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Feedback from June 2020

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Readers’ Feedback from June 2020

From:  Dr. Gonzalo Fernánez-Quiroga interviewed by Katja Schütt.

A fabulous interview. Thank you. It’s important to have this calibre of leader in our midst who is enlightened, showing a depth of understanding of homeopathy and homeopaths. As a profession we need the inspiration of this strong leadership.
Bernadette Connolly

From: Are There 3 Or More Chronic Miasms? by Dr. Arnoldo Rivera

I’m glad someone has brought up these areas of confusion and error in our miasm theories. To me, Hahnemann’s description of figwarts looks more like the condylomata lata of syphilis rather than condylomata accuminata [genital warts caused by HPV]. So the main venereal miasms are those of chlamydia, herpes simplex II, and HPV, in addition to gonorrhoea and syphilis. There has never been clarity about what psora is, leading some homeopaths to redefine the miasms as reactive modes of the organism, for example, R Sankaran’s ‘miasms’, without linking the miasm to any evidence of the disease it is named after. Kent wrote about psora as an expression of human sinfulness. I agree every important element in homeopathy goes back to Hahnemann, but we cannot uncritically accept all he taught as written in stone. Nor should we ignore his teachings, however.
Richard Laing

The author is coming from a materialistic view, not from the understanding of Hahnemann. For one example is the sentence “Now we know that fig-warts are produced by a kind of human papillomavirus and that an uncommon gonorrhea is produced by chlamydia or other bacteria.”

We materialists do believe that micro-organisms are the causes of infectious disease but this is exactly the opposite of what Hahnemann teaches. He makes it very clear that causes of disease are never physical or material. They always come from the disturbance of the life force on the non-physical dimension. It is all very clear in the Organon.

Kent agrees with this and tells us that the micro-organism is the “scavenger” that comes in at the end of the disease process.
Richard Pitcairn

Perhaps the miasm theory links to somatids, bearers of life-force even smaller than bacteria and viruses. Somatids were seen by Gaston Naessens, but his science has been suppressed.

I feel Miasm is a name coined to explain the stage at which a case stands and it helps to observe the prognosis of case when under a Homeopath.
Dr. S. K. Vashisht

I have always found miasmatic theory to be just that, theory. In fact, Hahnemann appears to have violated his own admonition “not to weave so-called systems from fancy ideas and hypotheses about the inner nature of the vital processes and the origin of diseases in the invisible interior of the organism.” I agree with the author that we cannot limit miasms to 3 or 5 or 25. However, I do not equate each miasm with a specific microbe, as I do not consider them to be the “causes” of diseases as much as microbes are either associated with certain diseases or the consequences of those diseases. It is useful to make those associations because it does offer concrete therapeutic ideas–nosodes–when it comes to treatment. However, it is an oversimplification to think that prescribing a nosode associated with the problem at hand is the best course of actionIn my mind, anything that can be transmitted from one generation to another, other than hard-wired characteristics like eye color and blood type, can be a potential miasmatic influence.  (see rest of comment below the article).
Larry Malerba, DO

Linda S

This is such an interesting article on the maisms. I’ve read many different theories on what they are, what they do, where they come from, how many exist, etc. Lida Mattman, PhD was a researcher who discovered that if Syphilis, for example, is treated with antibiotics, the medicine doesn’t actually cure Syphilis, it only forces the microbes to change form so that they “pleomorph” into the teeny-tiny Cell-Wall-Deficient (CWD) form. Its cells are so tiny that they’re closer in size to those of a virus. CWD cells mutate our genes and can then be passed from one generation to the next. Our genes are perfect so diseases are not “genetic.” I believe they’re caused by these mutations. These CWD bacteria do seem to be what Dr. Hahnemann was talking about when he used the word “miasm.” But, as Richard Pitcairn points out, a disturbance of the life force likely comes first. (see rest of comment below the article).
Er. SS Hari

The Non-Homeopaths Guide To Miasms by Robert Medhurst is a most practical approach.

From: Cartoon:  The Vaccine – Alan V.Schmukler

Great cartoon Alan…right to the point!

LOL! Excellent Alan!
Elaine Lewis

Right on, Alan!
Linda S

I find the cult-like Vaccine worship together with its dogma, deeply irritating. And the suppression of childhood diseases (connected with maturation), completely insane. Even the ancient Chinese saw these rashes as ridding the child of deep toxins which may even have been there at birth, thus allowing the person to flourish into full independent health.

REPLY by Alan V. Schmukler:
Hi Will,
Those are concepts that haven’t even begun to penetrate the allopathic community. And, in spite of $4 Billion being awarded for vaccine injuries and deaths, even that aspect of vaccines is not widely known among physicians.

