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Clinical Cases

A Case of Rickets

Dr. Shyamji Rai reports on a case of rickets with bone deformation that underwent considerable improvement under homeopathic treatment.

Baby T.P, aged 9 years

Case no. – 3513

A GP referred a case of a 9 year old female with a 6 year history of severe rickets causing multiple bone deformities that left the child crippled with bowing of both legs. She was treated by numerous orthopaedic and paediatric doctors. Her physical exam was as follows:

Shyamji Rai 2015image001Shyamji Rai 2015Shyamji Rai 2015image003

– She was well below both height (30 inches) and weight (12 kg) (see our medical height calculator)

– There was bowing of the tibias bilaterally and she was not able to climb stairs without support. Difficulty getting up from sitting and had abnormal gait.

She was diagnosed with nutritional rickets when she was three years old and was treated at various hospitals with Calciferol 1200ug \day and other calcium preparations for the last six to seven years.

Case study

Birth – premature

Family history – History of tuberculosis in family (grandparents).

  • Desires Company.
  • Likes traveling.
  • Animal fear.
  • Cold, fever after taking cold.
  • Tooth caries.
  • Myoclonic jerk during sleep.
  • Habit of putting finger in mouth.
  • Starting during sleep.
  • Pain in abdomen after eating.

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Tuberculinum 1m single dose (h/o tuberculosis in family)

SL + Calcarea phos 6x 2 tabs three times after food for three months

Her first follow-up was 3 months later :

noticeable decrease in her tibia bowing along with increase in height (31inch) and weight (13.5kg)

-No pain in abdomen after eating.

-Myoclonic jerk reduced comparatively

SL + Calcarea phos 6x 2 tabs three times after food for three months

Second follow-up 3months later:

further decrease in bowing, No Myoclonic jerk. Increase in height (33 inch) weight (15kg). No pain in abdomen after eating.

SL + Calcarea phos 6x 2 tabs three times after food for six months

Shyamji Rai 2015image005Shyamji Rai 2015image006

Third follow-up after six months :

marked decrease in bowing with improvement in gait. She is able to climb stairs on her own without any support. Increase in height (36 inches) weight (19 kg)

SL + Calcarea phos 6x 2 tabs three times after food for six months

Fourth follow-up after six months

Her mother was very happy and explained tearfully the child is no longer handicapped, as she participates in sports and other physical activities like normal children (which she previously was not able to). Her bowing further reduced with increase in height (41 inches) weight (22kg)

SL + Calcarea phos 6x 2 tabs three times after food for six months

Fifth follow-up after six month

Shyamji Rai 2015image007Shyamji Rai 2015image008

Left tibia is almost normal and there’s a little bowing in the right tibia. The child is looking confident and her gait is perfect like other normal children. She is able to do all her daily activities without any help. She further increased in Height(45.5 inches) weight (25kg). I called her after six months for follow up.

SL + Calcarea phos 6x 2 tabs three times after food for six months

Before leaving my clinic the child informed me with a twinkle in her eyes that she was selected as a group leader in her school.

Thanks Homeopathy!


About the author

Shyamji Rai

Dr. Shyamji L. Rai (DHMS, Msc) is a qualified consultant in homeopathy with more than 15 years experience. He has clinics at Vikhroli, Chembur and Govandi in the suburbs of Mumbai. He is also associated with various NGOS and charitable trusts in the field of health and environment. Dr. Rai serves as a columnist in the leading newspapers. He has successfully treated hundreds of cases of chronic emotional and physical conditions, including immune disorders, infertility, spondylitis and renal problems. Dr. Rai also takes cases online and has treated patients around the world, from the U.S. to Saudi Arabia. Visit Dr. Rai at his website:


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