an extensive job of comparing and contrasting virus remedies, I truly out-did myself!  Very educational and worth reading.

Thanks for voting!  I think I see Pam.



POLIO Party!

My answer is Gelsemium

You’re right again!!!!  Second month in a row!

Let’s clarify the sudden-onset vs. slow onset issue.  My understanding is that the fever commenced very soon after the shot.  After all, Yael was sure that the fever was caused by the vaccine.  If two days had gone by, she might have thought the previous Bryonia case she talked about was relapsing.  But she seemed to know exactly what was responsible for the fever and she even went back to the clinic to tell them so. 

So the question is, can it be Gelsemium if there was “sudden onset”?  Well, here’s what’s interesting: this is not what we mean by “sudden onset”.  Suffering an “injury”, an assault, if you will, is not the same as catching a naturally-occurring virus slowly or suddenly.

If you’re injured, you’re going to react immediately, it’s inevitable.  If I hit you over the head, it’s going to hurt right away.  We can’t say, “Sudden onset!”  No, that is not what we mean by “sudden onset”.  Remember how I always say, “If the symptom makes sense, or is expected, it’s not a symptom.”  If you fall on your face and cry, we can’t take “Mind: crying”, because crying is “expected” and it makes sense!  Similarly, reacting “suddenly” to an injury would be expected, so, we can’t take it as a symptom.

Thuja, I thought of first, because I had always heard it is for side effects from vaccines, but I figured you would not like that answer, so I skipped it.  Though, it is listed in Murphy Rep under Vaccinations: fever, after (lowercase, bold).  And you did make a point to explain this was a case of VACCINE derived polio, not “wild polio”, so I found this a bit tricky to figure out.

Let me just interject here that I’m not sure what you mean by “lowercase, bold”.  So let me explain the numeric value we give to remedies in our Repertory:

Remedies listed in plain type such as what I’m typing in right now are given a numerical value of 1.

Remedies in italics are given the grade of 2.



So, for example, we would say, using your example, “In the rubric ‘Vaccinations: fever, after’, Thuja is a 2.”

Belladonna, is also listed under same rubric, and it is in BOLD CAPS

So, it’s a 3.

but the mother makes no mention of the fever coming on fast and intense, nor of a red flushed face, nor the child behaving frantically, nor any great sense of urgency, so I skipped this guess as well.  Again, not sure if the fever was sudden onset or not.  Did it come on immediately and last for 2 days?

That is my understanding.

Making a nosode remedy from the vaccine, could it have worked theoretically??



I picked this because the mother stated her child was “apathetic” and had lost his smile.

Yes, that’s it, there it is, that is the picture of Gelsemium!  And then, to confirm it, Gelsemium also happens to be a polio remedy, and, it’s a 2 in the rubric “Vaccinations: polio vaccine, ailments from”.  (There were no 3’s.)

You mention “apathetic ” when describing a GELSEMIUM FEVER in your article:

Tidbits-32: Everything You Know About Fever Is Wrong!

“Gelsemium is not frantic and intense, it is very passive, unconcerned, disinterested, dull, lethargic, dizzy…they may not even tell you they’re sick!  You just walk in the room and find them in bed asleep or looking stuporous, disinterested!  They may have wanted to tell you how sick they were, and how they wanted another blanket or something for their headache, but they’re just too dull and apathetic to speak up or call out!”

I picked it because it seemed to fit better with the dullness the child was exhibiting.  GELS is also listed under vaccinations: polio, ailments from.

Very good, Pam, you did it again!


Hi Elaine and Shana!

Hi Maria!

I have a remarkable way of making things difficult 😁 When I read the case I said to myself, “I would give Thuja”.

And there came the second thoughts, because I remembered from a book or a lecture that Thuja was a heavy hitter in a particular vaccine, which I currently don’t remember exactly for what illness.  In chapter Vaccination, Muprhy’s repertory, Thuja is a 4 with Silica under ailments from vaccination.

BUT, Gelsemium is a 3 in there also.


The baby was apathetic with fever which reminded me of Gels.

Yes, as well it should.

In polio vaccination rubric, Thuja is absent, but Gels is in it in 2nd grade.  And then she mentioned that the vaccine was for other diseases too!

Yeah, but, I didn’t know that when the case was presented to me.  We found that out after the child was well and Yael went back to the clinic to sound-off about how they nearly killed him!

So the vaccine was not just for polio.  Now what?  I opened and read the whole chapter of vaccinations and saw that Thuja was in most of the rubrics.  So I will vote for Thuja.  If I am wrong you know my second guess already, that would be Gels.

