Feedback July 2010

Feedback July 2010

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Im a complete lay person in your homeopathy world but I am so glad that I have discovered it.  I am Irish, and have been living in Portugal for the last 10 years, Im a mum to 3 small children, all of whom were born premature .  With respect to my twin boys……..they were born at 29wks gestation and have had nothing but 2yrs of broncilitis/bronchitis problems and pneumonia with countless coughs and colds and hospital visits with embarrassingly long lists of prescriptions for anti-biotics and lots of other medicines……..until………….somebody put me in touch with Homeopathy.

To say I was a skeptic was an understatement but as I was so desperate I was prepared to give this last alternative type of treatment a try because I owed it to my little men.  Quite simply I could not put one more anti biotic in their little bodies without feeling as if I was doing them more harm than good……honestly, when your children have been in intensive care from birth and you think they are not going to make it and then the fabolous doctors revive them from the brink of death………you just believe that conventional medicine is the only way forward.

It was only when my pharmacist whom must have seen me for about the 5th time in that month alone said to me …you have to find an alternative, they are so young, their little bodies should not be subjected to that amount of anti biotics.  Can you imagine how that made me feel?  I thought I was being a caring and good mother and yes sure I did often think Oh my god, they are so tiny and yet they are being pumped with more medicines but it will make them better and they will get stronger and soon it will be ok…..

My first encounter was with a Homeopath in a village a good hour drive from me, Dr Lehrmann, who had a reputation (I later learned) as good as a miracle worker!!!  Dr Lehrmann, a German doctor, also a paeditrician and GP, so we had the best of both worlds because he often had to wear 2 hats during consultations……….the GP versus the Homepath.  This proved to be a godsend when my daughter contracted Scarlett Fever and was really ill that we had to forego the homeopathic medicine in favour of instant antibiotics for fear of re-curring future serious repercussions.

To return to my first encounters, I was crest fallen when I saw the maze of cars outside his practice and even more crest fallen when I was turned away because they physically could not cope with one more patient as their clinic was so busy, mostly because of personal recommendations but people simply camped out for as long as necessary as long as they were seen, it didnt matter if they waited one hour or five……..Im not kidding!!!

Somebody must have been smiling down on me that day for I know that I was the last patient (family) to be taken on their books which I honestly believe that it had something to do with my sheer desperation and tears and begging not to turn me away, clearly I had forgotten all traces of skeptism I felt for Homeopathy and threw caution to the wind and totally entrusted everything into this “homeopathy” .  Surely all these people would not camp out for endless hours if they didnt believe it worked.  I later learned from chats in the waiting room over many periods of time that these patients were not only mere lay mortals like myself but also professionals, Doctors, nurses, solicitors, journalists, bank managers, and we all had a common ground!

To cut a long story short, after as little as 4 visits (the first 3 visits I merely thought the results were coincidential or ` fluke´ but it was the 4th visit that convinced me that there must be something in this homeopathy!!) I became hooked, so much so that I couldnt stop preaching about it because to me the boys health had improved DRASTICALLY.  I was on the internet, reading about the history, buying books, signing up for E courses, ordering medicines etc etc.

The boys are nowhere near as ill as often as they used to be and anti biotics are such a rarity in our house these days.  I am so “loved up” with the concept of Homeopathy that I desperately want to make this my future.  So much so that when my kids are a little older I fully intend to return to the UK/Ireland to complete a 4yr course in Homeopathy so that one day I could be a Homeopath myself.  My Portuguese is not good enough to take on a course here, hence my decision to return to UK when time and funds permit.

My lovely Dr Lehrmann has now returned to Germany and I am yet to find an alternative and I cannot stress how bereft I feel without him in our lives.  I feel a sense of panic when I know the kids are coming down with an illness but I do consult my past remedies and read more, however, it does not beat knowing that you are being dealt with by one of the best regarded homeopaths on the Algarve.  If anybody knows of a good homeopath in this neck of the woods, please get in touch!

Many a time I have read case studies about people and often wondered if they were real, I cannot stress enough to everybody that reads this who is not yet a convert, I am so real and I cannot shout loudly enough how amazing homeopathy is.  With respect to……..THANK YOU…………I absolutely love what you do and your website is so informative and the fact that it  is available to anybody that is interested is brilliant! I absolutely applaud you on your great work, you do not discriminate and your enthusiasm is infectious.

Who knows, one day I may just be able to contribute to your fab community with case studies and theories of my own ….(dream come true!!).

In closing, thank you for enlightening my life, I and my children are eternally grateful.

