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A Seven Year Old Boy with Behavior Issues Hey! Look at me mama… always


Dr. Rekha Karnam Srinivasan presents a case of a seven year old boy with behaviour problems.

It was in May 2016 that Master Jay, aged seven, visited me after a year or so, when he had a mild cold. I gave his regular medications and after 3-4 days his mother came to me alone, saying how difficult it is to handle him. I said “I think I told you this earlier, that he is full of energy and is very Intelligent.”  “Yes, that’s the trouble, it’s very difficult to handle him at home. He creates havoc and behaves very rudely with his brother, even at times inhumanly. He gets a good name at school, even impresses his Miss, but at home he’s a menace. When his father or visitors are around he behaves properly, but does mischief and argues he has not done it at all. I am tired of spanking him, his adamancy increases.”

In June 2014 when he first came to me as a five year old, he dominated the whole conversation. He kept on moving in and out of the consulting room and somehow conveyed to his little brother then 2 1\2 years old, to take out books or bottles from the shelves. If his mother admonished him he would interfere in our conversation. But I loved this bubbly child, chubby, with ‘know all attitude’, attractive gestures, head held high, with a dignified demeanor. He would converse just like an adult.

His chief complaints were that he had recurrent boils, which used to ooze pus and were painful with red edges, along with behavioral issues and adenoids.  He had recurrent cold and cough but got better with Calc sulph in increasing potencies from 6 to 200. After a hiatus of almost one year or so, his mother came to me saying, he had become unbearable. His father has a transferable job and visits home once in a month. “Jay constantly troubles his brother and beats him. I thought I will see a psychiatrist.”  I asked her how he was after medication for boils; she said he was ok, but now again his tantrums have increased since a few weeks.

I had attended a Webinar on Acids by Dr. Kim Elia and could instantly relate to it. His weight issues and binge eating also started after his younger brother was born, his mother had told me.

Summary of Gallicum Acidicum traits:

       Constant attention, needs of,  even that of teachers’

       Sudden shock –Ailments from

       Anger and jealous towards younger sibling.  Ailments after younger siblings birth. This has been proved clinically. I can say redline symptom.

       Violent and aggressive- rage, yelling, hitting and throwing things. Bite,   strike, kick- malicious.

       Restlessness, sleeplessness – full of energy.

       Temper unpredictable- tantrums embarrasses parents if not allowed to do things.

       Rude abuses everyone even best friends but sweet in front of strangers.

       Needs great approval.

       Verbal insensitivity he repeatedly pushes and pulls, at it.

       Likes smoked foods, aversion to eggs.

(This list is not exhaustive but relevant to this case

When he had come to me in 2014 I had chosen Calc sulph which has sibling rivalry as one of its important symptom apart from fitting to the physical generals. He maintained good health for about one year with that.

Now I gave Gallic acid 200, to this boy and about a week later his mother reported he’s doing well. In fact, she had forgotten about his tantrums and the psychiatrist altogether. I asked whether she got the appointment of that psychiatrist, and she said “No, he’s well and good. He sits in class, not restless as before, complaints from teachers reduced. He has been in swimming and his extra energy is used up as well”.

He received a dose of Gallicum acid 200 on 22nd May 2016, and five months later he still has no major health setbacks that he used to have before, like painful boils all over his body or skin rashes. His mother was telling me when they got drenched in the rains, all of their family members were down with fever but he escaped with mild cold and cough.  Recently after having his favorite food Chicken fry, he got a boil on his cheek but it resolved within two days.

Even gets temper outbursts but not so aggressive like before. His mother learnt a way to coax him with a hug rather than thrashing him. He is getting what he needs most, ATTENTION.

He had been to my clinic a few days back with his parents and chatted with me casually. He told me about his school and about his prizes. His Mother bore a satisfied smile. That smile is any doctor’s biggest accolade.  The treasures of homoeopathy have to be unearthed in each case for the benefit of humanity. Hail Homoeopathy!

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Dr.Rekha Karnam Srinivasan

Dr. Rekha Karnam Srinivasan.,BHMS,. F.HOM. (PSYCH), DMH&C (SCARF\NIMHANS), Diff.Cases (Vithoulkas, Greece),Fellowship Palliative Care., Former IHRC-DG- IHMA & Editor Homeopathic Medical Panorama. Editor in Chief of yet to be published book on autism. Presented at national and international conferences like LMHI-2021; one of Best Paper presentation award sFSBH-2022. Organiser and team member of scientific committees of seminars and webinars of IHMA. Developed tools and Questionnaire for Covid-19 and Telemedicine for homeopaths.

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