Oh geez.  It was Gelsemium!  The word “Apathy” gave it away.  “Apathy” is a Gelsemium word.  And like you said, “Ailments from the polio vaccine”–Gelsemium is a 2.  There are no 3’s.  And then…did you know that Gelsemium is a polio remedy?  It’s in Bold for Polio!  So, there you have it.  I’m glad I didn’t know about that 5-in-1 shot because that would have thrown me for a loop!  I’d have been, like, OMG!!!!!  What the heck???!!!!!!!!

I think I see Wayne all the way from Australia!


Hi Elaine,

I wonder if the remedy was the potentised vaccination serum.

Lathyrus is a common remedy used for polio when the disease was not able to be vaccinated against.

Regards Wayne


Wayne, probably either of those things could have worked, but, they would never let her make a remedy out of the vaccine, and Lathyrus is a remedy practically no one has!  So, the key to the remedy selection was the word “polio” and “apathy”.

I surmise that the remedy you suggested would be Thuja 200c.

The remedy that covers both apathy and polio and ailments from the polio vaccine is Gelsemium.


Don’t look now but the Gang from Slovakia is here!!!!

Hello Elaine and Shana,

Hello Miroslav and Jitka!

here are our answers to your June quiz.

Miroslav votes: Gelsemium

Interesting case… How about routine Thuja?  Then there are the next two prominent  remedies  listed in the Repertory for ailments after vaccination: Ledum and Hypericum.  But what about the symptoms…?  The child is apathetic, without a smile… I looked in the rubric: Diseases, Poliomyelitis and offered as a remedy is the apathetic Gelsemium .  It could fit, because the child actually got paralysis after vaccination.  I vote for this remedy.

Jitka votes: Thuja

I wondered if there exists a nosode “Polium” that could help the boy.  I found out that it exists, but the mother scarcely had it on hand and moreover it was a vaccine–  a five-in-one.

But remember, I didn’t know that when the case was given to me.

That’s why I decided to vote for the remedy most often recommended to remove adverse symptoms after vaccination children – and that is Thuja.  I sometimes used it myself for grandsons after vaccination.

Miroslav is right this time–everything he said.


I’m seeing Krista from Nebraska!

Hi Elaine,

Hi, Krista!

I hope you are doing well.  My guess for the adverse reaction to the polio shot is Thuja.

Please let me know if I got it or should try again.



Well, Krista, just about everyone voted for Thuja; and maybe it would have worked!  But, there was a “remedy word” in this case, do you know what it was?  Sometimes there is a word or a phrase that we associate so much with a remedy that when we hear it, we’re home free!  For instance, let’s try a little “quiz” of our own.  What remedy do we think of when we hear these words and phrases:

  1. “I’m fine, no really; I’m fine!”
  2. “The bed feels too hard.”
  3. “I’m thirsty for ice cold drinks.”
  4. “I’m better in a hot shower.”
  5. “My feet burn if I don’t stick them out at night.”
  6. “I’ve got a sinus headache.”
  7. “I feel sick after eating an entire pizza with extra cheese.”
  8. “I’m so much better at night.”
  9. “Please don’t leave!”
  10. “It all started after my head injury….”

So, similarly, we have a “remedy word” in today’s Quiz, what is it and what’s the remedy?  The remedy also happens to be a Polio remedy!  And it’s  also in the rubric “ailments after the Polio vaccine” in Murphy’s.

Oh fun a quiz within a quiz !!


The word was definitely Apathetic.

Yes, it was!

That leads me to guess Gels for my second choice for this quiz.  Is that right ?

Yes, it was Gelsemium!

Will you tell your answers for the other quiz too ?

Here are the remedies that popped into my head.  I’m going with that instead of double checking the repertory.  Looking forward to seeing how many I know

  1. Arnica
  1. Arnica again but I think there is another one too.
  1. Phosphorus
  1. Rhus Tox
  1. Sulphur
  1. Kali Bic
  1. Pulsatilla 
  1. ? Nat Mur ?

No, in Murphy’s Repertory, in the “Time” chapter, Evening agg.—Nat-mur is a 2.  Evening amel., Nat-mur is a 1.  So, Nat-mur is more likely to be worse at night than during the day.   The answer is Medorrhinum.  In Murphy’s Materia Medica, under Medorrhinum modalities, we have:  “better sunset…worse sunrise to sunset”.  In other words, Medorrhinum is worse during the day.  Kent says, “Exhilaration in evening.”

  1. Arsenicum
  1. Nat Sulph

Everything was right except you didn’t know Medorrhinum is better at night.

Thank you!!



OK, so, let’s congratulate our winners, shall we?  Our 2 big winners are…

 Miroslav and Pam!!!!

Bye, see you again next time!


Elaine Lewis, DHom, CHom

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