Editorial – IACH Part II and More! – Oct 2021

Written by Alan V. Schmukler

Editorial – Oct 2021 by Alan V. Schmukler


IACH Part II and More!

Last month our readers were treated to beautifully managed cases presented by the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy (IACH). This month we have part II of the IACH presentation. You will again find the most highly skilled homeopaths practicing homeopathy at its very best, where science and art merge.

Not only are these cases instructive for homeopaths, they also help validate homeopathy. Each case is presented with a well taken history, clear rationale for each prescription, discussion of the methodology and carefully documented results.  With its excellent teaching and clinical research, the IACH has been a leading force in presenting homeopathy as an important medical science.

Anyone in the medical community who has a legitimate desire to explore homeopathy could start with these cases. That would certainly spark a desire to learn more, especially when the results could never have been attained by conventional medicine. What dedicated physician would refuse knowledge of a more powerful and scientific healing method?

It’s important for homeopathy to be understood and accepted by both the lay and professional community. Only in that way can it be legitimized to governments and gain their support. Homeopathy has to be part of every national health care system, so that it will be affordable and accessible to those in need.

Be sure to read the other cases and articles in this issue!  Don’t miss Cornelia Richardson-Boedler’s discussion of nosodes and blood isodes, Len Marlow’s insights into Conium and Maja Letić’s discussion of the religious views of 8 remedies (Too Occupied by Religion).



–– IACH Part II and More!  – Alan V. Schmukler

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––Dr. Banaras Khan Awan is interviewed by Alan V. Schmukler



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–– A Quick Recovery from COVID with Homeopathic Treatment – Charlote Antônia Ritschel – Brazil

–– Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP) Managed with Classical Homeopathy –  Aleksei Ermolov, Russia

–– Epidermolysis Bullosa in a Girl of 9 – Berfin Duman Turkey

–– Chorea Managed with Classical Homeopathy – Dimple Kirpalani

––  Slow Development, Fears, Restlessness –  Elka Leibovitch

––  Dengue With Paralysis Treated with Classical Homeopathy – Atul Jaggi, Latika Jaggi

–– Retrospective Observational Study of Pediatric Headaches – Luisa Ferla, Aishwarya Madhusudhan, Maria C Bosco, Seema Mahesh, George Vithoulkas

–– Fibromyalgia Treated by Classical Homeopathy Alexandra Luis, Portugal

–– Coca Erythroxylon in Treatment of Psychological Distress – Evgeny Yakunin, Russia



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–– The Homeopathic Use of Nosodes and Blood Isodes in Infectious Diseases -Cornelia Richardson-Boedler

–– Strontium Carbonicum – An in-depth look –  P.I. Tarkas, Ajit Kulkarni  –

–– Conium Maculatum  –  Insights into M.M. of Conium – Len Marlow

–– Too Occupied by Religion – Part II – Religious – philosophical views of 8 remedies  – Maja Letić

––  The Soul of Remedies – Ferrum Metallicum – Rajan Sankaran

––   Anaphylaxis and Homeopathy? – Haseena Chokiyil

––  The Cured Case Conference -A Source of Inspiration  -Patricia Kay

–– TIDBITS 84: Kempson vs. Lewis–Treating Vaccine Damage with Homeopathy – Elaine Lewis

–– Tips & Secrets – October 2021 – Alan V. Schmukler



–– Acute Loss of Hemoglobin – Intestinal Haemorrhage – S. K. Mamgain

–– Integrated Treatment Approach in a Diagnosed Case of COVID-19 with Comorbidities -Niva Shirke

Testicular Pain and Polyp on Right Kidney  – Silvana Nienaber

Acute Surgical Emergency During Lockdown – Acute Calculus Cholecystitis –  Vanita Rajiv Johari

––  Extreme Anxiety in a Pregnant Woman –  Ranjini Venkatanathan

––  Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Vismay Prajapati

–– Epistaxis in a Girl of 12 – Ramkrushna Valaki

–– A Case of Exacerbated Latent Psora – Anaswaradev Atmadev

–––– Metrorrhagia in a Girl of 12  – Ankita Okharwal



Fracture treatment with the Aid of the Homeopathic Remedy Symphytum Officinale. A report of four cases  – Dionysis Tsintzas, George Vithoulkas

–– A Retrospective Study to Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of Homoeopathic Prophylaxis in Ncovid19 with Tuberculinum Aviaire and Homeopathic Remedies – Swapna Potdar



––  Freedom From Infectious Disease: The Homeopathic Solution by Manfred Mueller is reviewed by Vatsala Sperling

–– Reptiles- by Frans Vermuelen – Reviewed by Joe Rozencwajg

–– The System of MAP and Birds in Homeopathy – by Drs. Bhawisha and Sachindra Joshi – Reviewed by Vatsala Sperling



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––– Alan V. Schmukler



–– QUIZ:-  – Elaine Lewis

–– Revisiting:   COVID Case #2  Elaine Lewis

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