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Acute Loss of Hemoglobin – Intestinal Haemorrhage

Dr. S.K. Mamgain presents a case of acute loss of hemoglobin with intestinal hemorrhage in a man of 62. Coccus cacti, Phophoricum acidum and Hamamelis were among the remedies that helped restore health.

Patient: A 62 years old gentleman

First Consultation: On 18th December, 2019

The history of the patient:

  • On 6th November, 2019 he had vomiting of blood with great prostration, followed by stools of blackish color as of burnt blood.
  • Retching and vomiting of bile developed while brushing his teeth in the morning.
  • Loss of appetite developed.
  • There was no pain anywhere, but only an extreme sense of weakness.
  • He was hospitalized. His Hemoglobin was found to be only 5 gm/dl.

Past history: History of a tumor in right kidney which was surgically removed in 2008. Since then, he was keeping well.

Nothing abnormal was detected in pathological and radiological tests apart from the quick lowering of hemoglobin.

Since 6th November, 2019 to 18th December, 2019 he was transfused 27 Units of blood as his hemoglobin used to fall down to 5 mg/dl after a short time after each transfusion. During this period, he consulted at well equipped and reputeable hospitals but in vain. The cause or the source of the haemorrhage could not be ascertained.

On 18th December, 2019 he was prescribed minute doses of Crotalus horridus 200, 4 doses, with Coccus cacti 30, 17 doses, inter-currently to be taken thrice daily and he was asked to report after a week.

He was advised a very simple diet.

Gradual improvement set in promptly with the homoeopathic medicines.  On 7th January, 2020 he reported that the stools were now of normal color. Appetite has improved with feeling of some strength and there was general feeling of well being.

The same prescription was repeated but the doses to be taken only twice daily.

Meanwhile, thinking himself well, he did not observe the advised precautions in food and regimen and much of his  trouble had relapsed; he reported this on 13th January, 2020.

So, the medicine was advised to be taken thrice again. No relief was felt, therefore on 15th January the prescription was changed and minute doses of Gambogia 30, thrice was prescribed.

On 30th January, 2020 the patient reported that the medicine has produced slight change in color of the stool, but weakness and retching while brushing teeth and intestinal haemorrhage persisted.

He was feeling urging to stool after eating or drinking any liquid. During the period of initial improvement and the relapse, 23 units of blood were again transfused before 30th January, 2020.

On reviewing the case he was prescribed Coccus cacti 200 with inter-current doses of Hamamalis 30 with instructions to follow the advice in strictly respect to the food regimen. He really adhered to the advice thereafter.

By this prescription and very simple diet he again started feeling all round improvement. On 9th February, 2020 his hemoglobin rose to 7 mg/dl without any transfusion after 30th January, 2020.

The health of the patient is continuing to improve steadily. Since 7th March, 2020 as some general weakness was persisting and the retching had gone,  in place of Coccus cacti,  Phophoricum acidum 200 was given. The patient is improving steadily on simple diet without any further transfusion.

The cause of reduction in hemoglobin was not merely the haemorrhage; it was mainly due to failure of production of the same by the patient’s own system. His life force or more precisely his vital force was disordered due to the effect of some morbific dynamic energy engrafted on his vital force, resulting in intestinal haemorrhage and allied symptoms and the weakness.

As soon as the vital force was stimulated by the medicinal energy it became able to overpower the morbific dynamic energy and his whole system began to return to its normal functioning. It started repairing and producing normal energy.

What the transfusion of 50 units of blood failed to carry out, the stimulation of homoeopathic remedies did manage. His vital force not only stopped the haemorrhage but also started building its own hemoglobin along with the general energy from the simple food itself.

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Dr. S. K. Mamgain is the owner of Mamgain Homoeo Clinic at Dehradun. He is a Gold Medalist, Doon Ratna, Garhwal Gaurav, veteran homoeopath and recipient of various honors. I started studying Homoeopathy as a hobby in the 1960s but the results of the small doses of homoeopathic medicines impressed me so much that homoeopathy has become my mission in life. Now at 87, I am devoting most of my time in the service of this science, either treating the patients or studying the Materia Medica. It is my life now. Visit Dr. Mamgain at his web site:

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