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Revisiting: Toothiness

Elaine gives the answer to last month’s quiz.


Mom, it’s time for the October quiz!

Not to worry, Shana, I am totally prepared this month!  As luck would have it, I have experienced yet another toothache!

Mom, do people really care about toothaches?  Wouldn’t my runny nose be more interesting?

Shana, puh-leeze take your Nat-mur 30C and go watch TV!  Aren’t The Rugrats on?  Now where was I?  Ah yes!  My unbelievably interesting tooth story!  It was a beautiful autumn day as I remember… the birds were chirping, the crickets were singing…. Horns were honking, sirens were blaring…. Plumes of poisonous greenhouse gases were spewing forth from the oil refineries towering majestically over the city, and I, yes I, began to take notice of an irregularity in the tooth about which I wrote last July.

Mom, no one remembers that!

I thought you were watching TV!  Now, as I’m sure everyone remembers from the July ezine, the molar on my lower left side had begun to hurt; specifically, touching the top of the tooth was very painful and I had very little hope for holding on to that tooth until Pyrogen performed yet another homeopathic miracle for me!  Now, fast-forward to one month ago.  I was totally minding my own business, as always, when gradually I felt an “incident” brewing in that same tooth!  I didn’t worry because I “knew” that all I had to do was repeat the Pyrogen and I’d be fine!  Well, I did, and I wasn’t!

If there was ever any proof that every case is different, this was certainly it!  After Pyrogen didn’t work, I became suspicious and checked to see if I had the same tooth sensitivity on the top of the tooth as I did last time, and, in fact, no, the sensation from last time was not there.  I looked in the mirror and there it was, big as life — a huge swelling of the gum on the facial side!  “Oh my goodness, it’s an abscess!”

Well, I took out Murphy’s Repertory and went to Mouth: abscess, gums (it’s the first rubric in the Mouth chapter) and took, probably, over the course of two days, most of the remedies in Bold and even one of the ones in italics, and….nothing happened!!!!!!

I was in despair.  I just knew I was going to have to go to the dentist and probably have the tooth pulled.  I remember even doing the time-honored rinsing with hot water and salt to no avail; in fact, it may have even made it worse!  “That tooth’s nothing but trouble!” I said.

Then I did something strange.  I decided to touch the abscess.  What was I thinking???  What was I hoping to gain from that?  But you know what? The most bizarre thing happened.  I was taken aback by an unexpected sensation: that of a very fine needle going in–Ouch!   It stung!  How strange and shocking!  I was totally unprepared for that. Shocked, shocked I tells ya!  I expected a sore sensation only!  But as this was so peculiar and characteristic, I immediately went for a dose of _____________30C and viola!  In a short time, I could feel the pain going away!

The next day I repeated the remedy in a 200C, as I didn’t think the 30 was doing all it could, and I was rewarded with even more improvement.  Ultimately I went up to 1M and that finished it off.  I’m sitting here right now with no signs of that horrible ordeal whatsoever, feeling perfectly normal!  And by the way, do you have all your first aid remedies up to the 1M potency?  The 30C works well, but not always, so, don’t try to save money by thinking you’ll purchase these potencies when you need them, get them now!  In fact, I was quite relieved to discover that I had this remedy in the 10M too if I needed it, but luckily I didn’t.


So, how did we do this time?  Here are the vote totals below:

Nitric Acid – 8

Silica – 6

Hepar sulph. – 4

Thuja – 3

Apis – 3

Spongia – 2

Nux v. – 2

Petroleum – 1

Mercury – 1

China – 1

Agaricus – 1

Lachesis – 1

Kali carb – 1

As no doubt all of you can see, Nitric acid and Silica were big favorites.  By the way, let me just add here the following: Oddly enough, by the time you read this, the election here in the United States will be over, meaning that as you’re reading this, I am either jumping for joy, shouting, “Obama won!  Obama won!” or jumping off a balcony.  Wish me luck! 

And now back to our show.  So, we have three winners this month!  Yes, three people guessed that the remedy that felt like a needle going into the gum on pressure was, Apis!  I mean, that’s what a bee sting feels like, right?  Apis is the honey bee!  That was my first thought, so I went with it.  As a confirmation, remember my saying that I tried the hot water rinses and they did nothing except for possibly making me worse?  That would certainly go for Apis; and secondly, isn’t an abscess a swelling, much like a bee sting?  Well, it totally worked, I have been fine ever since.  Maybe we need to add Apis to the “Mouth: abscess, gums” rubric, with a subrubric, “needle-like pain on pressure, hot water agg.”

So, who were our winners?  Congratulations go to: Jitka, Eli and Lucio!  Bye, see you again next time!


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