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Two Skin Cases Simple Homoeopathy with Modalities

Written by Donna Fox

Homeopath Donna Fox presents two cases that yielded to a small remedy.

Case 1:  20th July 2016

Mr. J. P.    Age 20 yrs

Presenting Complaint:

Rash on both feet, spreading up towards ankles, some areas on fingers.


Both feet. Started under the right foot as a circular reddish- purple itchy patch. Then spread to sides, tops of feet & toes. Fingers: on & between fingers. Itchy sore eyes.

Look & Diagnose:

Redness +++, Vesicular eruptions, Offensive secretions (odour) ++, Circular patches.


Itching +++, Soreness ++, Pricking sensation


Itching >> cold application (cold shower). < Warmth, < wearing socks/trainers.

Duration/Onset: Started 5 Months ago.

Treatment/medication: Doctors gave him different creams, but no improvement. Went back to doctors after a while. Diagnosis: Spreading Dermatophytosis (ringworm-fungal infection). She was prescribed Terbinafine Hydrochloride Tablets (Lamisil). Was asked to come back for blood tests. During this time he started homoeopathic treatment as he had decided not to take the tablets after reading the side-effects.

Went back for blood tests: Normal.

At the start of the treatment

At the onset of the treatment

Case Analysis:

The case was taken in full, as always. As the rash was the main presenting problem and really bothering the patient, I prescribed accordingly, with the view of going to the constitutional later on.

At the onset of the treatment

Miasmatic Analysis:

Circular lesions – Sycotic

Itching +++ – Psora/Syc

Redness +++ – Tubercular

Vesicular eruptions – Sycotic

Pricking pain – Sycotic

Offensive odour ++ – Syphilitic

Itching +++ > cold application, < warmth – Syphilitic

Fungal infection – Syphilitic

Ringworm – Tubercular

Prescription Made on the basis of:

Itching +++ >> by cold application (shower)

Redness +++, vesicular eruptions – offensive odour ++

Pricking sensation, scratching = soreness

Final Prescription:


Miasmatic Weightage:   Psora+++, Sycotic+++, Syphilitic++, Tubercular++


20th July 16:      Fagopyrum30C/2 doses (No.10 globule-size of poppy seed). Sip sachet 1 for 5 days in ½ litre bottle of water; leave 7 day gap, then sip sachet 2 for 5 days.

20th August 16: Follow up – 50% Improvement, but still flaring up, so went higher. Repeated 30C to get all I could from that potency, then followed with 200C. Fagopyrum – 30C/1, 200C/1 – 5-7-5.

3rd November 16:  Follow-up – 90% Better. Itching – Gone. Some dryness +. Some reddish discoloration. Hands & fingers 99% better. Overall Much improved. Sac-lac.  I will see the patient in 6 weeks time and work towards further improvement.

After Treatment After Treatment
Picture Taken After Treatment Picture Taken After Treatment

Case 2: 4th July 2013

Mr. A.B Age: 68yrs

Presenting Complaint

Varicose eczema of lower legs. Eczema- Hands & fingers, backs of arms. Diabetes Type 2.


From below the knees down to ankles.  Hands & Between fingers, backs of arms.

Look & Diagnose:

Legs brownish red discoloration, thin shiny skin, scratching = rawness. Dryness +, Redness ++


Itching +++  Burning after scratching.


Heat <, touch = tickling = itching, < scratching = burning, hot weather, evening. > cold air, >> cold application (holds a bag of frozen peas on itching areas) > cold fan on legs.


Anxiety ++


Itching started approximately 2 years ago, possibly since starting Metformin. Brownish, red discoloration of legs for 10-15years.

Prior Treatment/Medication: Various creams (steroid), pressure stockings.

Case Analysis:  Once again the case was taken in full. Insecurity ++ anxiety ++ anger ++ were a feature. Strong Carcinosin picture in the background (terrible childhood), so may come to this medicine at some point if there is a block.  The itching was driving him to distraction and loss of sleep. I started here and will go to the constitutional later on.

Miasmatic Analysis:

Itching +++ – Psora/Syc

Redness ++ – Tubercular

Itching +++ > cold application, < warmth – Syphilitic

Dryness + – Psora

Prescription Made on The Basis of:

Itching +++ >> by cold application (holds a bag of frozen peas on itching areas) > cold fan on legs, cold air.

Redness ++,

Scratching < = burning & soreness

Warmth <

Final Prescription:


Miasmatic Weightage:  Psora+++, Sycotic+++, Syphilitic++, Tubercular++


4th July 2013: Fagopyrum 30C/2 doses (No.10 globule-size of poppy seed). Sip sachet 1 for 7 days in ½ litre bottle of water; leave 2 week gap, then sip sachet 2 for 7 days.

8th August 13: Itching 80% better. Redness 50% better. Burning >. Dryness 10% >. Hands sore & itchy between fingers, but slight improvement. Sac lac.

19th September 13: Itching – Standstill. Redness-patches on both legs- more localized, area on back of leg, still > cold application. > fronts of hands, < fingers – some dryness, cracks, tightness & sore. Fagopyrum 30C/1 dose, 200C/1.

31st October 13: Itching 85% better. Redness ++, some < scratching = burning. Patch on back of leg a little >. Hands much better – tightness better. Wait & Watch

12th December 13: Itching 90% >>, Has not had to apply cold application. Redness >>. Patch back of leg better. Hands >>. Sac lac.

After a time, I went to Sulphur to finish the skin condition. Skin is completely clear now, just some brownish discoloration of shins, which is common with varicose eczema.  Then I went to the constitutional.

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