Letters to the Editor – Feedback from Oct 2023

Readers comment on the Oct 2023 issue of Homeopathy for Everyone. Comments on the interview with Dr. Bonnie Camo, comments on We Need Some Answers by Dr. Richard Moskowitz and much more.

From: Dr. Bonnie Camo is interviewed by Alan V. Schmukler

Dr. Bonnie Camo is Interviewed by Alan V. Schmukler

I’m so happy to hear from Dr. Camo, a doctor who studied with Dr. Carl Pfeiffer! Orthomolecular medicine is wonderful and it was how I treated both of my sons. Numerous psychiatrists had diagnosed my younger son as “incurably” mentally ill with so-called “bipolar with psychosis.” It was obvious to me the 3 daily antipsychotics were not prescribed to cure him, just turn him into a lifelong “customer” of psychiatric goods (drugs) and services (talk therapy).

America’s entire mental health “care” system is based on fraud, convincing people that conventional psychiatrists know what they’re doing (they don’t) and that patients are “incurable,” so they need drugs and talk therapy until they die. What nonsense.

However, orthomolecular medicine still didn’t explain why my loved one’s histamine level went too high to begin with. Years later, when I learned of homeopathy, I realized it was an underlying dyscrasia or energy field that was causing his allergies and elevated histamine level. I hired your Elaine Lewis, here at, to determine his simillimum and my “incurable” son was cured.

He is 100% well, happy, back in college, and 100% free of psychiatrists and their idiotic drugs. I first wrote The Secrets to Real Mental Health about using orthomolecular treatment to restore both my sons’ mental health, and my next book is almost finished, “Goodbye, Quacks—Hello, Homeopathy!”

They both say the same things Dr. Camo is saying: conventional psychiatry only exists for the money they’re making off vulnerable, sick people. It’s shameful. Thank you, Alan, and Dr. Camo for this important interview.

Linda S.

Reply from Elaine Lewis:

Linda, I love the title: “Good-bye Quacks—Hello Homeopathy!” Yes, conventional psychiatry, what a joke! First of all, the patients go there and lie (“It’s all my parents’ fault! My wife doesn’t understand me! I don’t get no respect, no respect at all!” The psychiatrist just nods in approval; no one’s there to set the record straight.

And the drugs, so dangerous! But you know, Linda; it’s not just psychiatry that’s a fraud; almost all of it’s a fraud: all seniors are on heart drugs, BP drugs and cholesterol-lowering drugs; all BS! Everything is “idiopathic” according to doctors (no known cause) when, in fact, you can usually find a patient’s whole case listed among the side-effects of the drugs they’re on!

What about Pediatrics? OMG! What a fraud, starting with the “Well-Child” visit: Your child is well, so bring him in once a month so we can tell you that! Dangerous vaccines—another reason you have to bring your child in on a regular basis! Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, author of “How To Raise A Healthy Child In Spite Of Your Doctor” said that by all rights, the pediatric profession should starve to death because well-fed children who aren’t on drugs and aren’t vaccinated rarely ever get sick and don’t have allergies.

Women! As a matter of course, they get put on Synthroid, tranquilizers and sleeping pills. OMG. You know, the whole thing’s a racket at the expense of the public. But the people promulgating it are “Gods”! You don’t dare question them! Well, heaven knows, I’ve tried to blow the whistle on them (see my website) but….not sure if it’s doing any good. Thanks for your comment, Linda!

Elaine Lewis

Excellent interview with Dr. Camo! Very informative! – Dianne Bailey, MSc

Very interesting life & work – great interview, thank you! – Sarah Penrose

From:  We Need Some Answers – Dr. Richard Moskowitz

We Need Some Answers

Nowadays a vaccine is usually injected into the muscle. Inserting a vaccine just under the skin is completely different and resembles a natural infection in every respect. Injecting it into the muscle bypasses all natural steps and does NOT produce a normal immune response.

Corona vaccines also trigger the IGg4 cells, something you don’t actually want. The T cells are important as a first response and are usually sufficient to control an infection. Corona vaccines do not meet any criteria to call it a vaccine. Our children are vaccinated at an early stage for various diseases.

Research has shown that these children are constantly sick and do not have the zest for life of unvaccinated children. None of these children have a normal immune system and are predisposed to become chronic patients. The research was taken offline after a few hours. No one can or wants to do research on the effects after 10, 20, 30, 40 years. Everyone thinks you pump something into a body and that’s it. Forget it!

