Letters to the Editor for June 2011 Issue

Letters to the Editor for June 2011 Issue


I thank you very much for your June 2011 Newsletter which is a wealth of knowledge and information on various important subjects and their solutions in homoeopathy.

With best regards

Sincerely yours
Dr. Sayeed Ahmad


Dear Sir,

I thank you for all the information that is circulated by you. It has enlightened me much & I am happy to be treated through h’pathy methods.

Major Satish Khanna



I want some special articles on religious obsessive compulsive disorder for a young male aged 25 years.

thanks & regards



I am writing to thank you for an excellent E Zine. As a teacher of Homeopathy and a practitioner for the last 26 years, I still learn from your articles.

Keep up the good work!

Myriam Shivadikar

Dear Editor,

Thank you, your journal is invaluable.

Miriam Heffer



First of all thanks a lot for all the help and suggestions that you are giving to everyone. God bless you for this and much more. I want to know if homeopathy can help in storing rice grains naturally as they get lots of worms and other pests if kept without medicine sprays.



Article by Bara Jones describing the case cured by Mantis Religiosa 200 is found immensely interesting.

Jaswant S. Matharu


An excellent informative issue. I am very much inspired by Dr . Banerjee , his knowledge & love for homoeopathy.

Shilpa Kankariya


I am always waiting for the next paper from Dr. Elaine “Questions Patients Ask “. Every time I learn something new and it has helped in solving cases of interrupted recovery after selection of the right remedy. Other papers of great learning are , “Use of Homeopathy in Allergy ” , “Bones and Health ” and Homeopathic Alternatives for Children with ADHD ”

Dear R B Singh


Great articles, especially the ones on allergies, autopathy, bones,.. the usual tips.. superb!

Francis Fernandes


Dear Editor,

I have posted a reply to Douglas Brown’s critique of my article “Was Kent was a Hahnemannian”, which you published some time ago. It is located here:

Amir Cassam


I am happy to see its progress & popularity in a span of 10 years and am hopeful it will command the respect of both Homeopaths & Non Homeopaths.

Dr Chandra Shekhar Vaishya, Ranchi


I want to know details about Rauwolfia serpentina for treatment of hypertension with some case studies. Will somebody help me?

Tarun R Sarkar


I have only been receiving your magazine for a short while and I think it’s really good and very interesting. I have found it easy to search for information.
Many thanks
Jackie Rowlands


Dear Hpathy,

Many thanks for every message. is totally different from others. We can find our desirable options, symptoms, cause of disease & some good remedy which help. You should describe various powers of potency according to world famous doctor and fifty millesimal ( lm) potency.

Golam Mostafa


Hello, I appreciate your efforts to introduce homeopathy and also to keep in touch with your members.

M .S.S. Shah


Dear Sir,

I adore your website. It is an excellent website of Homeopathy, the best I had ever come across. Keep up with your work. Thanks a lot for creating such a website of Homeopathy.

With best regards,

Dr. Shahina Amir


agradezco sus sugerencias, las tendré muy en cuenta. REciban saludos afectuosos

S. Alvarez

I find that many contents of this issue sems to be very informative and interesting.
Articles by Ms Susan Sonz,Mary-Lynn,Helen Darrow,Anjai Hukumani, Alfred haengler,Dana Ullmann,Elain lewis,Alan Schmukler, Jack Millemann,Jiri Cehovsky,Sadeghi etc are all found useful and informative.
Hope to keep up the trend!
Thanks and regards.

My incomplete message flashed to you due to some error in the email system. But I will not leave it go without mentioning about your tireless contribution in running the magazine. I wonder how you could be managing the task of editing this huge quality project year after year, taking time out of your precious life. That shows the extent and the depth of your dedication to this cause. Please keep it on. I dont mind in what format it comes, it appeals any way.
I wish it success and congratulate you for involving in this selfless work which is perhaps now the only major and free monthly circulation for the homeopaths which keeps them linked to updated about classical homeopathy.
The hpathy homeopathic magazine is an excellent source of information and an excellent instrument of spreading knowledge and awareness about homeopathy among the people. It has tons of researched and experienced material contributed by the experienced homeopaths practicing homeopathy world over and provides creative facilities to people who want to write and publish their views. I have recommended this magazine to many homeopaths who do not know about it or new homeopaths who come in contact with me.
With best wishes,
Gobinder S Samrao


The topic “born married” was pretty interesting.
Dr.Kaushik Banerjee
Thanks for the magazine and its valuable inputs.
It has been again demsntrated that Homeopathy answers all critical situations in treating the dsease in a more holistic way.

Wish all the very best.

Peace and Joy,

Be blessed,
Let us all be blessed,
Let the entire Universe be blessed,
May auspiciousness fill thy path & may thy path be forever illuminated!
With Joy, Grace & Wisdom,
Dr. N Rajgopal

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    2. Sedative for nervous, agitating patients.
    3. Hypertension with insomnia and headache.

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