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Tall, Huge and Martial

Dr. Simonne M.L. Fayeton shares a case of melanoma of the right maxillary sinus.

Woman born in 1941.

She went in to have a simple nasal polyp removed but it turned out to be a melanoma of the right maxillary sinus. During a second operation, the whole of the mucosa of the right nasosinal cavities was removed together with a part of the nasal septum, the superior nasal wall and part of the ethmoid bone.

The surgeon explained to her that the tumour was very aggressive and that she needs to make an appointment for radiotherapy. She refuses. The surgeon is cross and says to her: “If you don’t complete the treatment with radiotherapy, the surgery and the 3 weeks of suffering were for nothing. You will be gone in 6 months. You are crazy!”

I had given her Natrum Mur before the surgery and she now decides to put her health in my hands. A heavy burden indeed.


During a more thorough consultation I am lucky to be told a very helpful dream: ‘A room full of very beautiful girls dressed as in a harem. They are separated by a curtain from a man with a very large penis. The girls dance. From time to time the man comes and selects one of the girls to make love to her. They are all very happy. In between girls he eats like a horse.’

The patient said she was rather shocked by the dream but then decided the girls were happy: when the man arrives they all shout: “me, me, me”.

Is it important for you to be chosen?

“I exist through the hand laid on my shoulder: it is good. My name is Roberte (she weeps) it means ‘great spirit’ in Chinese. My cancer is an indication that I need to re-discover the beginning of the road of my manifestation. I have to discover how I am born (weeps) out of lots of love and tenderness and I should not show my other side which is hard and strict.”


Her husband then says: “If we do not do what she wants, she arrives like a grand lady (makes a high motion with his arm), very tall, like a warrior. The other, whoever that is (client, husband, son, employee), is tiny and gets remonstrated like a child, she has an extraordinary force.”

She replies that it is very destructive. “I don’t like this part of myself. I am surprised people still like me.”

During love making do you have a feeling of disgust that it is not worthy of you?

“Yes, yes. I love my husband very much but the sexuality is not worthy of me.”

Husband: “At times she was up there in the air somewhere as if in conversation with God, inaccessible.”

Does she act as if she is the chosen person of God.

Husband: “She is. She has so many qualities and possibilities. Everything she touches turns to gold.”

Patient: “I don’t feel worthy, it is strange, I am above and feel as if I am underneath. I never feel that I measure up.”

Husband: “She sets the bar so high.”

Platina XM

(The symptoms of Platina were so clear in this case that I reassured myself as to her fate.)


“A little song in my head tells me I am cured.”

She has more energy. “I am still a little harsh but I have started to like myself.”

Husband: “She gets angry less often, she has started to recognise the cause of a situation rather than flying off the handle. She has found in herself another energy; more feminine, warmer and open. She has more kindness and patience in life.”

Patient: “It is the tranquility within; a serenity has arrived inside me.”

She saw the surgeon again. He started another remonstration, but when he removed the crusts from the wound, softened and said: “It does not look too bad. Come and see me in a month.”

(no remedy)


She leaves a message saying that she feels well, her face and inside are not what she wanted but she has accepted this and is happy.


The radiologist and the surgeon are satisfied. (The surgeon had taken 2 samples for histology but then on second thoughts threw them away.)

How do you feel?

“Throughout my life, I tried to heal the wounds of my childhood through a number of counseling techniques and treatments. Now all the barriers have fallen.”

Husband: “She now radiates so much warmth and love. It is fantastic.”

Patient: “I have changed so much. Even my brother told me so.”


MRI: all is well.


(It was 5 months ago she was told she only had 6 months to live.)

She is afraid that her mental symptoms would return and cause the tumour to reappear.

This fear proves that she is not in a situation of superior egotrophy of the mind which dominates the cancer on the organic level.

I explain to her that as long she is honest with herself she does not have to worry.


She is doing well on all fronts. There is less sensitivity of the nose to the cold air. She is no longer sensitive to insect bites. (No remedy)


Does very well. (The surgeon told her she may have been right to refuse the radiation therapy because it does not work for the type of tumour she had.)

December 05. The professor/consultant tells her she needn’t bother to come back because she is not interesting since she refuses all treatment.

January 06. The surgeon declares her cured.

January 07. All is still well.


Vita Dr Fayeton:

Medical studies in Paris, doctor in 1960
1965 – 1967 Homoeopathy in Region of Toulouse, urgency city
1968-1969 Rwanda, homoeopathy in bush health centre
1971-2008 Practice in Le Puy-en-Velay
1977 – 1983 Teaching of Homoeopathy for the ‘Groupe lyonnais d’etudes Medicales Lyon’
1984 – 2008 Founder and President of AFADH (AFADH ; Association Française pour l’Approfondissement de la Doctrine Homéopathique = French association for the profound study of homeopathic doctrine)

First teaching in homeopathy: pluralist technique, CHF in Paris, 1959

‘I found that pluralist prescription was irrational and always used only one remedy at a time.’ Further homeopathy education:

1969-70 Unicist technique, Dr Mureau in Belgium
1970-71 With Dr Schmidt in France.
2003 meeting with Dr Masi.

About the author

SML Fayeton

Dr. Simonne Marie Luc Fayeton was born January 1935. She did her medical studies in Paris, and earned her medical degree 1960. From 1977- 1983 she taught Homeopathy in Groupe Lyonnais d'Etudes Médicales. She studied Unicist techniques with Dr. Mureau in Belgium and later with Dr. Schmidt in France. In 1983 she met Dr Alphonso Elizalde Masi. In 1984 she became Founder and President of Association Française pour l'Approfondissement de la Doctrine Hahemanienne.

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