The Challenge to Fight Cancer

The Challenge to Fight Cancer

From the moment of conception, we begin the battle against aging and the inevitable – death. Life proceeds according to the universal principle of change – it begins, matures and dies away in a cycle without beginning and end. Death is part of our life. More and more people suffer from chronic degenerative diseases and dying is not the nicest thing anymore. Cancer especially, increasingly affects humans, animals and plants, and is one of the main causes of death. Cancer is a serious problem confronting every medical practitioner and has challenged physicians for centuries. Of theories for its cause and cure there have been many, yet none has been scientifically proven to be acceptable.

Orthodox medicine continues its mode of treatments in spite of the fact that the losses are appalling. Evidence has steadily accumulated that surgery, radiation and chemotherapy are far less effective than the public is being led to believe. Those modalities are themselves largely unproven, and were launched without rigorous testing. Statistics indicate that no progress in the treatment of cancer has been made during the last 30 years. Chemotherapy and radiation often make no favorable difference and none of the newer methods has produced a decline in the total annual cancer mortality. Untreated cancer patients actually live up to four times longer than allopathically treated patients!

That cancer treatment so lamentably fails in many cases, is because of the insistent, and persistent perception, that it is fundamentally a local disease. To be curative, a healing system must consider the whole person, and treat each patient individually. Only a therapeutic method that supports the vital force, can go back to the very origin of the disease and provide a real cure.

For centuries homeopathy has shown to be successful in the treatment and prevention of cancer. But with the increase of suppression and other factors that fuel and trigger the miasms, the incidence of cancer has increased dramatically, and treatment becomes increasingly difficult. To be successful the homeopath should know the vitalistic view of cancer, its multifactorial etiologies, the miasms, the Carcinosin state, as well as different treatment strategies.

In this issue we present numerous articles and case studies on this subject which we hope may encourage and help you to treat cancer patients successfully. Explore them and let us know your thoughts and feedback at [email protected].

I hope you enjoy the issue!

Katja Schütt

Editor Homeopathy for Everyone (Hpathy)

About the author

Katja Schuett

Katja Schutt, Msc, HP, DHM, PGHom, DVetHom, has studied homeopathy with several schools, amongst which David Little’s advanced course stands out as it offers a really deep insight into homeopathic philosophy and materia medica (simillimum.com). Her current focus lies in working with animals and studying history, the old masters, and research.


  • 100% correct. Chemotherapy and other allopathic therapies are not capable of healing the Cancer affected parts particularly in a later stage. If by chance the disease is diagnosed at the biggner stage, then 10 to 20% cases are cured. The reasons are obvious. The allopathic medicine are tested on rats and dears while the homeopathic remedies are proved by applying them to human beings.

  • This is one of the editorials presented in a very nice way. Formal and technical enough but not overdone. This is one of the very good examples of the ways in which homeopathy should be presented for it to progress better. Of course the actual view was also very much appropriate in accordance with the homeopathic philosophy.

  • Investigations by Dr Geerd Hamer, neurosurgeon, describe how the brain physically exposes the cancer. The effected brain region gives a glue to the emotional cause and the organ to be affected.

  • Well written, well expressed Dr. Katija Schutt! I have seen it and experienced the pain and anxiety with my wife who suffered unbearable agony despite chemotherapy and radiation treatment. She suffered from breast cancer. The oncologist claimed these treatments gave her “a better life”. Perhaps they have a warped sense of “better life”. It needs to be stressed that you need a very well versed homeopath to beat cancer or even alleviate the pains.

  • Dear Sir,

    Wishing you with a great respect fot producing a life chalanging articled on “Cancer”. The actual stage for diagnosing the cancer desease is a crucial job. However it is also very appropriate article in accordance with the homeopathic for research. I really experience a case inrespect of my dearest daughter of sister age 11 years,who was addmitted by a Sugeon on the bases of a suspected cancer toumer on left her hip joint.Basically patient was brought to the Doctor for a choronic pain with felt swelling. shortly, when patient was operated to cut the tissues for specific tests! she declared cancer with high rate of colonised tissues.Chemotheropy badlly faild to cure the patient.Patient died with in six months in hospital.

    H.Dr Muhammad Ayub Khan
    D H M S (RHMP)

  • For centuries homeopathy has shown to be successful in the treatment and prevention of cancer– this statement –?????.
    Dr Manu Kothari of Bombay Hospital in his book on cancer translated world wide had written ‘ lET’S NOT WASTE MONEY IN TRYING TO FIND CURE FOR CANCER PATIENT.’ find ways to palliate his sufferings, he had no knowledge of Homoeopathy, he had suggested treat cancer patient sympomatically

  • Muy buen articulo, gracias por su información siempre leo con mucho interes a los diferentes autores
    E, G. Gonzalez Castañón

  • Allopathic Cancer treatments are causing indeed often more suffering than they are worth. Only today I heard that a certain Chemo treatment prolonged the life of the patient a mere 6 months. And what about the suffering that is engendered? At least homeopathy does not cause nausea and hairloss etc etc.

  • The article really in good mod to promote Homoeopathy as leading capability to full fill actual treatment Gape of Cancer in allopathic system. Now the time is running many of research centers working on cancer in the whole world looking the fundamental rules of cure created by the GREAT GREAT FOUNDER OF UNIQUE SYSTEM OF HOMOEOPATHY.THE ART OF HEALING, THE ART OF CURE, THE PERFECT AND SAFE CURE, THE COMPLETE CURE WHICH HAVE NO HARM TO THE SICK AT ANY STAGE AND AT ANY COST.First of all many many thanks Dr Hahanemann and all of his followers and then all of them whom are working for the promotion of homoeopathy.

  • respected doctor,
    thorough editorial report, exiting article, i must congratulate to the whole team. i am interested to know whether any body had done research in cancer. i am interested in the results of the research.
    thanks, dr jigar

  • Dear Dr.Katja

    Very nice and concise facts on cancer patients , conventional Medicine and Homeopathy.

    You say that “Untreated cancer patients actually live up to four times longer than allopathically treated patients!”

    Would you please present your proofs and evidence for such an important fact.

    I also suggest you and all other homeopaths that love to serve human being and worry about his future to do pilot studies and protocols on the efficacy of homeopathy to prevent cancer.

    This can be started from the families of those affected by cancer.

    I will be happy to take part in such studies and research projects.

    Well Done, Dr. Sadeghi

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