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Vasculitis/Acid Reflux /Anxiety / Erectile Dysfunction

Written by Sowmya Sridharan

Dr. Sowmya Sridharan presents a case of vasculitis, acid reflux, anxiety and erectile dysfunction.

A patient named Sam, aged 42yrs came to me in March 2016 for vasculitis, acid reflux, erectile dysfunction and anxiety. He has had vasculitis (Homeopathy Treatment for Vasculitis ) for 8 years which started on his feet and spread all over the body. It was the worst in his extremities with open sores that took months to heal. He worked in the construction business for 20 years and was diagnosed when he started having spots on his feet with tingling. He was put on prednisone and the symptoms reduced. But whenever he tried stopping it, the tingling came back with inflamed open sores. He wanted to stop the prednisone because he started experiencing acid-reflux, osteoporosis and ED as a result of the steroids. The open sores were aggravated during winter and when standing. No numbness in his extremities.

Acid reflux (Homeopathy for Acid Reflux) started 2 years ago several times a day in the pit of his throat 1 hour after eating. Even omeprazole helped him only a little. It was aggravated by physical work, eating meat, spicy, greasy foods and drinking cold water.

He felt hot all over with coldness in the feet. He got very anxious even in the consultation room and had facial tics. He said his anxiety started as a child as his father used to beat him up and he always felt unsafe. At the time of consultation, his anxiety was caused by deadlines, guilt, work and worrying about his family.

He also had difficulty falling asleep and was taking anti-depressants to help him. He feels that his mind keeps him awake. He feels mentally restless and has to do something physically in order to keep himself calm.

The patient said that he took a lot of natural supplements on his own, for all his complaints but nothing worked. The patient was on a very poor diet that contained very little fruit and vegetables but lots of fried foods.

In my practice over the last 13 years, I have included natural supplements to correct deficiencies, diet and lifestyle changes along with Homeopathy to treat patients and have had very many successes. So in this case, according to the rubrics given below, Nux vomica 30c was prescribed 1pill 1x a day. He was also advised to do Hulda Clark’s detox and eat fermented foods and drink aloe vera juice with sovereign silver to heal the gut. He was also given a meal plan that consisted of nutritious foods and at least 8-10 servings of vegetables and fruits.


Generalities – worse – cold

Generalities – worse – standing

Generalities – worse – fatty foods

Stomach – worse – highly seasoned foods

Mind – Anxiety – business about

Sleep – difficult – restlessness from

Considering all the rubrics above, Calcarea carb and Nux vomica came out highest. I chose Nux vomica 30c.

The patient was followed up after a month on April  24th 2016, when he reported that his acid reflux, open sores and ED were all better. He had no tingling in his extremities. He also said the sensation of heat with coldness in the feet had reduced by 25%. He still had trouble sleeping and his anxiety was bad because of that. He said he felt something in his throat when he felt anxious and that it was worse in the evening. At this time, I also found out that he works at night and on 12 hour shifts. He said he had difficulty sleeping during the day when it is light out. He also said his mood swings were the same and everything irked him. He had also changed his diet and finished the detox.

He was advised to continue Nux vomica with the recommendation of the herb skull cap for the insomnia for the time being.

He was seen again on May 22nd 2016. At this time he said his sleep was better, but the sores stopped getting better. His stomach symptoms were all gone and he had no ED. Tingling, sensation of heat and cold were all gone completely. The sensation of something in this throat was also better. His anxiety was still present along with mood swings. He said, he was really tired from work and he didn’t like long hours of work.  He was advised to continue everything as it was, but was advised to cut back on the work hours or change to the day shift. He was also advised to reduce the steroids from 10 mgs to 5 mgs and to stop omeprazole and anti-depressants.

The patient was followed up on June 15th 2016. The sores had completely healed and were not differentiable from his normal skin. His sleep was better. He felt very calm and his anxiety was considerably less. Mood swings were better and his acid reflux was nonexistent. He complained of itching all over the body randomly whenever he ate meat or sweet foods and during heat. He also reported that his erectile dysfunction had returned. He felt hot all the time and his energy had become poor again. The patient also reported having reduced the steroids to 3mgs/day instead of 5mgs and had stopped all other medications.

He was prescribed Sulphur 30c according to the rubrics, and was advised to take 3mgs steroids every other day for 15 days and wean himself off it.

Worse – heat

Skin – itching – sweet aggravation

Male – penis – erection difficult

Patient was seen again at the office on July 7th 2016. All the sores were gone. Skin color was even-toned everywhere. Sleep was normal. No signs of anxiety or acid reflux. He was also happy to say that the erectile dysfunction had improved by leaps and bounds. Skin itching was absent. He felt really well and energetic. He had also changed his work to the day shift. He was very happy with our treatment after suffering for 8 years. He couldn’t believe that people suffer with the side effects of medications when there is a safe alternate route.

A polychrest that saves every homeopath at one time or the other saved this case from 8 years of suffering. I am so thankful for homeopathy.

About the author

Sowmya Sridharan

Dr. Sowmya Sridharan graduated from Dr. M.G.R. medical University, Chennai, India with a Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery and Masters in Physiology and Neurobiology from The University of Connecticut. She has an Advanced Practitioner of Homoeopathy (APH) license from The Nevada board of Homeopathic Medical Examiners. The board has strict regulations and requires a board exam to qualify as a practitioner. Dr. Sridharan has learned facial diagnosis, Medical Varmalogy and Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs. She has been in practice for over 14 years and has successful practices in Las Vegas and Dallas. Having watched Homoeopathy being practiced by her father, she is to this date constantly amazed by its healing power. Dr. Sridharan practices what she preaches and has not taken antibiotics or pain killers, even after her Caesarean Sections, thus entrusting her family's health to Homeopathy.


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