Kindest Regards

Linzie Hogan


Dear Editor,

Being born in Lima, Peru, South America, nothing can be more deligthful than
reading in your article the quote of Pablo Neruda although I would prefer
Cesar Vallejo saying: “There are, my brethren, so much to do!!…” And you
are doing quite a good job with the website and the quality of the articles
that can be found there.

Congratulations and thank you for your so valuable initiative.

We keep in touch and I will comment something else on one of the particular
collaborations on this important Issue of June 2010.

Best Regards.



Homeopathy in South America
Real Pity that there is no info coming from Brazil.

the articles are good but it is this I am missing, they have good homeopaths there and a lot of work is done there.




I am highly thankful to you for your valuable articles sent to me
through e-mail and your services to homoeopathy is grealy appreciated.
Homoeopathy needs person like you to benefits millions of people. God
bless you.

I have given my comments to your June 2010 Newsletter.

With kindest regards

Homoeopathically yours
Dr. Sayeed Ahmad


Dear Editor
Thanks for your Issue 6. it is a wonderful issue. I would like to have some articles on the use of Homeopathy in case of Diabetes if possible. Also some thing on homeopathy in emergency situation and in acute cases.
Please keep on. You are doing really great service to the Homeopathic world.
Rajendra Singh


The articles presented by the various doctors are very impressive and knowledgable.the scientific basis of homoeopathy will open new vistas for the development of homoeopathy.

Articles have been beautifully written and writers have explained various concepts that will help me in my practice.

Thanks.Do continue sending me the Articles.

Dr.Meenakshi Ambwani


The articles Homeopathy for kids by Robert Medhurst and Repertory of
Tongue Symptoms by M.E.Douglass are very fine and useful for all.  I have
downloaded these articles and kept it for my reference.

With best wishes,



Another great issue of Hpathy;I found a few articles interesting. I would like to comment on a couple of them and to start with the article “Hahnemann and Scientific method”

The author has gone into detail to show that Hahnemann experiments and provings were scientific.He writes

“Previously no one has presented confirmation that Hahnemann’s work truly  and extensively fulfilled the requirements of the scientific method.  Having
demonstrated this in this essay, we can confirm the scientific  method used in
his work.  We believe that no serious thinking physician  should have any doubts about the formulated hypothesis, whose veracity  is daily confirmed by Hahnemann’s followers.”

No doubt,yet the fact which the modern world and of course the skeptics keep on harping is “how it works”; We all know that Homeopathy delivers,yet the fact that what does dilution and succussion/ dynamization,do to the non existing element of the actual drug in a solution of water,which becomes so potent that it cures the disease in a sick person.

It is this aspect of homeopathy which has to be unraveled for the so called
scientific world to give the stamp of its acceptance as a viable health care

The other article i got involved in was one on Dentistry.This was because
presently i am undergoing dental  treatment and was thinking why Dentists in our society are not as yet using Homeopathy as adjunct to treating dental problem on regular basis.Another question that comes to mind is use of Mercury Amalgum in filling of cavities.What is the alternative in homeopathy? I wish the author wrote something on this aspect.One other aspect is that Dentist often give Anti Biotic to ward of infection.How can Homeopathy play a part in this scenario.

My best regards

Dr Wequar Ali Khan


I especially appreciated Tips and Secrets: 37.  Most of the articles are
over my head as I am a fairly new student of homeopathy. However, I am
learning as I push my way through.  I have been treating 53 rats and myself
with homeopathy for about four months and have several success stories. I
recently discovered your website and am very thankful for it.  I have
learned so much from reading various articles and information.
Thank you,

Dawn Boswell Burke


What Would Hahnemann Say by Elaine was a good one. I like your whole Ezine.
I am looking for a homeopathic doctor in Medellin, Colombia. After reading about Homeopathy in Colombia in Ezine, I wanted to find a doctor in Medellin for my friend who lives there. I called the Foundation in Bogota, several other numbers, hoping to get a reference to a Medellin Doctor and came up with nothing. Called San Vicente hospital in Medellin and they had no idea. Can you give me the number of a reputable Homeopathic doctor in Medellin? Thank You.



Another excellent piece as usual!! What more can I say?!!
Remember to check the comments feed regularly to see the feedback that gets posted as comments to specific articles:

You can also look at the end of individual articles to see the comments posted about them.

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    I have been associated with this pathy for more than thirty five years now and with every passing year the association has strenthened. Still there are numerous
    ailments which still need correct definitions in terms of distinguishing symptoms like AMD age (non age related)related macular degeneration.I believe this is going to be the most widely spread affliction of eye in near future.Please write,inform,spread and associate with knowledge on this,
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