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Working with the Joshis‘ MAP Approach of Remedy Prescription


Homeopath Hans Georg Martin shares two cases that he solved using the approach developed by Drs. Bhavisha and Sachindra Joshi

 Case 1 : N.S.

N.S.  is a 17 year old downhill and slalom skier who is one of the best in her age group in the country. She attends a special preparatory school for talented athletes. I have treated her whole family (parents and one brother) with homeopathy and manual therapy. They are all good athletes and fully support N. in achieving her goals, though her mother has a big fear that N will someday severely injure herself.

Symptoms:  Pain and tension from multiple concussions. knee, back, shoulder and foot injuries. Both knees have been operated on for meniscus injuries and/or ligament tears (this is common for downhill skiiers). She has anxiety in downhill races. She skis exceptionally well in the training, but anxiety blocks her performance in the races. Blisters on the soles of her feet. Her anxiety comes from an earlier accident when she tore a crucial ligament in her left knee, and she fears doing that again.

She is, however, determined to continue as she loves skiing and wants to prove that she is better than the others. She is very competitive but not aggressively so. There is no anger or desire for domination in her presentation. She has the full support of her well knit and loving family. She loves to cook for her family on the weekends. She wants to travel alone to the Americas after Preparatory School is finished (she is very strong) though her mother is against the idea (because N is a young woman). Her mother insists that N go with a group. N has bowed to her mother’s decision.

I have treated her now once a month for three years. The treatment at the beginning was focused on the symptoms (concussions, muscles, joints and blisters). Silicea worked very well with the physical symptoms and the blisters reduced by 90 percent. Her anxiety remained.  I sought help with Jan Scholten‘s work and gave her Rhodium metallicum (Row 5, stage 9). She’s almost there in her performance, with feeling of failure at the examination.  Rhodum had no effect.

I began studying the Joshi’s work and tried looking at the case from their perspective and analysing the case from the model of the MAP. She has been talented in skiing from the beginning, and she has a strong independent streak. She is and wants to be special and show that she is such. The Joshi’s view  individuals in row 5 as incomplete if they have not achieved something different, extraordinary, or special…They must be one up on others“ which corresponds beautifully with what I see in N.

There is also the theme of her strong bond to her family, and their role in her development. She looks to her parents for guidance and support even though she is strong and competitive. This brings me to the Joshi’s view of row 3: Row 3 reflects the stage of development where the individual is creating her identity and role within the group…There is a strong need for acceptance, love and care.“  Her desire to perform and her specialness (talented skiier, special school) bring me directly to row 5. There is an undercurrent of row 3 as the loving family support and help her to develop her identity. It is a big theme.

Thanks to the Joshis I see that she is an animal from the mammal group: Competitive with the support, protection, nurturing and care of her family.

She lacks the aggression, anger and brute strength of a predator – so she is a prey mammal. She is fast, agile, talented, and wants to be the best and acknowledged for that. However she is panicky at the beginning of the performance (also in presentations at school). This corresponds to the Joshi’s description of the deer group- row 5, mammal, prey mammal, special, talented, panicky.

I chose a mid-sized deer (Dama dama) because her speed and agility are bigger themes than the majesty which I feel the big deer have. One dose Dama dama C200.

Already the first dose worked well. Her performance anxiety evaporated and she was able to again call up her talent in the races. At season‘s end she jumped from the 12th to the 3rd position among her age group. She also said that her coach noticed a big positive change in her style in the downhill races. A very bothersome low back pain was 50 percent better after the first dose. The blisters have healed completely.

Without the Joshis I never would have seen the deer in the woods running (skiing) in and out among the trees…  Dama dama has continued to help on all levels.

Case 2. A.K.

This 46 year old woman was referred to me from her G.P. for homeopathy and manual therapy. She works for the federal government in the Department of Research, Innovation and Education. She loves to dance! Takes lessons in three different dance forms, is part of a successful dance group, practices yoga regularly and does weight training. She’s very thin, with a delicate transparent quality, though very determined and even a little fierce. One has the feeling a strong wind could blow her into the air.

Symptoms : Vertigo, Headaches, back pain, extreme tension in the neck and shoulder. Chronic sciatica left and right with numbness in the left heel (no herniated disc). Many injuries: 3 concussions, R shoulder untreated subluxation 42 years ago and spinal injuries from falls. She has an acne problem when she eats concentrated protein (meat, eggs, tofu).

The acne began 24 years ago when she was working in a Unicef-like organisation in South America. Before she left for S. America she had a very intense dream of large pools of blood. She worked in Brazil in a village where she ended up protecting a child who otherwise was going to be stolen and killed by people in a neighboring village for a black magic ritual. The child was saved. At the same time she drove past a bus accident where many of the passengers were lying all over the street covered in blood (there were apparently many casualties.) Shortly afterward she walked by a butcher’s shop and the sight of the raw meat triggered something inside of her and the acne started when she would eat meat. She changed to eggs and then tofu, but the reaction followed.

She dances because she seeks a specific feeling: ‘That everything connects together and flows’. There is golden warmth, and one needs nothing more. She has experienced this feeling several times.

As I looked at the case seven years ago I saw a plant. I tried many remedies over the next 6 years of which the best was Staphysagria. After beginning studies with the Joshis I sought the level of the case. After a seminar with them in Italy I realized that she was at the level of the Lanthanides- and suddenly the case came together!  According to the Joshis the Lanthanides remedies are for people who are insightful and searching for the meaning of life. They can be of  great help and guidance to others, without being egoistic or authoritative. They are extremely spiritual. The Joshis place the Predatory Birds near the Lanthanides.

The combination of social service with her spiritual search and her enquiring mind helped me see her placement in the MAP. The animal quality of the case was very subtle. She mentioned for example that she didn’t like attending church services because she felt that the priests sometimes seek to rob the soul of those listening. She then felt the need to escape from the church so that she could become herself again. This feeling of domination, suppression, or obstruction and desire to break free are placed by the Joshis in the animal world.

With her delicateness, love for expansive dance, and sensitiveness I realized she needed a predatory bird remedy. I knew that the pools of blood, dead people lying all over the road, and the triggering with raw meat would have to be somehow connected to the remedy.  Looking at the provings of the predatory birds the answer was easy: Cath-a, the turkey vulture, native to South America.

The feeling in the proving of Cath-a, calm, centered, peaceful and content, fit exactly with the feeling that she seeks while dancing. The acne is a big theme in Cath-a, as are feelings of vulnerability and carrion. The Turkey Vulture lives in a group, and A.K. always dances with a group and works in one as well. The general feeling of vulnerability and transformation in the proving rounded things off nicely.

Without the Joshis I would never have arrived at the answer. Seeing things from the perspective of the Level first, and then Animal, Mineral, Plant, etc. has helped me tremendously. Already the first dose of C30 helped with the acne. We have gone up to 1M over several months with excellent results(she ate meat every day for 3 weeks without any acne whatsover (earlier her entire upper body would have been covered). Generally the muscle and joint problems have made a leap forward since the Cath-a and her heel is no longer numb.

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Hans Georg Martin

Hans Georg Martin, BA, LMT, DHom blends Manual Therapy with Homeopathy in the treatment of muscle, joint, and bone problems. He has worked as a therapist for the last 35 years and maintains a busy practice in Berne, Switzerland.

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