From:  Post Covid Stress Disorders – Part-1: Anxiety & Depression

by Dr. S.K. Banerjea

The article speaks for itself about the greatness of the author. Thank you for such a thorough and well presented read. This will help a lot of people. I hope we will continue to reap the benefit of your knowledge, skill, and experience.
Ayesha Ahmad

Excellent. This will help a lot of people.
Shamim Sherwani

From:  Corona Virus Disease  -A Homeopathic Perspective Update III – by Dr. Ajit Kulkarni

Excellent article….thank you for sharing.
Dr Swati Laddha

Wonderful article. Best I have seen
Christine Emily McDonnell

Thank Dr Ajit sir, for all the efforts you are doing to guide us through this storm of life due to covid. The new rubrics covered, Hypoxia, cytokine storm and application of old important remedies in a new way is helping us. I have used TUB 1M in my covid patients who were serious and they did not go into further complications and recovered much faster than other patients. One patient was not getting relief with symptomatic treatment, but TUB raised her SPO2 and she immediately started feeling better in half an hour where no allopathy drugs were being administered in the home quarantine.
Dr Sonia Hemnani

From:   Catching the Fungus in Rye: Perceiving the Homoeopathic Remedy/ Plant Nosode Secale Corr  – by Dr. Gyandas Wadhwani

Great article! From the portrait of the drug throughout history to the cases to portray it. It was a delight to read it. Congrats.
Karen Hernández

Very exciting while reading your article, thank you sir.
Dr. Sandeep Selvinus

From: Covid -19 in a Woman of 44 Drs. Prajakta Vaidya and Preety Shah

Very nicely done!
Dr. Firuzi Mehta

Excellent case Preeti and Prajakta, both are doing great work. Differentiation of the drugs are in detail to the acute prescription.

Nice treatment given for the present pandemic going on. Further you have clearly took the case by referring the repertory. May God bless you with more strength to treat mankind.

From:  Revisiting Poor Girl (Quiz) by Elaine Lewis

Thank you so much, Elaine, for showing us this case of Arsenicum. This remedy has been so helpful for four of my family members, the ones who tend to be chilly. Is there such a thing as an Arsenicum-person who is typically too hot all the time, who hates wearing a jacket or even long pants? Or is that a whole different remedy?
Linda S

Reply by Elaine Lewis:
Hi Linda and thanks for reading this long case! A hot Arsenicum might be Arsenicum iodatum or Arsenicum sulph (if there is such a remedy; I would have to check) or, as you said, a different remedy entirely, like Argent-nit, a hot remedy, but anxiety-ridden.

From:  A Case of Covid Pneumonia  –  Dr. Chanda Shah

Dr Chanda it’s fantastic remedy differentiations and critical anaylysis 👍

Great presentation ! Thank you for taking time and sharing your experience. Stay well and safe.
Irina Ryabokonova

Appreciation for posting your case. I would have liked to known what questions and how you posed them to patientt. Best wishes.

From: Covid in a Man of  45  – by Erika Simonian

Commendable work. these are testing times for all believers in homeopathy and we must all be up to it.
Dr Priya Kapoor

From: A Suspected Covid Case -by Elif Alin

An excellent successful case study. Best of luck.
Dr. Nur-E-Alam Rasel

Without allopathy medicines, treating with homeopathy medicines, this is a wonderful example.

Thank you for sharing -detailed, step by step example. Lucky patient with such doctor, following up am and pm- beautiful! Bless you and be safe.
Dr. Irina Ryabokonova

You have handled the case very well except you used belladonna at a very late stage. bell is the best remedy for sudden fever, head ache, throat pain and short dry cough according to dr boericke
C.S. Gjupta

Reply by Elif Alin:  Thanks for your comments. Belladonna worked very well for heaviness of head (fulness one temple to another) with sudden movement. It was a most disturbing symptom at that moment and disappeared with Bell.

From: Psoriasis in a Woman of 60 – by Dr. Pravin S. Karkare

Great work. Thank you for sharing.
Pratibha Karade

Amazing results of the treatment administered by you.

Great work. Very comprehensively written.
Dr. Sanchit Adharne

From:  IBS in a Woman of  43 – Dr. Darshan Jayesh Shah

Very good case and single dose amelioration but didn’t get the procedure ‘1 dose in 10 spoons of water to be taken next morning ‘. Please explain, LM potency comes in small pills.

REPLY by Dr. Darshan Jayesh Shah –  Those pills are always to be taken in water, never dry on tongue as taught by Dr Hahnemann

From: Lesser Known Repertories – by Dr.  Jaimin Chotaliya

Exhaustive work in repertory…useful for everyone.

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