Ronald Van Beneden

From: Hahnemann’s Vital Force – What Are the Implications? – Richard Pitcairn

Hahnemann’s Vital Force – What Are the Implications?

This article I found to be very interesting and very well explained in laymen’s terms. Great job, sir.

Jim Hebert

A very well laid-out article on a most important subject – one area I feel is missing is your interpretation on direction of cure – overall a great read – thank you

Bernadette Connolly

From Editorial: Should I Practice Homeopathy in the U.S.? – Alan V. Schmukler

Should I Practice Homeopathy in the U.S.?

In due respect, you have a huge misunderstanding about Medicare. As someone who is almost 72 years old, I have had Medicare since I was 65 years old. It costs me around only $400 per month…and it covers 100% of my personal medical care expenses, including ALL medical visits, laboratory tests, and surgeries (if I need them). Medicare does NOT pay 100% of what doctors charge, but NO patient is required to pay the extra 20%. For instance, around 18 months ago, I got a hip replacement…and although the doctors and hospital charged over $150,000, I did not have to pay a single cent…and Medicare gets a HUGE discount from the $150,000.

Dana Ullman, MPH, CCH


I’ve been on Medicare for some time also and am quite familiar with it. For many people paying $400 a month for health insurance is an extravagance. If you’re a senior citizen on a fixed income it’s very difficult. You probably never experienced that situation.

Alan V. Schmukler


Alan, that’s true; $400 a month? What is it they always say? Most people can’t afford a $400 unexpected emergency expense. Also, how much is that a year? A little over $4,000? That’s a lot of money.

Elaine Lewis

Thank you for mentioning that Elaine. In 2020 the Federal Reserve reported that only 64% of Americans had enough money on hand to cover a $400 emergency.


From: Blood Pathology Testing in Clinical Homeopathic Practice – Thierry Clerc

Blood Pathology Testing in Clinical Homeopathic Practice

This is immensely helpful! Thank you!


From: Homoeopathic Therapeutics in Universal Medical Terminology by Dr. Rajneesh Kumar Sharma is reviewed by Dr. Kavitha Kukunoor

Homoeopathic Therapeutics in Universal Medical Terminology by Dr. Rajneesh Kumar Sharma is reviewed by Dr. Kavitha Kukunoor

Thanks so much Dear Kavitha, Dear Alan…. for writing, editing and publishing. Regards with love.

Rajneesh Kumar Sharma

From: QUIZ   – I couldn’t sleep at all last night – by Elaine Lewis

I Couldn’t Sleep At All Last Night!

 Hi Elaine and Shana,

My guess is Ignatia for shock and sadness combined. And now I’m off to Youtube to check out the songs from those great Motown groups you mentioned. I actually have some of them on my iPod and iPhone but it’s always fun to watch the videos. Shana’s input, giving a little history of these musicians, is always interesting.

Linda S.

Reply from Elaine Lewis

Absolutely! What would the Quiz be without Shana!? Pretty ordinary, would be my guess!

From: Revisiting: Pains in My Stomach  – Elaine Lewis

Revisiting: Sharp Pains In My Stomach—Help!

Well, I learn something new every time I read one of your quizzes, Elaine! So interesting that it’s Bryonia due to the sharp pains. I’ll (at least try) to remember that! Please thank Pam for me for her attempts and questions as to why one remedy was correct and not another. Her questions were very helpful!

Linda S.


Elaine Lewis

Wow! Pam will be glad to hear that!

From:  Treatment of a One-Sided Disease – A Case of Calculous Cholecystitis  by -Aleksei Ermolov

Nice case presentation!!! Congratulations

Dr. Chetna

Slow Healing Wound Treated with Classical Homeopathy – A Case Report

by Dimple Kirpalani

Slow Healing Wound Treated with Classical Homeopathy – A Case Report

Nicely done Dimple! A well presented case, thank you.

Sarah Penrose

From: Subconjunctival Haemorrhage and Classical Homeopathy – A Case Study – by Sarah Baxter

Excellent work Sarah !

Sarah Penrose

From:  Autism Perceived Through the Filter of an Embryonic Disruption  – Elizabeth Adalian

What are your thoughts on the effects of ultrasound scans on the child?

William Healey

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