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Surgical Cases Versus Homoeopathy Atrial and Ventricular Septal Defect


Dr. Vinit Monga presents a case of a baby with atrial and ventricular septal defects who was treated homeopathically. The mother’s symptoms were the primary guide to the simillimum.

Miss PRM aged three months was diagnosed ASD (SIX mm) as well as VSD (SEVEN mm) (ECHO dated 07-05-2008) with left to right shunt.  The family requested homoeopathic treatment as surgeons had advised cardiac surgery.

Brief History:

The baby had infantile jaundice and was hospitalized for allopathic treatment. Referred for ECHO by a child specialist and diagnosed ASD along with VSD. Referred to a higher institute for further expert opinion and cardiologist advised as stated above.

Presenting Complaints:

Diarrhea relapsing. Offensive diarrhea.

Throat swelling with cough and watery nasal discharge relapsing and inflammatory fever.

Pregnancy history:-

Mother of this baby had bleeding per va-gina during pregnancy and for treatment she took allopathic hormonal treatment as advised by gynecologist. Bleeding with pain lower abdomen. She had vomiting 1st trimester. There was vexation in her family and she used to cry afterwards during pregnancy. She had desire for sour things during pregnancy.

Birth history and milestones:-

Eight month and twenty days delivery.

Normal delivery.

Baby cry after birth.

Milestones normal.

Family history:

Anxiety Neurosis and Diabetes Mellitus (Grand Father)

Hemorrhoids and Hypertension (Grand Mother and Maternal Grand


Rubrics Considered:

Vexation, ailments

Drug Abuse

Bleeding Uterine, pregnancy during

Heart remedies

Vexations, uterine bleeding and allopathic hormonal treatment are causes during pregnancy for mal-development of heart.

Note: .  The cause of congenital valvular disease in this case lies in the history of mother:  illnesses/ worries/ humiliations/grief/any drug/drugs abuse/accidental injuries or violence etc.  The problem occurred when the child was in the mother’s womb and totally depends on the mother for her proper formation.


From above repertorization the remedy PULSATILLA 1M* followed by placebo was given

Follow ups:-


Diarrhea better. Throat complaint with cough, watery nasal discharge, and inflammatory fever gets better. Among heart patients, cough, watery nasal discharge and inflammatory fever are general and must be prevented as well as treated as early as possible. Placebo tds.


Weight six kg. Within normal limit. Dentition started six months of age with green stool non-offensive. Stool three four times per day. Placebo tds


Offensive diarrhea. PULSATILLA 1M*,1 DOSE followed by placebo tds


Offensive diarrhea gets better. Placebo tds dilution form continuous.


Watery nasal discharge occurred and gets better after one day. Placebo tds




Urticaria gets better. ECHO dated 29-11-08 ASD disappeared. VSD (SIX mm) with left to right shunt.  Placebo tds.


Diarrhea offensive. PULSATILLA 1M*1 DOSE.


Diarrhea gets better. Placebo tds


Diarrhea rice watery offensive stool with weakness feeling because of frequent stool (dehydration). Under rubric rice watery stool, Pulsatilla is not there. Here change of remedy will spoil the case. Whenever any acute conditions appears in a chronic case, prescribe chronic remedy. I decided according to chronic symptoms – PULSATILLA 1M*1 DOSE.


Diarrhea rice watery gets better. Weakness recovered. Gains strength. Placebo tds


Diarrhea offensive after fried food. Sleep disturbed. Itching. PULSATILLA 1M*1 DOSE.


Diarrhea gets better. Sleep sound. Itching better. Placebo tds


Cold drink causes throat pain with temperature 102*f. PULSATILLA 1M*1DOSE.


Temperature 98.4*f. Throat pain less than earlier. Placebo tds


ECHO Shows VSD (SIX mm). Shunt left to right is normalized.


Cold drink causes throat pain with temperature 101f. PULSATILLA 1M, 1DOSE. Advised to avoid cold drink/water.


Urticaria. Placebo tds


Cough<lying. Violent cough causing sleeplessness. PULSATTILLA 1M,1 DOSE.


Cough gets better. Sleep sound. Placebo tds dilution form continuous.


Pimples appearing means case is running from complex sycotic miasm to psoric miasm. Placebo tds


Diminished appetite with offensive diarrhea. PULSATILLA 1M, 1DOSE.


Diarrhea and appetite gets better.

Case is approaching towards psoric state. Here in this case frequent repetition of the chronic, deep acting remedy Pulsatilla was required at regular intervals because of weak vitality and advanced pathological stage.

No need of surgery.

Comments and suggestions invited respectfully.

About the author

Vinit Monga

Dr. Vinit Monga received his diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (D.H.M.S.) and for the last ten years has been practicing in Sirsa, Haryana, India, at his clinic, with his wife, Dr. Priti Monga. They treat all manner of diseases including cancer, Aids and heart disease. Dr. Monga also holds a certificate in food and nutrition and counsels patients in lifestyle changes.


  • Very nice, this show balance mind prescription.
    “As will be seen from the above no one remedy can be looked upon as specific for any one disease. The search for specifics is for many reasons fundamentally fallacious; the principal one being that they are supposed to cure diseases, while in reality it is necessary to cure patients and not disease. It is no argument to say that certain medicines have cured such affections. The very fact that percentage is admitted into the discussion, vitiates all figures and puts the matter without the pale of a true scientific demonstration. This fact is very slowly but nevertheless surely finding its way among those that think and are not ruled by preconceived ideas.”

    Dr. C. M. BOGER

  • heart problam (ASD & VSD) for my son. his age 20 month old,his heart beat is 56 bmp.So please suggest me for better solution in Homeopathic.

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